SketchClient V1.7 [BETA]

Hello! This is SketchClient It’s the client that doesn’t Increase FPS but instead adds Cool, awesome and unique Features- Most Never Seen in any other Client Like, Controller Keystrokes, Spinning Throwable items and more!

Sketch Client is Designed to be added to any texture pack without messing with the textures, removing features, obstructing the screen, being annoying or heavily branding. Sketch Client doesn’t focus on FPS but instead focuses on Cool and useful features, like Controller Keystrokes, FreeCam Stick Lite, Waypoints and more!

“The Best Controller Client” – Xoop

SketchClient V1 Art By Chainsketch 

SketchClient V1.5 Art by ImaCookie

SketchClient V1.7 Art by ImaCookie

This client isn’t just ment for Controller users But the Controller Keystrokes are, With Controller Keystrokes You can choose from 3 Different types of Controller Keystokes in the Subpacks on the Client

– Traditional Keystrokes

– Left Stick Keystrokes

– Touch Keystrokes (Just design Not actually for touch users)

Controller keystrokes in use:


Controller Keystrokes can be activated and deactivated in game by going to setting and clicking the Sketch client settings

Controller Keystrokes Move with display what direction you are moving your left joystick simalar to wasd on a keyboard (keyboard not yet supported with Controller Keystrokes)

Sketch Client is the first EASILY INSTALLABLE CLIENT that includes Keystrokes Just for Controller

Sketch Client doesn’t just include Keystrokes though Sketch client adds Features like FreeCam Stick Lite-

Just hold a Stick, Go in Third person and your Set!!

Sketch Client adds Waypoints- With waypoints you can mark your location this can be used in Skywars Trapping, Building marking dimensions, getting exact coords etc

For information on how to set up a waypoint go to the SketchClient Settings and scroll down this gives you a Short guide on how to set up your own waypoint and more client features (Needs Update)

Greenscreens and Bluescreens- Activated the same way as a waypoint but with a slimeball or a heart of the sea instead

Some small features sketch client adds is 

– / # / # / # / Coords

– Spinning Thowable items

– Glowing Thowable items

– Debug Screen option

– Sneaking hides hand


More settings and features will be added to SketchClient Soon but those are all features so far

This Pack was Tested on:

IOS- Latest Version

Xbox- Lastest Version

Windows PC- Latest Version

Don’t steal this pack, this was made 95% by hand and none of the code here should be stolen, copied or looked though. This pack has Code that is easily identifiable 

Also to y’all in the Comments who understand that’s it’s a texture pack- understand it’s just the name of the pack, SketchClient it’s not an actual Client and it will not get you banned, so don’t worry and don’t give it negitive reviews because it’s “A Texture pack not a Client”

Thanks to-

Elwaer M – For Controller Keystrokes inspiration

Coptaine Siemessi – For Spinning Thowable items inspiration & Waypoint inspiration

Dark Gato MC – For Glowing Thowable items inspiration & Just being a great guy

Chainsketch – Sketch Client Creator, Texture Designer, and Coder

ImaCookie – SketchClient V1.5 Pack Icon Artist

Sketch Client Test:


    Freecam trailer: 

Xoops SketchClient review:

How to download for IOS:

How to download for Android:

My Channel:


                                    My IGN:              


Changelog View more

Added a Debug option in SketchClient Subpacks

Keystrokes will Always be on the bottom Right

Added Greenscreens and Bluescreens- Activated the same way as a waypoint but with a slimeball or a heart of the sea instead

Sneaking now hides hand

Added Lower Keystrokes in the Subpacks

Removed “SketchClientV1 Beta” Watermark

Fixed problem with controller keystrokes not rendering sometimes

Updated description

New Icon

Updated description

Fixed spinning items sometimes appearing smaller

Fixed problem with waypoints sometimes not rendering

new pack icon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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107 Responses

4.53 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Xyurfire says:

    Gonna have to get a 4 because there’s a bug. I cannot see any capes I wear. I deactivated the client and I could see them again. So yeah that’s the big please fix lol

  2. Also can you contact me in discord id:WavedMicky246#1073
    i want to discus with you to see if we make a deal

  3. zaczombey says:

    I would love the pack if you made keystrokes for PC!

  4. I Love this client im making a rgb client and il like to use the waypoints and keystrokes for my client can i use it i will give the credits.

