Siren Head Addon V3 (Fear The Creatures Update)

If you the one who liked scary thing and challenging to play in your survival world, then this add-on is for you it added the scariest mobs and extremely creepy mobs into your game

Siren Head is a fictional character from an artist named Trevor Henderson, now they’re in Minecraft

This boss mob is really tall, the height of it’s about 17 blocks


  • Health: 8000
  • Damage: 20
  • Will attack players and villagers
  • Can knock player away
  • Siren head will pick the player and other mob if it think it can
  • Siren head can also throw it enemy
  • Siren head will use soundwave
  • Can spawn naturally in taiga biome at night, but the chance for it to spawn is very rare
  • Will change it skin when the night fall
  • It’s very hard to see when it’s in the dark
  • The only way to defeat siren head is ranged weapon
  • The Boss version will have more skill than the normal one
  • Health of the boss is the date siren head was discovered

Siren head using soundwave on the player and also blend in the dark

Siren head picks up the villager and the player

Warning the mob can make a very disturbing, creepy sound, if you get scared easily don’t download this

Cartoon Cat: Also created by Trevor Henderson

DO NOT SPAWN HIM, HE IS CURSED, he can do the things no mob in Minecraft can do, extremely hostile

  • He is really stretchy so he can travel fast with his stretched body
  • He can change his size depend on his enemy or when his enemy is flying
  • His health is the date he got discovered in the wiki
  • Warning this one is creepy he could go away and return
  • He can grow more hand to help him fight everything

Cartoon Cat launch himself at the player

Cartoon cat can jumpscare you!!!

The fog: 

By installing this add-on you agree to have the fog around your world

It doesn’t do anything, it only blocks your view

When you’re inside the fog

Siren head inside the fog

The item: They’re plot armor

This sword is so strong it kill everything around the world

The name of this add-on will not get anymore update because it will be transfer into another addon in the future

Super important:

You need to enable this to have all the feature

Credit: Thanks DyDyOOF for the Cartoon Cat texture


This add-on is only for MCPEDL “” ! This add-on is not allowed to be published on other websites or applications without the permission of the creator.

You are not allowed to use any of my model animation and texture without my permission

You are not allowed to use any of my model animation, textures and codes without my permission

If you do, then you are disrespecting the creator

Also I know you’re too lazy to read, but for anyone do read everything here, Thanks you


Changelog View more
  • Added many abilities for both Siren Head and Cartoon Cat
  • Added new model and texture for Siren Head and Cartoon Cat
  • Added new sounds and animations
  • Added 3 new items
  • Added more secret
  • added more information
  • Added many abilities for both Siren Head and Cartoon Cat
  • Added new model and texture for Siren Head and Cartoon Cat
  • Added new sounds and animations
  • Added 3 new items
  • Added more secret
  • Added 2 new mobs
  • Updated Siren head model and animation
  • Remove the block texture
  • Upgraded the mob AI
  • Added loot for siren head
  • Changed the description and the featured image
  • Added 2 new mobs
  • Updated Siren head model and animation
  • Remove the block texture
  • Upgraded the mob AI
  • Added loot for siren head


How to skip adfly:

If there are any, deny them. If there is only "Ok" or "Continue", press that first and it should prompt you with "Accept" or "Deny".


Just wait 5 seconds and press SKIP AD, you should be then good to go.
For installation instructions, MCPEDL has pages explaining them you can refer to that

Warning: most of the features will not work if your minecraft version is lower than 1.16.200


Supported Minecraft versions


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957 Responses

4.4 / 5 (242 votes)
  1. arankhan92 says:

    make cartoon dog in this addon bendythedemon

  2. arankhan92 says:

    cartoon cat well not spawn

  3. Uuuhh says:

    Hey, Nice Addon

  4. PrinceMJ says:

    Hey Bendy I Gotta Say This One Is Awesome I’m Just Bummed Out I Didn’t Catch V1 And V2 So This Is The Only One i Can Upload To My Channel, That Armor Though Much More Stronger Than Netherite 😛 I Like How The Animations Are Made With Siren Head And Cartoon Cat It’s So Unique! So Yeah This Add-on Is Awesome I Dunno If This Is Gonna Get Updated Ever Again, Nonetheless Good Luck! 😀

  5. Herobrine4448 says:

    Hey Bendy, I like the fact that siren head can use sound wave, but when i’m in survival and he spawns the sound wave is way too op in survival. Can you please make a function that disables the sound wave? Other than that 5 stars for the addon. 🙂

  6. Ceratosaurus 997 says:

    bendy can update Scp 682 to be stronger than scp 096 V3 cuz I am not looking good when Scp 096 beat scp 682 cuz Scp 682 is much stronger

    • Jet playz says:

      acctually it is unknown as in the battle documentry, scp-682 was ripped in half while scp-096 was sitting in the corner with lots of cuts and bruises. still 682 was not dead, but most damaged.

  7. Bryan36 says:

    I CAN’T install it, it say import failed
    Please Fix That

  8. Michael Myers says:

    Hello, Bendy, me strangely, your addon has a lot of bugs, I don’t know if I’m the only one,

    bugs: -Cartoon cat does not appear
    -Siren head cannot kill its prey
    -it has no sound
    – he can’t catch and lift his victims, and the boss has no ability except to run and throw you an arm to kill you

    HELP ME PLEASE thank you very much

  9. Herobrine4448 says:

    Can you please upload a zip file to that isn’t unicode and byte code. I want to learn how to make mods like you.

  10. Undertalesansfanboy says:

    Can you make him die when i use /kill @e he do not die he just come back For real how am i suppose to dissoawn him

  11. RuzzelAdrian says:

    bendythedemon18 you are good at making sirenhead, lighthead and cartoon cat moves when attacking or walking and they sound scary. you really are the best at making scary mod in minecraft

  12. Vortex mangle anims says:

    Wow this update is awesome!!
    I love the way of how you made cartoon cat change size when he sees a giant mob
    I like how siren head changes his skin in the dark to blend in the trees
    Like how Trevor said he can blend it with the trees to hunt his prey
    5 stars btw

  13. Atticination says:

    This is one of the best mods out there for bedrock, 99% highly recommend This addon, but the one thing is in the next addon for this (probably a sequel) cartoon cat can be /killed like /kill @e[type=ho:cartoon_cat] because when i did that the game pooped and he came back to life, in the next addon make it so you can /kill Mr. Hamood Cat please. also good job on the models with your other mods.

  14. Miguelito9020 says:

    How do you get the plot armor with a command and i love your addons

  15. Herobrine4448 says:

    THANKYOU for posting this! I also read everything in this addon thank you again for this. 😀

  16. Itzjayden says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh boooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii thank you so much bendy and update the Batim addon

  17. AcquiredWolf886 says:

    can’t extract

  18. Cardkeewaykapow2356 says:

    This is a cool Addon bendy it’s good

    • MAXIMUM 98 says:

      Yeah it is cool, my only problem now is how to beat cartoon cat 🤔.but i love the add-on but i don’t know if bendy fix the smoke cover cartoon cat because it’s make lag my phone

      • Boi, I know you didn’t delete the old version

        • AZGamerYT4387 says:

          dude i love your addons, ill make an addon review of this soon. Also i did read the entire thing so im not lazy

        • Lbs33 says:

          Bendy why do you use ad fly. And not just direct media fire links or directly download links. Adfly is dangerous it has false scam ads on it. And also I’m a dummy I got the beta version of the mod :<

          • Atticination says:

            shut it Lbs33, don’t get mad about a simple redirector (and yeah adfly is poopy caca ofc) when you reload the website enough times you get redirected to media fire to get the Mr. Hamood Cat and Serin head (and yes I switched the letters so don’t accuse me of bad spelling) also you need to click “deny” and press “skip this ad’ and then do the reloading of god

          • VincegameVPJ says:

            Don’t don’t get mad at adfly
            It is supporting the Creators. If you make an add-on using an adfly, you will earn money

  19. ThePheonix gamin says:

    Hey Bendy Can you Update Scp Addon to 1.26+ ??? Pls🙏

  20. Toxicon YT says:


  21. What was the plot armour for? A top hat and a dress from some future???? Interesting…

  22. sethcreeper09 says:

    Great just great!

  23. StormyplayzzzzzzReal says:

    when is new update releised

  24. Herobrine4448 says:

    When will you post the new update? I really like your addons and I really want to play the v3 version of this addon.

  25. JuzKidin1 says:

    The no adfly link is broken and wont load

    • Atticination says:

      you get pushed to a p&*n website called
      so its meh, sometimes its poopy caca and adfly and sometimes its a beefy black and yellow virus giving bug

  26. T1014406F says:

    wow siren head can defeat more than 100 withers lol XD

  27. BlocksAttack3 says:

    Im giving this mod 4 stars because it works and the video you made on it looks amazing. But can I suggest you remove the particles that Siren Head and Cartoon Cat make when you spawn them. They really lag the game to the point it almost crashes, and it’s not fun when you can’t even see Cartoon Cat through a cloud of white smoke.

    • alieoftruth says:

      He’s already fixing this I presume

    • Lbs33 says:

      I figured out how to fix the particles on both siren head and cartoon cat.
      You first need to put /tp @e[type=ho:slam] into a repeating command block
      Then put /kill @e[type=ho:slam] into a second repeating command block. This should fix siren head :] now repeat the process but instead of typing in ho:slam put in ho:slam1 this should fix cartoon cat. And Yayayayayayayay now your mod is fixed no need to wait for an update now

      • Lbs33 says:

        Ok so if you want to keep the old mod you can but Thank You Bendy For the new V3 update I can’t wait for it to come out! ! ! And btw your SCP addon is also great now I don’t have to build a crazy command block machine to fix the problem with the current mod 🙂 ;> ;> ;>

  28. JuzKidin1 says:

    Can there be a settings that cartoon cat wont turn me into survival?

  29. Red Fan says:

    How was your day today?

  30. Red Fan says:

    So I saw your video for the update and it was really awesome! All the new abilities and animations for cartoon cat are amazing! However can you change the head separating animation for him so that it is only used when idle and walking. Also could you give him a animation where he takes of his head? It would be a really cool and creepy animation. Anyways the update looks really promising. Have a great day! P.s. Maybe just focus on new animations and abilities for cartoon cat and siren head to this update? Just a thought.

