SK3TCHED | By DFergxx


SK3TCHED | By DFergxx

I’ve wanted to create a texture pack for some time now. So putting about an hour aside each day, I got to work on a texture pack of my own.

Inspired by games such as Borderlands and Paper Mario… and by resource pack creation teams like Faithful, 3D Layers, and Barebones.

Created one photo at a time using Each texture given a SK3TCHED almost color pencil look.

This pack is 100% completed and ready for BEDROCK 1.16

Take on your Minecraft exploration with a whole new look! 


Tested on XBOX One, Android, and Windows 10. No issues found. If you're using this on any other version of Minecraft feel free to leave a comments below. This is for Bedrock only!


Supported Minecraft versions




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  1. Hello there DFergxx I really enjoy this pack but I can’t seem to find the “Comix” texturepack that u created and I see that its not on mediafire anymore,pls respond overall great job!

  2. Ao_JuN says:

    Please make the sides of blocks like grass, nyliums, podzol etc lower

    • DFergxx says:

      You helped me confirm this idea. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it lower or if others would like that too. The change has been made, please remove what you’ve already downloaded and download it again. Thank you for the support and input.

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