  5. igorson says:

    it,s nice client but you can add some more features like:
    keystrokes for keyboard for keyboard xbox players
    cps counter if you can

    i know you have done great work but you can do this thing thanks if you do <3

  6. DotYT says:

    can you make a pack with just the throw animation?

    • No because if you want the physics you can just get this pack since the physics are always on, and other features like keystrokes, waypoints and the debug screen are all togglable so even if you just had Sketch Client with all features toggled off you would only really notice the phyics.

  7. VinceLouis 901 says:

    Can you move the Player Paper Doll on the Right bottom side??And Make it bigger and He’s looking at the Left side???can you do that???And Move the Position text to your Text indicator on the screen

  8. VinceLouis 901 says:

    Can you Make Next In the Inventory
    The player in the Inventory is Looking when you touch in the hotbars like Cursor in the Controller and java

  9. VinceLouis 901 says:

    I love the small Button on the pause screen
    It makes my minecraft screen black
    But when i turn it again i feel like my minecraft is refreshed

  10. VinceLouis 901 says:

    I love your Addon And the Floating text on the Screen Scketch Client❤️❤️❤️

  11. VinceLouis 901 says:

    Add next Please Player
    heart Indicator but Text only
    Like you did in Level indicator

  12. Delta Wave says:

    if i use this in my videos, do i have to credit? i totally can, just asking

  13. VinceLouis 901 says:

    Can you add next Heart Indicator😁👍
    It worked in android

  14. Tai The God5409 says:

    This is terrible you can’t even download it like how are you supposed to play it I’d you download and it only says import started and STOPS. and how are even supposed to put in your resource packs manually!

  15. Tai The God5409 says:

    This pack is terrible you can’t even download it it just says imported then does absolutely NOTHING. You can’t even play with it on cause you can’t download.

  16. This is a great pack, but here’s some notes you should add:
    – only one waypoint can be set at a time
    – jump about 0.2 seconds right after hitting the floor when on touchscreen to set te waypoint
    – Waypoint sometimes can’t be removed if you exit mc and resume while it is placed
    – Relogging removes the waypoint
    – Spinning throwable items also rotate splash potions, ghast fireballs, dragon fireballs, bottles of enchanting, experience orbs, and all other entities that have a 2D geometry

    Also the pack shows “started import” without “success import” because you didn’t compress it correctly. Try selecting all the files inside the main folder and compress them, rather than selecting the main folder by itself to do it.

  17. gamergotgame543 says:

    I’m on Ios and wean I download the pack and I go to my Minecraft downloads and put it in the Minecraft folder it and open it it says export starting and then it stops and I thought I had the pack in my Minecraft but I checked it just showed my 1 pack I had and idk what to do can someone help

    I’m on Minecraft 1.16.201

  18. timmy729 says:

    I have a request can you make the keystrokes clean and transparent looking but little darker
    and another question can you make keystrokes for keyboard please i know it takes time please

  19. D3rpyDude1325 says:

    Why is it so hard to remove the waypoint? Is it really possible to remove that?

  20. VinceLouis 901 says:

    Can you update this client?because this client is so good and i discover to your client that you can make a waypoint without a Controller hahaha just follow the instructions in the Settings but phone only
    Right click means Punch in the right side on the screen😅Reply To me if that works

  21. LoopyGoat8963 says:

    In the future can you add a. Cps counter or are you working on that now I don’t know if you can add a cps counter but if you can that would mean a lot 🙂😃 as I have been searching the internet and found none so yeah

  22. itzRcL says:

    bro can i edit this client?
    btw i cant use waypoint in controller but in touch control can

  23. itzRcL says:

    bro can i edit this client?

  24. Trezb0treal9 says:

    this looks amazing, its just i downloaded it but every time i try to import it it says import started but never actually well, imports if you have a fix or a idea to help me do tell me ok thx bai

  25. TheGamingBoi says:

    Could you fix this? It won’t let me equip it

  26. vybnsheshh says:

    Can you make it where i can automatically download it to my game instead of going to mediafire and stuff please :/

  27. AreUserNamesEdible says:

    Help I’m on mobile iOS with touch controls and I dunno how to do the waypoint, I did the things on the instructions but still nothing happened. Plzz help

  28. AreUserNamesEdible says:

    I’m on mobile iOS with touch controls and I dunno how to do the waypoint, I did the things on the instructions but still nothing happened. Plzz help

  29. Derp Craft says:

    Havent download it yet but it seems epic! Best for PE players like me lmao. Keep the great job! Imma download it later oof.