  31. Vortex mangle anims says:

    This add-on is very amazing
    I can’t wait for the next update where cartoon cat and siren head has changed
    And maybe a new creature ?
    Just ignore the link beggars they are greedy
    5 stars for u

  32. xSCARxGaming says:

    Okay I love this addon, its great and everything. I plan on using this in a little mod pack for my friends and I. However, does anyone at all (and creator) know how to disable the “Addon by BendytheDemon18.” I hate that every single time fog spawns in that also spawns in. I have messed with the code to try and get rid of it but I can’t. It takes away from the experience and it would be better without. I understand also that you want credit as a creator but if someone knows how could you please respond.

    • alieoftruth says:

      I don’t know how to fix it but just know an update is coming soon so he might change the “Addon by BendytheDemon18” thing to in the corner, kinda like JuliusScizzor’s SCP: Collaboration but he might not idk

  33. The Random Guy says:

    looks like we might be getting another update soon.

  34. alieoftruth says:

    When you update this for the bugs I mentioned, can you make Cartoon Cat a little bigger? Even if you don’t do that still thanks

  35. Imagine if the creator update this?

  36. MADNESSman2411 says:

    Can you make this 1.16 plz?

  37. Nice but how many health does cartoon cat have?

  38. alieoftruth says:

    Hey bendy, i don’t know if you’re working on new stuff for this add on or not, and I know people have probably told you this already, but could you please fix the bugs in siren head and cartoon cat’s behavior? Ever since the nether update, siren heads kill animations are gone and is skipping around aimlessly, and both siren head and cartoon cat have particles shooting out of them constantly causing high amounts of lag. I prefer this add on over the other ones, so if you would take the time to fix these things I’d appreciate it and have a good day

  39. Please bendy update cartoon cat improve his damage and health or he have second stage make him the strongest mob in all minecraft addon

  40. Counter Addons says:

    Can you make them seperate addons, I think I’d like that better.

  41. saic mo says:

    Remove the particles from the cartoon cat

  42. Jacopo Gianfreda says:

    Please bendy!!! update this!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!

  43. Piggy99 says:

    Alright, I play on Xbox. I try to load up this mod it crashes my Minecraft completely.

  44. golden foxy8792 says:


  45. Redtron3000 says:

    your add ons are super cool but your link i hate it wants me to install somthing else what i am saying is… GET YOUR ADD ON DOWNLOAD LINKS ON MEDIAFIRE PLEASE

  46. Namelees says:

    In 1.16 version this ceeature are triggered. they make an endless explosion hope will fixnit in next addon update

  47. Eliasgames3 says:

    Hi Bendy, this addon is AWESOME. Please, can you remove the fact that Cartoon Cat and Siren Head boss turn player’s survival mode on? I’d love to enjoy seeing them battle without risk of getting destroyed. This is so annoying! PLEASE!!!

  48. joons says:

    could ya make another file without cartoon cat and only siren head? im maybe putting this in a realm and dont want the little kids of minecraft to be too scared lol still one of the best mods out there amazing animation and great models

  49. Cool999 give says:

    Guys get 1.14 apk if want this also great addon

  50. ValeriyBro12 says:

    bendythedemon18 you can fix the bug in the addon so that it supports version 1.16 and then I play on ios and can not download the beta version for minecraft. The error is that the siren head and cartoon cat punch works endlessly without stopping and it doesn’t work on version 1.16 and I can’t replace it with 1.14 because I play on ios. if you fix the bug of this addon so that it works on version 1.16 then I will be very happy. if you answer this question I will thank you. thank you for your attention

  51. Desuka says:

    why when spawning cartoon cats are always in survival mode

  52. Hey. I was wondering, how do i disable the sign saying, “made by bendythedemon18” above the chat

  53. Duckycat says:

    Sorry if I forget to five star you sometimes. I don’t know if it affects you or not. I have a question. When is your next vid upload.

  54. DoggoBEPIS says:

    Guys if you are reading dis name siren head as Dinnerbone with name tag its really funny

    • Lbs33 says:

      Cmon why will bendy not fix the mod. Most of us want to use it and have fun not milk it! Or can someone fix his mod plz. Bendy Just Fix the mod! Now. You want people to like your mods. And not fixing them makes people hate your mods.Theres No Milking And Who Cares If there’s like 2 milkers. Grow Up Bendy!

  55. DoggoBEPIS says:

    Can you add uhhh long horse?(but the evil one)

  56. Duckycat says:

    This is awesome can’t wait till next update.

  57. Guest-5910372095 says:

    In 1.16bit glitches very much please update it to 1.16 version and this time add cartoon dog bridgeworm and long horse please

    • JetCoolboxer says:

      Bendy pls update this addon to 1.16, for many of your fans/supporters really want this addon to still be in works for there are a lot of things in this addon that we all love and enjoy to use it for 😀

  58. Guest-3615285540 says:

    Ok. So I’ve been checking YouTube for milkers. Literally none. There might be one or two I missed, but otherwise I checked like 20 to 50 YouTubers. But since I personally know it’s been about two to three months if not one this might not get anywhere. You might just think this is just someone trying to get you the update by telling lies, and if that’s what you think it’s is I completely understand, but I’ll still be offended. PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND.

  59. Guest-1730017904 says:

    Hello, this addon it’s so cool but I have one problems : the particles of Cartoon Cat because he generate particles and my mc (bedrock) can’t support that.
    Please can you remove this particles ?
    Thanks you.

    • Guest-9507016181 says:

      It’s in the last version of mc

    • Guest-8122475570 says:

      Bendythedemon18 please fix this the Addons of Siren Head, Light Head, and Cartoon Cat are broken the particles of are annoying and please God dam it fix it and also please stop milking with our Addons it is bad pretty bad you have to respect the creators and and please credit it, if you don’t have credit the addon of bendythedemon18 he will never update or upload the addon again because I’m gonna be bored in minecraft without addon!!?

  60. Guest-3221127914 says:

    Bendy hum when i spawn Siren head je can’t walk because à lot of explosions âge on vis feets can you help me ??

    PS im in 1.16.1

  61. Guest-9213987344 says:

    Hey guys stop milking!!if you want to use this add-on again!download minecraft and ES file explorer!

  62. Guest-6097158499 says:

    I can’t download it

  63. Cutekittymeow19 says:

    I love the addon and how well everything is designed but there is one problem one tiny little problem siren head and cartoon cat spam punches and when this happens I have to quit my world due to spawnkill and too much lag to put in kill command, still a very well designed addon and I love what you make

  64. Guest-9974904221 says:

    Also siren head and cartoon cat grab things to early
    Fix after Milking is done

  65. Guest-8242072508 says:

    Does anybody know any working siren head mods. Other than the one on curse forge. I just want a mod to entertain me while I wait for the update. Granted I’m still gonna look every day. I’m just board.

  66. Guest-6490062284 says:

    wow.. this is so sad, I’m sorry you have to go through all these stupid kids yapping because they don’t understand what your going through and what’s happening.. man it’s hard to read some of these replies, they are just so idiotic.. I hope you get what you deserve man, sorry to hear this is what’s happening to your amazing mods, it’s a shame

  67. entity 303 vs herobrine says:

    cartoon cat is broken. plz fix him. he lags the game so bad and has thousands of cartoon cat punches around him that will knock you back 10 blocks and lag you so much minecraft kicks you off.

  68. Guest-3232136353 says:

    There needs to be:
    Long horse
    Meat horse
    lil nugget
    The lamb
    Highway worm
    Bridge worm
    Smile room (and the host)
    Breaking news
    Cartoon dog
    Cinema liner (I think that is the name
    Mother megaphone
    Forgotten baby
    Man with the upside down head
    Lopsided grin
    Train eater
    Big charlie
    Good boy
    Peeping Tom

    And for big Charlie when you kill him he drop a lil nugget

  69. Guest-4272260280 says:


  70. Guest-2203104765 says:

    Bendy All of the updates you do are credit to you so suck all that milking in and turn it into your credit

  71. Guest-3899107058 says:

    This pack is awsome but when will you update I want a update but you dont have to update

    PEOPLE STOP MILKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

      Ver 1.0.0 of Trevor Henderson mod. Siren head cartoon cat God of roadkill God of chickens long horse Brige worm short horse big Charlie country road creature the angel

  72. Guest-3479440144 says:


  73. Guest-8506817971 says:

    hey bendy can you add cartoon dog in addon siren head v2 to v3

    • Guest-8671057860 says:

      Guys dont dowload its virus after dowload please just dont do it for the sake of ur phone that happend to me and then the phone had to restart all again:( for ur own risk<3 see ya

  74. Guest-6558818479 says:

    What will you add fix and or remove also will they fight?

  75. Guest-9277693056 says:

    I also love your pack*

    *Im the one who wants the male and female lighthead spawn egg

  76. Guest-8877168008 says:

    please make it so that lighthead is a spawn egg and can you make him not a boss AND make him half the size of siren head. can you make a male and female, can you make females passive and males aggressive

    • Guest-9571835584 says:



  77. Guest-9259045752 says:

    Please stop milking so bendythedemon18 can update the addon!?

  78. Guest-5958643094 says:

    Day 17 of asking for V3 (No pun intended)

  79. ValeriyBro12 says:

    Bendy please can we fix the bug in the addon siren head v2.
    this bug I saw in the fact that cartoon cat punch and siren head punch appears very much and endlessly and not as it is not removed and then discards. please fix this bug because I have been playing since version 1.16.0. this is the version where this bug occurs. so please fix it and I will be very happy.

