Sister’s House 1.0 – Horror Map

You are an ordinary person who forgot about your sister and family because of work! You have to visit your sister and relatives, they live in the same house! But what is it!? You’re locked in the house! Your mission now: Find out what’s going on and escape! 


This is a horror map in which you have to find out your sister’s secret and why did she become like this!

This map was created by two developers: Gosha 29 and AnimeSHnik. KA

This is map can be scary, complete puzzles, run away from your sister and find Easter eggs! 

The map will have updates and there will be many of them! Good luck!


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I changed the description a little and now the link should work.


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9 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. DanielTheCake says:

    This map is a good map, but is broken. You can get to the last day without cheats and without getting the second day. You can also escape way to early and sister didnt spawn.

  2. TheMisleading_Devil says:

    This is awesome but, why at the end it kicks you? I whent through the nether portal and then it shut my minecraft down ;-;

  3. Night sky says:

    Great map BTW

  4. Night sky says:

    You create this alone?

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