  30. Lava Monster444 says:

    Can you add jump keystrokes plss

  31. Lava Monster444 says:

    Can you plss remove the watermark and the controller hints plss cause its so annoying 🙁

  32. Lava Monster444 says:

    Can you remove the watermark and the controller hins plss cause its so annoying plsss 🙁

  33. GodlessNoob says:


  34. GodlessNoob says:

    I love this mod packs cause it has java mods and the coolest thing is FREECAM, KEYSTROKES THE BEST #THEBESTMOBILECLIENT

  35. TumpWrangler says:

    This is awesome! Any way I can help?

  36. LoopyGoat8963 says:

    Hi you may know me from the comments of your video Roku 202 that’s me I realized that waypoints only works on android for some reason

  37. TrustyMumbo says:

    Also I forgot to mention pls also add a zoom feature if possible.

  38. TrustyMumbo says:

    Hey bro! Love this client soooooo much after waiting like a year for a bedrock/mcpe client. My suggestions for v2 is armor hud (shoes armor durability on side of screen) and a cps counter so everyone can see how fast they click. Thanks again!

  39. Akhtar Putra says:

    Can u make a cps counter pls 😀

  40. Zapp3r says:

    You did such a great job on the client, really love all the features. Keep the work up fam! 😀

  41. Best resource pack I’ve ever used. Just some suggestions: make the freelook work all the way around, add a list on your screen that shows your armor and it’s durability, make it so that to toggle freelook, you need to use an item that is more common (perhaps all types of swords?), and the keystrokes don’t show as activated when you are not walking, are moved to a different spot, and show a symbol of the motion you controller is making on top of the buttons. Other than that, I love this pack so much, even as a Java Player, I don’t understand how I lived without this.

  42. Mahmoud_123 says:

    Can you make FPS or CPS Counter?
    If you can’t no problem!

  43. AlexCHY666 says:

    I would like that you can add to Keystrokes jump(button A), attack button and place button. If you can, also add a CPS counter.
    Keep on going, this’s the first client for any device.
    Thank you!

  44. TeoTeo813 says:

    Will there ever be keystrokes for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft?

  45. MyNameisFrank_ says:

    Could you make it so it automatically download

  46. Amazing Client!
    The client is amazing, and I thank you for it. I do have some small suggestions that can hopefully be released in V2. Retexture modern mobile controls, all the texture packs have big bulky mobile controls. Making it sleeker would be nice. Also, please add a GUI in the settings hotbar, inventory, etc. And my last suggestion is to make a waypoint which you can see through walls, by adding another function for the player to do to make it see through walls.

  47. Xyurfire says:

    K 3rd comment but the position of the keystrokes are not in the best place, especially for servers. I think you should put it in the bottom left or right.

  48. Kirby420 says:

    Can you make the waypoint activate when you right click rather than when you punch. As an iOS user it is annoying to have to mine blocks to spawn it, and just tapping would be much better.

  49. Xyurfire says:

    Maybe you’ll add the hit key keystrokes and possibly cps in the next update? Pog?

  50. Xyurfire says:

    Are you actually crazy?!! This is such a good pack OMG. Keystrokes for Controller?! I love how to mcpe community is evolving thanks bro

  51. ItzKash Gaming says:

    Will buddy, chillax, if some1 is gonna say I have freecam in hive or some bs they are gonna get banned, A Freecam is a hack, the thing u mean is (FreeLook) , also freelook is banable on hive if they find you using it you get a 59days ban, gonna give a 4 star without using it but I’d recommend you nerfing the freelook for hive

  52. Cyan_Crafter says:

    very pog, I wanna change the game files so that the icon of the controller keystrokes can be something else, am I allowed to do that, and how do I do it? Also make free look something else please ty

  53. Beastlymirror says:

    Kinda sucks that I can’t use this on windows 10

  54. Kirby420 says:

    I tried to download but I couldn’t. It would say import started and then never finish. I hope I don’t have to manually move the pack to the resource folder, as that takes an average 10 minutes to get there.

  55. Frazinx says:

    Does the features still work on mobile?

  56. Really cool pack, but I tried to put a waypoint as it said in instructions, and it didn’t work somehow. I am playing on IOS. How to turn on the waypoint if I have a touch screen?

  57. Chr75t says:

    This is incredible for controller gameplay thx

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