  80. Guest-5091065593 says:

    bendy the demon has just revamped version of scp 096 and your asking for more? like seriously he is giving you so much but you still want more! your acting like 3 yr olds you idiots! like he puts so much work and thats your feedback

  81. Guest-4834509833 says:

    Hey bendy, can you update the Siren Head v2 addon to be Minecraft 1.16 version because Minecraft 1.16 is relese Please update the addon please

  82. Guest-7750030820 says:

    I scared lol it says cartoon cat are you recording on YouTube because I want audience you

  83. Guest-6679608392 says:

    Everyone stop complaining because the creator won’t update. If the creator doesn’t want to update due to foolish people milking their addon, its their choice. Be grateful that the Siren Head add-on exists. The creator has put hard work in their add-on

  84. Guest-2975881633 says:

    i want to make a map using your addon pls give me permission

    • Just give me credit like the other map that use my addon

      • Guest-8903532844 says:

        this is werid when i addon (i spawn in cartoon cat and theres no explosion effects that lasts infinite) and he walked the same (but when attacking) explosion effects EVEN SIREN HEAD he had no explosion effect but when he was attacking explosion effects started happening

        (witch i did not know that was happening)

      • Lbs33 says:

        I fixed explosion and knock back on siren and light head. Using command block. It sadly doesn’t work on cartoon cat. Here is commands. Command 1: /[email protected][type=ho:slam]. Now make that a reapeating block and use redstone. Command 2: /kill @e[type=ho:slam1] make that repeat to. And finally command 3 : /game rule command block output false. So hey at least we can fix siren head and light head

  85. Guest-4699574196 says:

    Soo i was just looking in the comments of this addon and all i see are People fighting
    All i was going to say is can you pls update this addon its not working

    Oh and i dont know waht milking means i see that is in every comment
    I dont know waht that means XD

  86. Guest-1952390671 says:

    Guys Stop asking adout the update its never going to happen
    The creator is mad becaus he wants waht he Deserves
    I dont know waht the f*** he wants
    The creator is a bit Selfish he dosent care about all those who just want the update just because
    The addon not work anymoer
    The only reason why People are milking is because there is no update i guess he dint think about that

    If the creator Reads this comment im sorry but im only Telling the truth ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

    I hope anyone else can agree ?

  87. Guest-9543436837 says:

    I think you should add long horse in. Same creator.

  88. Guest-8180230093 says:

    Bendy your my fav creator, but this all sucks. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I was really looking forward to 1.16.0 and your update coming along as well. My year has been the worst. My great grandpa is dying, two of my cats have died each a month a part, coronavirus happened and kept me from going to nationals in swimming, my pool broke and now I can’t train what so ever, and well you get it. So this just adds to it??. Thanks a lot for making everything worse.

    • Guest-8767100284 says:

      Besides why should I care it’s been going on for a couple months and my life is already s***.

    • Guest-4304147118 says:

      He’s not makeing it worse he’s waiting for the milking to stop and then he will keep makeing awesome addons and sorry for your grandpa and your cats dieing #Stopmilkingouraddons.

  89. Guest-2509214543 says:

    hello bendy i just want to say to you….ITS SO COOL no really man it’s the most beautiful addon i ever seen so i really like your addons continue like that and can you make every others creatures made by Trevor Henderson ? (day 17,breakink news,bridge worm,long horse) oh and for the ones who Siren Head is not a SCP it’s false because for me every paranormal thing is a SCP so Siren Head is a SCP

  90. Guest-1499907601 says:

    Sooo he is only going to update this addon if we stop milking ?
    Im sorry but there is always going to de People milking

    So i just say it like this (Grow up Benby)

    Im sorry that i need to say it like this but think of the People who are not milking

    And for Those of you who are milking just stop!!! we all want this update
    Because this addon is realy good and its a shame if sutch a good addon Stays broken ?

    You are doing a good job Bendy but just Don’t listen to the haters ?

  91. Guest-6318488704 says:

    Woah woah woah. Ok so I just read most of the comments. I get that people are milking, but it’s rude to say your going to do something and then you don’t do it. In this case you said to many people that you were going to update when 1.16.0 came out and then you didn’t because of a few people. I have this idea I read from one of the three addons that haven’t been updated because of your problems. You should use copyrights for your addon once you update. You also do need to start responding. I also added the addon and there are many problems. At this point in time people might not care or quite trying to use this addon if it doesn’t update. This is my advice and if you don’t take it who knows what will happen probably not good things. Good luck, your going to need it. I’m going to say now what some people do that gets your attention. PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND PLEASE RESPOND.

    • Guest-5939707184 says:

      I also noticed that I wrote a lot, and most people don’t try to read much as I see most people respond to shorter comments, but I would still like a response and only a response from the creator bendythedemon18.

    • Guest-4599978185 says:

      Yeah I really like how this guy thinks. In fact I like the idea of not using this anymore I’m gonna find a different addon.

    • Guest-9241860382 says:

      I like the part where copyrights are added so the addon can update.

    • The addon is still getting updated but it won’t come out until the milking stop, I’ll keep it for my own until I finally get what I deserve to get

      • Guest-3478164775 says:


      • Guest-4478922305 says:

        Just one more question. How long do you think that may take. Cause to me it seems like it’s been going on for a couple of months, and might take 5 more months to come out due to milking.

      • Guest-7487906567 says:

        hi bendy! i was just saying hi too you i love your addons and there special too me even this addon and people might be sad if the addon is broken forever…….
        Don’t Listen To Haters (And Sometimes People Will Be Mad At Projects)

        I hope you have great days! Writen By: Guest THATS ALL FOLKS!

      • Guest-2102403277 says:

        hi bendy! i was saying hi i love your addons and i hope soon everyone will be happy again i’ve loved all the addons you are making your the best addon creator soon a lot of people might be sad or angry but Don’t Listen To The Haters?‍?‍?

      • Guest-7203508722 says:

        Bendy you’re my fav creator. I love this addon and so do others. Sometimes people in this world don’t care for others. Some just skip through stuff and download not knowing what it is to get views. Like shark. He didn’t read a thing so he didn’t know to give credit. We all love this, but it’s sad that we have to suffer because of others. Although I’m still on your side.

      • Guest-4321556172 says:

        I feel sorry for you ?

      • Lbs33 says:

        I would like to get early access to the new version of the mod. I will not milk it I just use it in mob battles and try to defeat the creatures with friends. And if I ever make a video on the mod I’ll give yah full credit and make the video clickbait free.

    • Guest-8740530673 says:

      maybe i might have to delete this addon and wait untill the milking stops???

  92. Guest-5867934565 says:

    Hey bendy are you ever going to update this. Cause it seems like you just don’t care anymore. YOU ALSO NEED TO START RESPONDING TO PEOPLE.

  93. Guest-6827668811 says:

    Sorry if I am so ignorant but for this Addon to be taken seriously it would not be better to report them by copyright not by the monsters, since they are from Trevor but if you can do it for the Addon and they will stop taking your credit and take you seriously but If you don’t want, I respect your opinion

  94. Guest-9060870970 says:

    Stop milking

  95. Guest-1530193123 says:

    can you please make this mediafire

    • Guest-7245031346 says:

      Dude read other people’s comments. Bendy is tired of people’s bull crap. He isn’t doing anything till people stop milking. Honestly it’s not going to update ever. I know because I live in a world we’re people don’t give a crap. Bendy probably doesn’t care about it by now anyways. Give it up. This isn’t just to you it’s to other people who keep commenting to update or do this and that. Until people stop milking nothing will happen. Just deal with it.

    • Guest-3211279840 says:

      I will repeat this to people who keep commenting bendy to do this s**t.

  96. Guest-2709243587 says:

    If you don’t like siren head then why did you even look at it dumb dumb.

  97. Guest-4164168807 says:

    Hate this addon

  98. Guest-2341971820 says:

    Hi shut up siren head sucks all the stuff sucks ?????????????? it gives me nightmares

  99. Guest-3887171408 says:

    EVERY ONE STOP TOUCHING AND LOKING AND RESPONDING TO THIS ADDON. I’ll bet this will never update again. So I say, rest In Peace siren head addon. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  100. Guest-4743871679 says:

    I guess it’s time to say farewell to all of Bendy and Julius’s addons and hope that someone like Lander Boss can remake them and continue where these creators’ left off… ),:

  101. Guest-9562952762 says:

    So much milk~

  102. Guest-5212319227 says:

    ¿Cómo se pueden descargar cartoon cat y siren head?

  103. Guest-7699962087 says:

    Ok I get the fact that garbage clickbait YouTubers milk your add-ons without giving credit but you REALLY have to stop taking this so seriously and think for a second if doing what your doing is actually doing anything because first of all said YouTubers are just going to come up with more ideas like example: I FOUND CARTOON CAT’S SECRET LABYRINTH (NOT CLICKBAIT) or other idiotic trash like that, second of all I see why your not updating your add-ons as in adding new things into it but when normal players can’t actually use the add-on in 1.16 because it’s broken it creates a big problem. So please, fix the add-on, don’t add anything new just fix it.

    • What?! To get even more milker?! No, I had enough, It’s time for me to get what I deserve to get, We’re the creator deserve more than these milkers, if you’re the creator like me you will understand the pain of the addon creators

      • Guest-6689273028 says:

        after looking at some videos with siren head and 3am in it. I now realized why this is such a problem for you. Not a single one mentioned you or the site of the Add-on.This is why’s you added the “Add-on created by bendythedemon18” when fog is around right? . IF they can’t credit you then that will do it. kinda is a downer that the Add-on doesn’t work in 1.16 anymore but I understand why It should stay broken until people start putting credit where credit is due.

      • Guest-3977537649 says:

        I feel your pain I’m a realm creator I just do what they say so they stop

      • Guest-8069196162 says:

        And also half of where you’d be credited at is gone because nobody can use the addon in 1.16 without it breaking, I do get your argument and agree with it but your basically making things harder because it’s not like 1.16 adds any new Trevor Henderson related things into it that clickbaiters can use. And all you have to do to get those videos taken down if clickbait report, spam or misleading and call them out publicly. For the milkers just spam the comments with the link to the addon and the #StopMilkingOurAddons.

      • Guest-4245831531 says:

        Increase the size of the watermark so that people can see and also put the watermark everywhere so that people can’t edit it out

    • Guest-3894392078 says:

      How would making it work with work with 1.16 make it easier to milk?

  104. Guest-8423465706 says:

    I dont think the creator Cares about this mod anymore
    It’s a shame it was a great mod but I guess now its Broken


    • I still care about this add-on, it’s just the milkers get all the credit and not the addon creator myself and the other addon creators, so the add-on still getting updated, but it’ll not be released to the public until the milking thing stop

  105. Guest-3022732905 says:

    Please fix cartton cat for 1.16

  106. Guest-9047071461 says:

    update it to 1.16 if you can.

  107. Guest-2570035640 says:

    Hey creator you need to update this mod it Broken so pls fix this ?

  108. Guest-2746725844 says:

    in which version is played?

  109. Guest-2341528103 says:

    Make Siren Head addon V3 for Minecraft 1.16

  110. Guest-1993624790 says:

    When will people stop milking. If I have to I will find a way to get another mod. I’m am fu****g tired of waiting for the update.

    • Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

      I will make it ok? I just need to make mobs but don’t now how

    • Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

      Please tell me how to make mobs in tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of waiting

    • Guest-7129783115 says:

      I have no god d*** idea but when you create it. It will make me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. I am so god d*** f*****g tired of this bull****. To show how mad I am I never cuss.

    • Guest-7269605468 says:

      ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  111. Guest-2405496261 says:

    This is really cool and I love it! I hope you continue to expand this! I would love to see what else you would do in the future with it!

    • Guest-3179018104 says:

      Yeah it’s great, but there are people in this world that just don’t give a crap. So honestly I might find different mods to use. Heck I might find better ones, but when this updates I’ll check it and might come back.

    • Guest-4806694651 says:

      I’m also looking at the lockdown scp thing and I’m deciding wether or not I should move on. And it’s a 89% chance I am.

  112. Guest-8418456019 says:

    No rush but how long will the expectancy be for the mod if people keep milking it.

  113. Guest-2949840497 says:

    Pls fix the addon if i spawn cartoon car there is This smoke around him and it make me lag

  114. EddyAftermath says:

    Iv’e been hearing stuff about “Light Head” and i’m wondering if it’s your’s

    • Guest-2648715844 says:

      Yes it is his, but the mod is glitched because of the new nether update. Would you like to help us stop people from milking so it can be fixed. -Isaiah

  115. Guest-3485150835 says:

    Stop the milking, start the chanting, stop the milking start the chanting. Everyone who helps should be proud and will be worthy of this addon. -Isaiah

  116. Guest-1182191545 says:

    Every idiot stop rushing bendy and Julius. They are having problems and won’t update till everybody stops milking there addons. People who read this help me and every one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    • Guest-9383947157 says:

      Bro you just said we were idiots so why wold we help you ??

      I will help every one els ?

    • josiah.youtuber says:

      I need help how do we install addons I’m on iPad too

      • josiah.youtuber says:

        I like the addon but I don’t know how to install the addon

        • Guest-6000733566 says:

          Sorry for the idiot response. Having a bad day. Just go to the green link in google that says mcaddon and it has to be google. Let me rephrase that though. Every body stop rushing bendy and Julius. They are having problems and won’t update till everybody stops milking there addons. People who read this help me and every one else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

        • josiah.youtuber says:

          IM NOT A IDIOT

  117. Guest-6152235729 says:

    By the way. What the heck is milking.

  118. Guest-2963206804 says:

    You said that the mod would be finished after the update 1.16.0 was finished. Yet I don’t see it. This is the second time I’ve asked. PLEASE REPLY.

    • Guest-5656433931 says:

      And I will ask every day until I get a reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x9

      • Guest-3256248679 says:

        Dude go to Julius Scizzor’s YouTube Channel and watch the latest video!! They’re both dealing a major problem that now has postponed their Addons to a much later date tha is to Idiots like you rushing and stealing their hardwork!

  119. EddyAftermath says:

    I love this Addon but when Siren Head picks up stuff they hover under his hand so plz fix that 🙂

  120. Guest-7611456276 says:

    I hope to see more plz! 🙂

  121. Guest-1369859633 says:

    There’s a problem when you spawn him he literally can move very poorly same goes for cartoon cat

  122. Guest-5532947970 says:

    You said that the mod would be finished after the update 1.16.0 was finished. Yet I don’t see it.

  123. Guest-2998090910 says:

    fix this abbon pls the 1.16 update broke it

  124. Guest-3089190182 says:

    FIX THE MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Guest-3481092393 says:


  126. Anonymous says:

    A word of advice: you don’t find siren head… he finds you.

  127. Guest-7211844730 says:

    Watch Dave Minecraft cartoon cat vs sans if you see it then you need a command block and set it on /gamemode c @p then done add as many then you stay in creative mode so cartoon cat dose not change you to survival mode

  128. Guest-6914523961 says:

    The addon not work Anymore you need to update it for

  129. Guest-1715620435 says:

    Bendy the nether update is tomorrow

  130. Poducast says:

    Please add Cartoon dog for next Update addon

  131. Guest-7717568438 says:

    Can You Delete The Explode Effect On Siren head, Siren Head Boss, And Cartoon Cat, In Next Update, Beacuz Its Lagging My Game. REPLY!

  132. Guest-1181480977 says:

    you cant Breaking News working pls

  133. Guest-1156475950 says:

    like Trevor Henderson

  134. Guest-3274382495 says:

    can you put a life bar on cartoon cat?

  135. Guest-4291775580 says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me the location where you remove the watermark in the files? It’s been bugging me for a while now. Every time a fog entity spawns it pops up, and it just ruins it..

  136. Guest-1518158713 says:

    So ummm I tried to do it again but it won’t work on Safari it only works on Addons for me so can you put it in mcaddons plz.

  137. 20jayden08 says:

    that looks so good im using this mod

    • Guest-5426711475 says:

      Yeah it’s great and all, but not many mobs are there. So I have a question. What mobs are gonna be made when the update is finished, and when will it be finished.

  138. Guest-5911382273 says:

    I cannot download the thing on IOS and when I try to create it out of a enderman it looks like trash.

  139. Guest-9119292168 says:

    Can you make cartoon cat just chase and kill instead?

  140. Guest-3982372025 says:

    cartoon cat is stupidly op,but why he switches creative mode to survival mode, is really annoying when he does it,pls remove it of the addon and make it available on 1.16 beta,pls.

  141. Guest-1264617336 says:

    Dear Bendythedemon18 please release the Cartoon cat addon on august 9 or earlier.
    Thanks <3

  142. Guest-5819182550 says:

    Can I post a gameplay video with your addon on YouTube?

  143. Red Fan says:

    I think for Siren Head you should change his health from 8000 to 10000 as well as take away his climbing ability and maybe giving him a regeneration ability. Maybe you could also make it so he gravitates towards forests and strands still for long periods of time? Anyways great Addon as always!

  144. Guest-4607456234 says:

    It won’t let me download it.

    • Guest-5247730907 says:

      It’s still me. To be precise, I can download the file but it won’t open it in Minecraft, telling me the zip archive isn’t valid (and yes, I’ve always used the first link).

  145. TanLorikk says:

    Hi, once again, I can translate (if I write this means I have already translated) your add-on for Russian and Ukrainian.
    Just contact me via my discord (below)

  146. Guest-8516243463 says:

    The addon is not working on my realm how do i fix this everytime i add itr it says it cant be done

  147. Guest-5038938370 says:

    can cartoon cat die? or is he immortal?

  148. shaowdoggo87922 says:

    can you add bride worm dont rush yo self take your time for whoever your makeing now

  149. ToxicBry says:

    This is a very fun addon to play with!

  150. Guest-3713882823 says:

    Hey, I can use this on Java Edition, Correct?

  151. Guest-9616626719 says:

    This addon is very interesting
    So this addon is YouTube
    I would like to introduce you
    is this good?
    (This is Google Translate)

  152. Guest-6250958136 says:

    Guys he can’t update this addon every 2 seconds, these creatures have custom sounds, animations, damage, movement, they also have their own special abilities. These creatures can’t be easy to make, just stop rushing him.

  153. Guest-5932717352 says:

    Hello, Could you pls add anxious dog and peeping tom? This addon is awesome, thank you bendy uwu

  154. ????? says:

    hey can you tell me how to make siren head move he isnt moving he is just yelling and just killing me but cartoon cat is fine i got nightmares for 2 days cus of it

  155. Guest-4848247097 says:

    Can you make this 1.14 version on iPad cause I’m on iPad

  156. JPG YT says:

    Hey can I post my own siren head addon to mcpedl, just asking

  157. Anonymous says:

    Once the full release for 1.16 comes out (1.16.0) will you update this addon?

  158. Guest-4511909650 says:

    Add bridge worm, smile room, light head spawn egg.

  159. Guest-7951684004 says:

    How to download this on Minecraft pe

  160. Guest-2732931637 says:

    Guys if u don’t like the watermark just remove it in files not that hard

  161. Guest-3544293414 says:

    Will you add Long Horse? He can appear when Cartoon Cat or Siren Head appear to warn you!

  162. Guest-1744958056 says:

    the plugin is very good, it has several sound effects and the animations are very good, the only thing I don’t like is that the name appears on the screen, is it necessary that it appears all the time?

  163. Guest-8127978260 says:

    Does it work in multipayer? Like just normal not on servers

  164. Guest-5929788224 says:

    me no don’t how

  165. Guest-2712790632 says:

    Can’t import behaviors. Please help!!!

  166. Michael7R says:

    The mod works well but it’s immersion breaking when your water mark shows up every time the fog comes, it would be better if the water mark just showed up for a few seconds when you load into the world.

  167. Guest-1814088326 says:


  168. Guest-8772991043 says:

    Hey I got a question,

    Will the addon will get update. This is the same for the SCP Addon

  169. in next uptade please fix cartoon cat and add please bridge worm and long horse…cartoon dog….thats all i hope that will help you for the next uptade

  170. Guest-9946091576 says:

    Hurry up with V3 I made addons before, I could easily be done with V5 by now, so maybe you should HURRY UP!

  171. Guest-1870287620 says:


  172. Guest-9360572359 says:

    Rename the addon to “Trevor Hendersons creations” so you stop getting hate for cartoon cat, i love this addon so keep up the good work

  173. Guest-1818384198 says:

    Also I might on Minecraft v1.14.1 can I use this addon on that?

  174. Guest-6753499336 says:

    Also I might on Minecraft v1.14.1 can I use this addon on that?

  175. Guest-3848459051 says:

    If anyone agrees let bendy see the comment below help me tell bendy to put this on a Minecraft addons app

  176. Guest-8405877997 says:

    Hey bendy mind if you put this on a Minecraft addons app cus it’s to hard for me to do download it on this website I’ll give you credit just please do this

  177. Anonymous says:

    why aint siren head moving but good catoon cat

  178. Guest-8746542786 says:

    What mobs are gonna be made when the update is finished

  179. Guest-3104189502 says:

    how many hit points does cartoon cat have

  180. NYEEEES says:

    Can you make a addon only Siren Head the Cartoon Cat is Too Scary To me And when i see him he will turn me on Survival please. And can you fix the Siren Head Animation when he Runs make him Walk like Normal.

  181. Guest-2536043561 says:

    can a 1.7.10 version be made?

  182. Guest-8657482546 says:

    Oh my gosh this is the best add on ever

  183. Guest-4689700071 says:

    Wow dude. You must be going above and waaaaaaaaaaay beyond cause it’s taking a while. Keep it up dude.

  184. Guest-1712678098 says:

    I wanna know if this addon could like me?

  185. sub2popular387 says:

    I forgot to rate u the addon is really nice but i think there is a bug that cartoon cat is leaving particles and causes me framerate drop :/ maybe because of my mc version because im playing in the beta….

  186. Guest-8416455954 says:


  187. Guest-3294519301 says:

    Reply with “V3” if u as excited as I am!

  188. Guest-3461260027 says:

    Hurry up chump

  189. Matt0101 says:

    Ok sorry about last time, but still, can you please at least give a release date?

  190. TanLorikk says:

    Hello, I can translate your beautiful addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your discord.

  191. Guest-1157648071 says:

    BendyTheDemon18 when I was Playing around with cartoon cat he said The name Of My Player, is he real Because He also said he wants to touch me in real life

  192. Guest-1157648071 says:

    BendyTheDemon18 when I was Playing around with cartoon cat he said The name Of My Player and Said He wish he could touch me in real life, is This just a joke because I thought Trevor creatures were fictional

    • Guest-9556041044 says:

      bro trevor creatures are fake they are creepypastas like scp-682,scp-096 they are created for you read other examples

      Slender Man,Siren Head,Scp-049,jeff the killed

    • Guest-2070538915 says:

      hey Guest-1157648071 the thing is that the character is fake just the words that he is saying are taunts that arnt real they were added to scare the player

  193. Guest-2419703046 says:

    Is there a way to turn off the text that shows up every ten seconds. I literally have the same problem with your scp mod where i just wanted to play it without the annoying text that credits you. Its actually the only problem i have. Just please if theres a way to turn it off can you tell me?

  194. Guest-4080627602 says:

    BENDY Please see this note i will be able to credit you alot. add it to the windows 10 version I really want to play it so add windows 10 version i will credit you, i really like the feaures and i hope i can play it, So thank you and update it when you can

    • Guest-4433501183 says:


  195. EpicGGamer says:

    Hi bendy! I was just wondering if you could help me make a simple script for an addon for my map, i just need walking, idling, and attack animations for a mob, I’m strugglong figuring them out, please help me, I will give you a huge credit, please.

  196. Younggodgamer says:

    Hello bendythedemon18, i just want to have the permission to use some of the scripts of your addon for my addon but don’t worry I’m not posting my addon it’s just for a map that im making. I just need some of the script, please allow me, I’ll make sure to credit you. thanks!

    • Give me credit and you can use it

      • Guest-8436684433 says:


      • Guest-1263001968 says:

        I am downloading this mod on iPad but it takes me to my files what do I do from there

      • Guest-2753693125 says:

        can you remove Cartoon Cat Spawning its bad because you are going to find diamonds and boom theres a monster destroying your house killing you and killing everything on your world and can you make siren head more realistic IA? i have put him 200 blocks away from a villager and he made the full way to the villager and he killed he started walking again i followed him and boom he just walked to a village very away from where he killed the villager it make the experience be less because you can be spawn killed from him he just need to spawn and he ill have chance of coming all the way to you and destroy your house and start spawn killing you

  197. Guest-8824682345 says:

    You know what? FINE. You all have pushed me to CHALLENGING you! TOO ALL OF YOU who think you can do a V3 of this already good addon better and FASTER, THEN DO IT, make the addon! Upload it to mcpedl! SEE HOW HARD IT IS TO MAKE A HALFWAY DECENT MOD! I.CHALLENGE.YOU.ALL

    • Guest-2198943414 says:

      I’m not one of the people complaining, but just saying if the challenge was to make breaking news from Trevor Henderson, it’s not actually that hard, make a new entity, make the size huge, shape it, color it all black, edit the hitbox, then make it attack players, and finally add its attack damage and health.

      • Guest-5592978172 says:

        At least your not one of those people being dipwads. Also the challenge is just to make a Trevor Henderson character that is “better” then Bendy’s ALREADY GOOD entities. In term of Design, Sound, Animation, Custom Chat Messages (depending on the creature), Damage, Death Animation (optional), and maybe other stuff that doesn’t come to mind for me as of now.

  198. Guest-2109694812 says:

    Hey bendy, i will make vid for my yt channel should i used this addon for my mod review? Dont worry i will give you credit! And i will copy this link to more people download this awesome addon! And BTW and the scp? Pls

  199. Guest-6991418710 says:

    Hay bendy mind adding the addon to a Minecraft addon app sense this is to complicated for me and every time a try to get it a add scam appears that I can’t skip so can you do that so I can get the addon PLEASE DO THIS I want to make a siren head survival and add it as a server on Minecraft so can you add this to a Minecraft addons app please thank you for your time

  200. Javo_145 says:

    Bendy the demon can I have the permission for utilisse the addon for a map?

    • As long as you credit me, I’m ok with it

      • Guest-3351632378 says:

        Hey bendy can you pretty please add this to a Minecraft addon app cus then more people can get it and credit you just please also can you make it so if you hit cartoon cat in creative the new he sends you into survival cus then no body can do tests with it so that’s all I wanted to ask you have a good day buddy

  201. Guest-2568789812 says:

    Dude how long does it take you to make this stuff?¿?¿?¿?¿

  202. Guest-5544808233 says:

    Add day 17,kaijjus,breaking news, the fencer, meatgrinder, and milk walk

  203. Guest-9082790937 says:

    Can you make one where siren head can’t destroy stuff? Thanks.

  204. Guest-7731472657 says:

    Can you make one where cartoon cat can’t DO ANNOYING STUFF?! I’m making a map. And I know cartoon cat turns you to survival. But I need to look at him to build him. So I added a command block that makes me stay in creative. And what does cartoon cat do? TURNS OFF COMMAND BLOCKS AND TURNS ME TO SURVIVAL. THIS IS TO ANNOYING!

  205. Guest-5653578267 says:

    Whenever I spawn Cartoon Cat a giant tornado spawns and breaks my game. Please can you remove that in V3.

  206. Guest-5653578267 says:

    Whenever I spawn Cartoon Cat a giant tornado spawns and breaks my game. Please can you remove that in V3.

  207. Guest-3227006922 says:

    I love this mod but whenever I spawn cartoon cat after a few seconds my game crashes and does not let me back in Minecraft for a minute idk if this is a bug or just my device. Still the best siren head mod ??

  208. Guest-3311643340 says:

    Team V3 Team! Reply “V3” if you agree he should hurry up.

  209. Matt0101 says:

    I mean I like the addon, but it is missing so much things, it takes you like a year to update, and when you do you litterly add just 1 new mob, or at least that’s what happend last time.

  210. Guest-8955285091 says:

    Can you add this on Minecraft Addons app cus the installation does not make sense so can you add it to that app you know the Minecraft addons where you put The siren head world

  211. Styles2278 says:

    Please for v3 add Bridge worm , cartoons dog and “The God of Roadkill” . And please remove siren heads ability to climb.

  212. Guest-8253682282 says:

    Ok that’s it! ALL OF YOU impatient people begging for V3 and acting like you’d get it done faster need to ZIP IT! Bendy is most likely taking a break! Or adding more creatures! Siren Head and Cartoon Cat alone probably took the poor guy or gal MONTHS! If he/she is taking a break, good on him/her! NO ONE deserves to be rushed for an already good thing! If he/she is NOT taking a break, he/she is probably working on another creature(s?)! So for the love of Notch STOP IT and be PATIENT!

  213. Guest-3713367608 says:

    I think your should add V3 soon. Lots of people hate how long it’s taking. People worked hard to earn their summer break. Hurry with it, and add everyone’s suggestions. Being slow and ignoring is what breeds haters. I honestly think you should add your V3 soon. And listen to all people’s ideas. Since of course people did lots of work to have summer break or a break from their job. This is important that you add lots and fast. If you don’t lots of haters will appear. I think your should add V3 soon. Lots of people hate how long it’s taking. People worked hard to earn their summer break. Hurry with it, and add everyone’s suggestions. Being slow and ignoring is what breeds haters. I honestly think you should add your V3 soon. And listen to all people’s ideas. Since of course people did lots of work to have summer break or a break from their job. This is important that you add lots and fast. If you don’t lots of haters will appear. This stuff is vital to keep your fans. You should listen to them as I see lots of complaints being ignored which is unforgivable. Then you call yourself a good creator. So hurry up with V3 and add more than just 1 mob to make people happy. Thanks!

    • Guest-3638986649 says:

      Being fast and taking multiple ideas and quickly putting them in creates many bugs and the mobs would have a dumb AI. The reason he releases it slowly is because he wants our experience to be better while playing with the mod. Also, those complaints that are being “ignored” are just made by ungrateful or impatient brats.

  214. Guest-1265172637 says:

    Add V3 fast, and when u add it pls add 5 – 10 new mobs instead off just 1.

    • xXMelvinFanXz says:

      Don’t Be a Rusher Dude Do you think bendy is Sonic? No he does not have superpowers to do it fast! Rushing a person that creates addons makes bugs from other mobs and you know what? Coding an mob for an addon is hard! It takes months to do it!

  215. Guest-2274245070 says:

    Sorry bendy, we know you are getting lots of hate since you have not finished V3, I want to help you anyway possible, but the only solution i see is to do V3 fast, maybe by Jun 10? And maybe give a release date. I read through some hate to find people need this, and you should take the people giving you lists of ideas seriously. Your helpful friend, Guest-2274245070.

  216. Guest-8494573536 says:

    V3 pls? We are waiting?

  217. Guest-2975625775 says:

    Hurry up and add V3 you lazy creator. By now even I could have. So just hurry it up.


    Sincerely, Your favorite inpatient man

    • Guest-3840497882 says:

      PFT! You think YOU could have finished it by now?!? The Mob designs ALONE would probably take weeks, much less the A.I and unique skillset! I’d like to see you post a DECENT mod on here!

  218. Guest-1089945557 says:


  219. Guest-1969985715 says:

    Lol I’m such a idiot, which is why I ask for anything I can get, pls add as many as possible to V3, or use this in later versions, I will make a list starting at 1, the smaller the number the more I want it, 1 being the most.

    1. Bridge worm
    2. Bones worth
    3. The rake
    4. Milk Walker
    5. Long horse
    6. Smile room
    7. Chicken ghost

    I could not think of any more, Please see this bendy, and if anyone else has more reply with there names.

  220. Guest-3585986765 says:

    Guys Ik u hate adfly and it’s inappropriate ads and that bendy forces you to see that so he makes money, I will be working on getting rid of the adfly

  221. Guest-9755791574 says:

    Can you give release date on V3?

  222. Guest-6329129660 says:

    Petition to have V3 come out by June 5th.

  223. Guest-4823281502 says:

    I can’t wait for V3! But can you pls be fast? No offense, but I don’t wanna spend all summer break waiting.

  224. Guest-9230162384 says:

    V3 hurry up. I have been waiting long enough. If this was owned by me, if I had gotten the idea earlier, I would already be on V10 at least. Hurry up. Common.

  225. Guest-9818460977 says:

    V3 hurry up. I have been waiting long enough. If this was owned by me, if I had gotten the idea earlier, I would already be on V10 at least. Hurry up. Common.

  226. Guest-4721224388 says:

    Can I make a map out of this plz

  227. psycho boy65337 says:

    Hi bendy this addon is very nicei im having fun while cartoon cat is having a hard time of chasing me i set a lot of traps for him and he always fall for it???? and he cant catch me because even im in sirvival im can still fly but its a little bit creepy tho

  228. Guest-6844455873 says:

    I can’t get past adfky it does not work

  229. Guest-7469548313 says:

    Pls add controllable siren head 🙂

  230. Guest-9259178253 says:

    Hey bendy excited for v3 pls add bridge worm!

  231. Guest-3683457503 says:

    where i span siren head and waiting there have 4 sirens?

  232. Guest-4861334484 says:


  233. Guest-8546078089 says:

    Hurry up and add Version 3, if you want to be popular and get likes:
    -Make New Versions Quicker
    -Listen to community
    -Pack each version with tons of new things

  234. Guest-6764166942 says:

    How to stop Cartoon Cat from turning you to survival mode:

    Take a repeating command block that’s always active and doesn’t need redstone, then type “gamemode c @a” in the input. Done. Simple.

    • Guest-5996982229 says:

      Bendy I admire your work and skills. I think you should team up with ya boi Julius and make a add on that combines scp with Trevor Henderson creatures

  235. Guest-9468676002 says:

    Pls bridge worm also awesome work, can’t wait for v3!!!!!!!

  236. Guest-3736586523 says:

    is there a way to turn off the “addon by bendy the demon” message? it ruins emersion for me and some friends on our world.

  237. Guest-1194223369 says:

    Heya,can you add this to addons or the Mcpe DL mobile app so I don’t have to search through my files and it goes straight to Minecraft?

  238. Guest-4235175241 says:

    Bridge worm! Please

  239. Guest-7392674317 says:

    I love this, id like to see more of the mobs by trevor henderson cause theyre frickin awesome!

  240. Guest-5655330445 says:

    Can you Update and add cartoon dog

  241. Guest-3627268355 says:

    BendytheDemon18 can you Update and please add cartoon dog

  242. Guest-8154515231 says:

    Siren head’s smash attack sometimes crashes my game, can you fix that?

  243. Guest-1211440669 says:

    one problem i cant download the addon
    i go to the link on it i follow the intructions
    and then it puts me at a adfly thing it says subscribe theres no deny or skip button
    dont know what to do

  244. Guest-4238089105 says:

    Seems i cant or dont know how to login with my account and use rate.

    Rating : ★★★✰✰

    Could be better if not cartoon cat Godmode endgame, forcing me to remove world when tired of the cat.

  245. Guest-7393075990 says:

    Really cool addon bro! i really want more horror mobs from you 🙂
    90% Like ( very unique 2 horror mobs, scary as hell itself )
    10% Dislike ( Gameforcing mode and 1 immortal Mob and never ends when spawned, had to turn off addon for able to continue play )

    I only have one suggestion that you remove this game forcing to survival and make Cartoon cat possible to beat like siren head boss otherwise i love this addon.

  246. Guest-9528415884 says:

    DL URL?

  247. Guest-3394835066 says:


  248. Guest-6188766070 says:

    I have a suggestion, add bridge worm! Spawns at night, has 300 HP, looks friendly with a friendly mask when players away, but when close it takes off mask and snags the players into its mouth and eats them! I think this would be really cool, maybe make it 8 blocks long and 4 blocks high, overall I’m happy with what you already made, but if your able to do this during your free time, I would be happy to see it in V3.

  249. hi, can you give me permission to map this addon? I will give you credits

  250. Guest-1499671114 says:

    I can.t download the addon

  251. Guest-8483115210 says:

    Dude delete this mod now my brother died cause of this addon im not joking

  252. Guest-5577361039 says:

    Man how dare you guest-685 a lot of hard work is put into it Man U try it yourself instead of complaining

  253. Guest-3582474739 says:

    How do you INSTAKL IT?

  254. LC Studios says:

    I want to make a map using your addon, please give me permission

  255. Guest-7918508092 says:

    Could you make a no fog version?

  256. Guest-9857673272 says:

    Bro this add-on is absolute garbage. This dud is more worried about advertising than making a good mod. And he deleted my comment. MODS TRASH 0 STAR

  257. Guest-8163508075 says:

    Petition to get Head Light in the game.

  258. Guest-8860837504 says:

    Good Add-On. Add more things in the future. I believe in you.

  259. ShowTime Freddy CZ says:

    I like the add-on, but can Cartoon Cat not turn you in survival? That would be Awesome of you or make two Add-ons one where cartoon cat has that power with gamemode or no power? Also i have plenty Add-on Ideas maybe a DDLC Add-on? Not forcing you but it’s a possibility. and You and Dany Fox are both my Favroite Add-on Creators and now you two are working together!

  260. Guest-1753872738 says:

    If you add more cryptids in the future, maybe call the addon “Henderson’s cryptids”

  261. Delmeriini says:

    [Cartoon Cat] You better build a house fast, because you will meet me real soon

  262. Guest-9720342637 says:

    Wtf is wrong with you. You’re honestly the trash around here, you can’t even respect the guy for making this FREE addon just so you can waste you’re time playing with it, so please have some respect cause you didn’t even create it

  263. Guest-8254361422 says:

    Great job on creeping me out. Not a lot of stuff scares me, but you were able to. Great addon. Thank you for making this.

  264. Guest-2770541782 says:

    Is this exclusive for Windows 10 Edition? If so could it be a mod in the future?

  265. Guest-8130529062 says:

    1) there 2 ways to kill cartoon cat 1. Spawn weather storm addon it instant kill him 2. Download chaos weapons addon and press shift rip cartoon cat 2) im so lucky cuz when i spawned cartoon cat i climbed on hill near taiga and wanted to run from him with elitra i turned on survival and behind me spawned light head ?

  266. Guest-3179056401 says:

    Can you make all of Trevor Henderson’s creatures and ice scream

  267. Guest-3176434588 says:

    Cartoon cat needs to be changed how are you supposed to do stuff with cartoon cat he turns you to survival mode

  268. Guest-1928835298 says:

    Cartoon cat needs to be fixed to not turn the player to survival mode how are you supposed to do stuff with cartoon cat

  269. Guest-6381795705 says:

    How did you make cartoon cat change your gamemode wait is cartoon cat god?

  270. Guest-7785862970 says:

    you should increase all of their health, especially cartoon cat. and increase siren/light head’s sizes, because they should be MUCH bigger. nonetheless this is a cool addon

    • Guest-4459478159 says:

      1. Calm down satan
      2. Personally, they’re probably the right size. My only suggestion is most likely a nitpick, and there’s probably nothing that can be really smoothed out during the pickup animation.

  271. Guest-5008642429 says:

    It would be nice if cartoon cat didn’t turn every player into survival when aggo. Good add on none the less.

  272. Guest-1104802065 says:

    Minecarts are invisble for some reason pls try to fix this

  273. Troncosoomar says:

    Bridge Worms
    Lil Nigget
    Highway worm
    Forgotten Baby
    Costume man
    Smile Room
    The man with the upside down face
    The Giants
    Long horse

  274. Guest-2700258706 says:


  275. Guest-2807420911 says:

    Hey can you fix cartoon cat? Soo lag soo many particles of him

  276. Guest-9687740181 says:

    the addon is very good, but it becomes very annoying when the creator text comes out, sometimes it stays there for a long time and the truth becomes cumbersome

  277. Guest-8815456661 says:

    Does cartoon cat ever despawn after he spawns naturally?

  278. Guest-4960036104 says:

    Can you make this work for 1.16 pls?

  279. LC Studios says:

    Are you sure you want to use this add-on to create your map?

  280. Guest-8639210416 says:

    Consider removing the title command at the top of the action bar. I know you want support/credit, but this is not the best way to do that. Consider having a message that appears when a player/players join the game instead of constantly being on screen. Or have a /function credits command with the credits.

  281. Guest-6780595074 says:

    Looks great, but you might want to consider increasing the size of Siren Head more. Maybe 2x its current size would be more realistic (seems excessive but would look really good).

  282. RebornXander29 says:

    Man Cartoon Cat spawned after 40 minutes of playing lol
    Btw it is really scary when i heard the music in the cave i just started mining up

  283. Guest-5981533669 says:

    Why is cartoon cat CURSED? I read a wiki about him. Siren Head’s range if noise should be very increased, like the real game. (look at jacksepticeye’s channel)

  284. Guest-3579484717 says:

    This add on gave me goosebumps 5 star

  285. if theres gun on this addon to attack siren head please reply and write the command thank you!

  286. Tddobronos27 says:

    I watch 09SHARKBOY and he did this same Addon. He is a good Youtuber. Check him out.

  287. Guest-3722680552 says:

    this doesent work in 1.15.and 1.16

  288. Guest-6458843769 says:

    how often does catroon cat spawn in caves?

  289. Guest-1619996171 says:

    And do not forget the country road creature mothman and then your suggestions

  290. Guest-4168719313 says:

    Oh yes im the guy who posted the last comment. 5 stars btw its really good. Just the cartoon cat creeps me out…

  291. Guest-9505936718 says:

    oooh no cartoon cat reallly creeps me out help me he isn’t real right? because his AI responds to what you say in chat and its disturbing……. noooooooooo. I responded to him in chat as a joke and he actucally responded :0

  292. Guest-1644675860 says:

    Cartoon cat it didnt workinh

  293. Javo_145 says:

    Bendy the Demon.Can I use the addon for a map?

  294. Guest-4187564434 says:

    can you add a version of cartoon cat that can not change you back into survival mode.

  295. Anonymous says:

    Well. The add-on looks cool. but I am unable to download due to Links. My anti-virus warns me.
    there are so many other link shrinkers out there. why is everyone sticking to

  296. Guest-1066115517 says:

    Can you make cartoon cat not make me into survival mode?

  297. Guest-2428228984 says:

    Can You Make

    Bridge Worm
    Long Horse
    Smily Room

  298. Guest-8303988206 says:

    Theres fog No
    The render distance is low Yes

  299. Guest-5749694385 says:

    Rlly good but can u make it so the chat commands go

  300. Guest-7521080094 says:

    Ah S**t

  301. Guest-7647350708 says:

    Can you make a realms version or fic the addon so it works on realms like the chocobo addon because it wont let me add the add on so it would be helpful if you fixed it or made an add on realms version of this

  302. Guest-9554760369 says:

    No, the reason is probley cuz I have gone to some untrustworthy addon websites that I no longer use.

  303. VulopYT says:

    how do you spawn them

  304. Guest-2843850841 says:

    I Love this addon So much and I hope you will add more! but are you gonna update the scp foundation addon?

  305. TryHardJibs says:

    Cartoon Cat is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for BendytheDemon18’s SCP-682!

  306. Guest-7348517969 says:

    This Addon looks cool, I just can’t figure out how to download it. I tried to to what you asked, I moved it to Minecraft, and it didn’t work. I just wish I could download this very cool Addon.

  307. Guest-6218617665 says:

    This new Siren Head design looks awesome, so does cartoon cat but can you ake cartoon cat not switch you to survival mode.. And since you added cartoon cat, can you add long horse, and bridgeworm….

    • Guest-5809671269 says:

      Great mod but cartoon cat needs to be nerfed to hell same goes for sirenhead its impossible to play survival normaly with them around

  308. Guest-3295217245 says:

    Hey, Bendy. I think your addon is really great, I especially like how you added Cartoon Cat! But, I don’t really like how Cartoon Cat changes you into Survival Mode when he’s in “Attack Mode”, that’s kind of annoying when you want to do something creative with him. I’ve been developing an SCP world with your SCP Foundation V3 addon in Minecraft and I’ve been thinking about adding Cartoon Cat along with Siren Head into the world. However it will be hard working with Cartoon Cat if he keeps putting me into Survival Mode. I’m not complaining, I love this addon, I just thought it would have been more fun to work with him if he didn’t react this way. Either way, keep up the great work! (P.S.: thanks for removing the special texture for the gold block)

  309. Guest-4719804950 says:


  310. Happy mods says:

    Add more creatures but why are 2 siren heads and remove cartoon cat can turn in survival.

    Oh i forgot i very awesome ? i combined the SCP addon with this is very awesome to see a battle of the guards fighting siren head or cartoon cat.

  311. Guest-6137189613 says:

    I really like the feature of when you spawn cat in creative mode he will make you turn in survival and talks to you good job bendy.(also iposted a video with the addon)(my name in yt is ClOud1076 Gaming)

  312. CycloneRageNation381 - Gaming. says:

    Could you Make a Another Siren Head Map Using this Addon??

  313. Guest-1065042231 says:

    I hate cartoon cat, I spawned him and he targeted me from across a village. This actually scared me because i thought he wasnt gonna distort himself in minecraft but great addon

    • Irish Jevil says:

      … the whole point is for cartoon boi to be scary. Also, when I use the/kill command on Siren boi, and boss Siren boi, they take so long to die, that its actually frustrating. Not to mention that they give you wither. So pls fix. Also, my friend and I played the old version and we loved the spruce texture. All the others we didnt care for though. So a texture pack WOOD be nice. New blocks and even biomes would be cool to.

  314. Guest-3273153498 says:

    if theres a subreddit called r/youngpeoplemcpedl then this comment section is a goldmine

  315. Guest-3785179421 says:

    Finally I fixed this addon I deleted slam and slams from behaviour pack

  316. LC Studios says:

    Very good!
    I had a conversation with Cartoon Cat and found something horrible…

  317. Guest-1665115273 says:

    Those stupid slams WILL MAKE MA GAME LAG

  318. Guest-9799193970 says:


    • Guest-4902115867 says:

      Awesome bendy your my fav creator on minecraft soon when we get a lot of people to download this maybe do a map and add more creations btw thanks for the Addons only reason why I play minecraft

  319. Guest-2973353089 says:

    This means that the add-on

  320. Guest-5753918834 says:

    AWESOME, but in the codes i have seen “lamphead.json” while i was tryng to fix a bug in your addon, will you add him? (Please do it!!)
    The bug:
    Everytime sirenhead kills someting, his idle animation become cursed and laggy, he starts walking without moving, and continue until theres something to kill for him.

  321. Also can you make (no particles) for low device
    To make people shut up

  322. Guest-7159787957 says:

    I needed cartoon cat thank you for adding him

  323. Guest-9446810861 says:

    hey how long is siren head in its trans phase because it keeps staying in its trans phase

  324. TryHardJibs says:

    GUYS GUESS WHAT??! As a short-term solution to Cartoon Cat’s annoying punch lag, use a repeating (purple) command block, leave it always active, and type this command:
    /kill @e [type=ho:slam1]

  325. TryHardJibs says:

    The title for this content is a bit misleading since now there is a new mob other than Siren Head (Cartoon Cat), so can you please change it to reflect it more on the focus of this addon.

  326. Guest-7489050361 says:

    Bendy You Need To Rest Rest For 1 Month Ok You’ve Been Working Everyday And Btw Cartoon Cat Is Scary Even If It’s Minecraft He Gave Me The Chills

  327. Guest-5643661327 says:

    Haha hahaha its just a addon its not even that scary if you played alot of siren head games and watched some you tuber make fun of cartoon cat then you won’t be scared but your fricking 18 why are you still scared anyway

  328. Guest-3748464413 says:

    I have weak heart but I try my best not to be scared. It’s just Minecraft. The only things that scare me is when there ls suddenly appear on my screen. Sorry for my grammar. And this add-on is not for kid.

  329. Guest-4838087652 says:

    this is super scarey I undownloaded instantly dont get it it is super sacary and super jumpscares! I got juspscared! do not download because it will make your world foggy!!!

    • Guest-9918151985 says:


    • Guest-6629475156 says:

      Hey kiddo ur such an idiot! Did you read the red text. If ur not ur totally ignoring the details. Maybe ur just looking at the pictures then proceed to download.

    • TryHardJibs says:

      Bruh, the entire world will not be foggy, fog will only accumulate in small clusters throughout the Minecraft world. Second of all, I would say that the mobs in this addon are annoying and not scary at all. Third of all, don’t rate this addon one star just because of the fogs and scare factor of the mobs, for these are part of the main focuses of this addon. Fourth of all, from your grammar and typing style you are a little kid.

      • TryHardJibs says:

        Actually, the mobs are pretty weird and a bit scary in survival/ adventure. It’s also pretty horrifying when Cartoon Cat chases you on water like a Basilisk lizard as you row your boat to escape him.

    • Guest-6758674751 says:


  330. Red Fan says:

    So glad you updated this Addon! If you could just smoothen the animation for when siren head grabs other mobs and his animation in general that would be great. Maybe instead of him swinging at you after he grabs you he can bite you with his moth? For cartoon cat maybe add more attacks for him to show of his malleability a little more. All in all amazing Addon and I hope you can improve it as time goes on and add more monsters. Stay safe. P.S. Maybe take away siren head’s climbing ability? That’s more of country road creature thing.

    • Guest-6022194562 says:

      Can you fix when I spawn a villager I turn to survival and it really jumpscared me and really good addon to

    • I based Siren Head ability from Trevor Henderson tweet he said Siren Head will hunt, but never eat

      • Guest-7886776683 says:

        Oh cool you responded to my tweet. Like I said he could grab you and bite you, not eat you. An alternative could be him making his siren noise in your face. Also like I said maybe take away his ability to climb as thats more of a country road creature thing and it make it super hard to evade him. Another thing would be to make it so that he can only break wood? Seriously I had one of these things spawn near by my base(Which is a tower) and he broke the whole thing. Great addon as always and cant wait to see what you have in store next.

      • Guest-8032878377 says:

        Hey creator your adding just made a creepy pasta so at first I download this add-on it was good but the time I spawned cartoon cat things started to get weird my phone eventually powered off I did not know what happened my battery was 70% but I did not press the on/off button but when I turned on my phone things get weirder my phone eventually dies quickly i did not know what happened but it started when I spawned the cartoon cat then I turned it on again and deleted Minecraft fast and it stopped idk but that was scary

      • Lbs33 says:

        Hi when you update the addon could you make cartoon cat bigger and remove his ability to change your game mode and disable command blocks. And maybe add cartoon dog or brige worm. And add another small watermark at the top or bottom of the screen.

  331. MADNESSman2411 says:

    Hi i play on Xbox but every time I tried to play with the addon my game crashes every time is there anything I can do to fix it

  332. Guest-8288435530 says:

    I’m happy that you know cartoon cat is cursed because it kill my phone!!!!!!!!????

  333. Guest-7106492220 says:

    Whelp, I combined Bendy’s BATIM addon with this addon, and Bendy got a huge RIP against Cartoon Cat. Then I got eaten…but the thing that’s crazy is that cat won’t STAY QUIET. Still love this addon, especially when the textures for Siren Head were improved by A HUGE AMMOUNT.

    And Boris is just in the corner crying

  334. Guest-8229004832 says:

    plz remove the super particles

  335. Guest-1395465789 says:

    Ima keep the old version bacause i tested v2 and its more of a boss than a minigame

  336. Guest-9440108314 says:

    Wont work in realms sadly

  337. Irish Jevil says:

    I’m so happy that you updated this! Siren boi looks soooooo much better, Cartoon Cat is amazing! But, I dont think that Cartoon Boi should spawn in caves. I think he/she should spawn rarely in abandoned Villages. Also, if you’re able to kill any of these mobs, you should get a drop for the who knows how many times these guys spawn. But thank you so much!!!

  338. Guest-4542403592 says:


  339. Guest-3386141209 says:

    This ad-don is amazing. It would be even better if you would make more and possibly make more features. I also really like your scp mods. If you haven’t known, siren head is considered an scp not because of its abnormal appearance but because if you look it up you can find the creator of scp considered it an scp. P.S every time I go to look for mods I go strait to yours.

  340. 6Argonaut9 says:

    This is a very good addon. you need to do the panzer soldat of call of duty 😉

  341. Guest-3431693559 says:

    Why do you even add the cat if tyour saying dont spawn it

  342. Guest-1417926792 says:

    Siren head is not crawling like that
    He crawl like this
    / \
    | |
    This picture is siren head when crawling

  343. Guest-1475520542 says:


  344. Javo_145 says:

    Can I use the addon for a map? I give five stars because is too good

  345. Guest-6986054003 says:

    I tried your link and I was shown naughty images.

  346. Guest-4244379346 says:


  347. ShowTime Freddy CZ says:

    I like the add-on but can Cartoon Cat not run you in Survival cause if i’m doing a mob battle he will turn me in survival even in peasful….

  348. Guest-5670470266 says:

    Its good but the only problem is knockback for siren head and punches form cartoon cat

    Nice light head tho

  349. Guest-2934504305 says:

    Please delete the cat punch part and siren head knock back

  350. Guest-3803546891 says:

    V2 addon= i dont like how it blows the player (me) away also siren head eats (most of) the vitim he kills so make it so that the chanse for him to she smash or normal kill at least not common i enopy seeing him eat the villagers

  351. Guest-5254689450 says:

    Bendy that not fair the siten head addon you used in your YouTube is better than what you are giving us

  352. Guest-5871281115 says:

    OMG that siren boi is really laggy he’s foot step dont let him do anything

    And that cat boi with hes thunder will break ma game

  353. Guest-6310770014 says:

    This is really awesome dude !

  354. Guest-8252111048 says:

    i founds on youtube that there is someone that maked a trevor henderson addon adding only long horse and bridge worm with this addon will be cool

  355. Guest-1886236081 says:

    yes yes Yes Yes Yes YES YES YES
    (We also need Long Horse)

  356. Guest-9400353479 says:

    Umm Bendy Can You Remove Siren Heads Knock back When Spawning him i cant fight him he always been knock her own

  357. Guest-7941501697 says:

    Finally v.2 is out!!!

  358. Guest-5168889121 says:

    Stupid adfly does not redirect me to MediaFire at all uuuugh

  359. Guest-7419540206 says:

    Finally! Yay!

  360. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Coool Bendy Cool

  361. Guest-1326332711 says:

    Make siren head like grab you then eats you then when you respawn you see body corpse of your skin in his mouth

  362. Guest-7200692604 says:

    not gonna lie- i had a heart attack when it snuck up on me the first time
    GREAT MOD!!!!!!!

  363. Guest-2829203583 says:

    hi man ! i very like this addon 5 stars ! but can add more sounds to Siren Head and make the speakears more round and add every creatures of Trevor Henderson ? i know you can do it !!

  364. Guest-6942768246 says:

    The Spawn rate is too high, I got swarmed by 50 of these things on survival. I would have been fine with two or three but come on. Please fix that.

  365. Guest-8050243476 says:

    Can you make a version without the texture change to wood?

  366. Guest-8856836449 says:

    Put cartoon cat and long horse and god of roadkill and god of the chickens

  367. Guest-5701318553 says:

    people are always saying “when I spawn it in it doesn’t appear” and stuff. TURN ON EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY LIKE THE DOWNLOAD PAGE SAYS XD

  368. Guest-1055014981 says:

    Cmon BendyTheDemon18 reply to these people

  369. Guest-8757900227 says:

    so I’ve downloaded it, but it doesnt seem to be working. The Gold Block changes, but I cant find Siren Head or a spawn egg of any sort. Please help, I play on Windows 10.

  370. nevermind. I got it! This addon is fantastic! Thanks! Now i can torture my friend playing a scary survival world where It’s filled with scary add-ons including this.

  371. Anonymous says:

    I waited about 5 min in the press allow to continue and it doesn’t redirect. If someone manages to get past the guys awful adfly, can you post the download link?

  372. ValeraMeows12 says:

    Please add new addon monsters of Trevor Henderson creations. Siren head, cartoon cat, long horse, smile room, chicken ghost and so on.

  373. Guest-4526818688 says:

    Can you add Trevor Henderson addon please.

  374. Nikro_Z says:

    Hello BendytheDemon18 please add the when the Siren Head is gonna kill you it will carry you and drop you or eat you just like the original game of SIREN HEAD and make the screen of the player that is like causing errors or like vibrating the screen of the player and make the walk a bit faster and make the Spiren Head spawns in 0.001% Rarity and when its gonna talk the mouth supposed to move so it will be cool I know you can do it so please add that behaviour on your coolest addon

  375. Guest-4009436218 says:

    Ey why the gold change give back to all the gold blocks!!

  376. Guest-9529967491 says:


  377. Guest-5993075939 says:

    Update The Siren Head Addon

  378. User-8429846137 says:

    Siren Head can’t teleport

  379. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

    Pls make bridge worm addon

  380. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some suggestions for this Siren Head addon:

    Make it even rarer of a spawn chance. It will have a more cleaner walking animation as well as a new animation in its two mouths in its sirens. When it makes sounds the jaws in the sirens will go up and down rapidly like its talking. Siren head will grab and devour you as an attack. Add more siren sounds for the creature. It has a bit more health. Make the texture of its jaws better, to me it looks bland.

  381. Nobody says:

    The honker: a monster with two sirens that point in two directions for its head (also known as scp 6789) code name: siren head. He lures his unsuspecting victims into the woods and ultimately finishes them off by enjoying a creepy sound that makes the person to read so that they can’t hear it coming. The creature also mimics the voices of loved ones to appear to sound like a person. Now in minecraft!!! ☣☢⚠ ?

  382. Ur Mom says:

    You have to click the link, click skip ad, and press allow.

  383. Anonymous says:


  384. SirenHeadGuy200 says:

    Bruh why is there 10000000000000 sirenheads when it rains????

  385. nxg says:

    Pls add all of the new sounds to siren head all of them add siren head can walk very very very very very very very very very fast and add siren head eating you add siren head hitting you hard can you add those and update it! I’m geting so angry

  386. hdhdysy says:

    Pls add alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the new sounds to siren head make him eat you and make him hit you and make him walk very very very very very very fast

  387. ejs says:

    Can you make siren head’s heatlh to 100000000000000000 health. And he never takes damage

  388. sjsnn says:

    And can you add talking sounds in siren head and add so many sounds to siren head plss

  389. udbh says:

    And make it walk very very very very very very fast

  390. mcbj says:

    Can you add new allll of the sounds in to siren head and make it eat you and keep it eat you when you update this addon plsssssssssssssssssssss

  391. Roblox says:

    How do I Download it?

  392. darian says:

    Can you put internet sounds in siren head and keep the old sounds plsssssssssssssss

  393. Adi says:

    I am on android and when i click the link it says “please click allow to continue” on adfly please do something about this!

  394. Anonymous says:

    he killd me fast and i pro

  395. ??? says:

    Sadly I can’t download this ;-;
    I was really looking forward to it too….
    I bet it’s a really good mod

  396. Meme guy says:

    Finally someone make the H O N K E R into Minecraft! I’m so happy!!!!!

  397. suPrEmE StEve says:

    amazing addon, amazing mob model, but one important complaint. for users with adblock, there is absolutely NO WAY to download this addon. creator, PLEASE MAKE A LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE WITHOUT A LINK SHORTENER (this applies to ALL of your addons and maps)

  398. bigboinipplewack says:

    lol i cant download it work on xbox one please make a dowload tutorial for xbox one on your channel

  399. MinecraftDotMumbo says:

    I can’t wait to make a spawned for siren head and a spammer for iron golems so they will fight

  400. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    I tried this with me and my mates and they loved it, I think what would make it more scarier though is if it were able to climb up walls like a spider, because most of the time we can just get away by climbing a tree.

  401. HerobrineGM says:

    I knew someone was going to make this

  402. Matias says:

    Vey good addon. I love the scp

  403. Bruh says:

    please acknowledge people with adblock by adding a link that directly leads to mediafire

  404. RymusovZ says:

    That mob have loot?Good mob for halloween event 🙂

  405. It’s ok, but remove all that was from the map, except Siren Head, and change its name and spawn egg colours.

  406. Skull 666 says:

    Much thanks bendy! i love you!!! 😀

  407. omegaSlayer355 says:

    Can you put this on mcpe addons? When i download the addon it is not a “zip archive”.

  408. Ethan says:

    In Survival when ever i hit siren head it turns my volume up to 80+ even though i set the volume on 10

  409. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap, this is amazing. I love the model, textures and the fact that it uses his custom noises. It is scary, although it was fun to hide from.
    idk why I’m saying this, but I hid behind a ‘tree’ and it was actually him.
    Great job.

  410. That add-on is going to be great for my scp map that I’ve been working on. The next add-on you do will be even better then the last. Happy Halloween bendythedomon18.

  411. ABED says:

    Amazing Addon But You Could Make Siren Head Go More Faster Please

  412. Anonymous says:

    It is scary is all i can tell you

  413. Awesomekirby34 says:

    Cant even damage the thing.

  414. Christopher Morgenrood says:

    How do I open it with Blocklauncher?

  415. Blaze Power says:

    This addon is pretty cool. Best addon from you bendy. 5 stars

  416. Anonymous says:

    Muito bom, mas a hit-box dele podia ser maior.

  417. Gamer420 says:

    Alright i finnaly instaled mod but for this was had to turn off ad block and some security settings, can you not use not safe ad sites okay? And yes i think this mode will get good rating (sorry for my bad english im from russia)

  418. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Yes! Finally!