SkillCraft Is An RPG skill based addon where you upgrade your skills by doing simple task in game for a reward like skyrim. (Example jump gives you jumb boost at lvl 1)

Skillcraft RPG Addon that Rewards you for each level you work for.

Armor skill – use armor to get resistance (4 levels)  SEE THE EFFECT YOU GET WHEN YOU LEVEL UP

Sword skill – use to get strength (3 levels) 

Block Skill – use shield to get absorption (2 levels) 

Bow Skill – yea free enchants again (3 levels) 

Eat Skill – find out 

Enchant Skill – hold a book to get free enchants (1 level) 

Farm Skill – use a hoe to get something idk (3 levels) 

Fire Skill – stand in lava its fun (1 level) 

Fish Skill – fish to get free enchantments (3 levels) 

Fly Skill – use the glide thing to fly and stuff 

Jump Skill – just jump 

Mine Skill – get haste for using a pickaxe (3 levels) max gets vein miner 

Lumber Skill – Get haste for using axe (3 levels) max gets tree cap 

Sleep Skill – just do it (1 level) 

Sneak Skill – sneak to hide (3 levels) 

Sprint Skill – run!!!! (3 levels) 

Swim Skill – swim to level up (3 levels) 

Cook/Smelt Skill – get more xp from using a furnace 

Ride Skill – Ride pigs/horses to give them speed effect 

Trade Skill – hero effect for trades lol




DOWNLOAD LEL and put in your RP and BP no ex mode is needed.


Supported Minecraft versions


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39 Responses

4.4 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Sushank says:

    How to activate all of the skills??????????

  2. Guest-3412103442 says:

    Hey creator if I on experimental it will not work??

  3. Guest-9001304095 says:

    I likes u coding its very cool I cant wait other addons from u

  4. Guest-8281683861 says:

    I loose all skills whene i left the world, is it normal ?

    • Guest-4921375066 says:

      if you have selected the bonus chest or starting map it does that, just play without any of those and you’ll be good to go

  5. Guest-1166424958 says:

    i noticed that lumberjack works even when you dont have a single level in woodcutting, is that a bug or i did not understand what the video said?

  6. GreenGuy321 says:

    nicee! but how do you level up mining?

  7. Voidsshadow says:

    Swim’s effect doesn’t work because dolphins_grace doesn’t exist in Bedrock (tested in 1.16 Beta). Bedrock gives players a Speed effect instead.

  8. Guest-3697822350 says:

    Is a excellent mod with a wonderful idea, the only cont I found is that is ridiculously op, like it takes no time to max, I think the game should have a bar that you can adjust to how much you need to leveup

  9. Guest-5522481597 says:

    When i aim with the bow it saiys “sweets” then “unhealthy” and i get slowness nd hunger pls fix soon. besides this it’s 10/10

    • Guest-3860263437 says:

      Is a excellent mod with a wonderful idea, the only cont I found is that is ridiculously op, like it takes no time to max, I think the game should have a bar that you can adjust to how much you need to leveup

  10. Guest-2765575542 says:

    I love this addon. It works great. However, I feel like you should level up way slower. Within 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay, I had maxed out most of my skills and gaining/leveling up a skill was super easy, making it not at all rewarding when you did.

  11. Guest-5095688829 says:

    So I’ve noticed that if you enable starter map or starter chest the mod get a bug where when you leave all levels reset to 0. A way around this is to not enable starter map or starter chest.

  12. Amorox says:

    if you leave you lose all your skill levels

  13. vrabec1Cz says:

    if you leave you lose all your skill :/

  14. Guest-8060510348 says:

    What’s the command to level up skills?

  15. VocalicSea67145 says:

    I love the concept for this mod and it is done very well, I was just wondering if you could make a more balanced version for an anarchy realm? The armor perk way too strong, same with the strength perk, the shield perk is too strong too. The enchant on archery perk and enchant skill make enchantment tables useless on a realm. Crouching to go invisible is too much as well. Just to be clear, I’m not saying it’s a bad mod, it’s very nice actually, I’m just stating my personal issues and hopefully you could make a modified version for pvp. Thanks for reading this 🙂

  16. Guest-1362406901 says:

    i need this add-on is for Mcpe 1.16

  17. Guest-4329941533 says:

    It doesn’t work for me what I can do ?

  18. Guest-9307088235 says:

    how create a interface on ios

  19. IcEWaRRiOr says:


  20. Guest-4206806974 says:

    No freaking way! THIS IS AWSOME! this reminds me of the sword art online anime. Man, I can’t wait for what you have in mind on the next update.

  21. Guest-9397011732 says:

    I dont know how to install it on mcpe im new to this pls help.

    • Guest-7443622885 says:

      Step 1: download the .mcpack file
      Step 2: open the .mcpack with minecraft
      Step 3: done

    • Guest-8639601424 says:

      Okay let me explain first you follow the instructions and download this add-on (usually from mediafire) then you touch your download and it’ll pop up an option to open with minecraft. Once you do that, it’ll open up Minecraft and on top you’ll see a message that says importing said add-on and then from there you just activate it on your world and most add-on needs experimental gameplay on. Some don’t so check that out if it doesn’t work the first time. That’s about it I think

    • Guest-9698397787 says:

      This addon don’t need experimental mode

  22. Asphyviaa says:

    These types of addons are what I crave thanksss :)) but a little too easy to level up, make it harder to level but that’s the only issue I have. Great Addon

  23. Guest-6542714894 says:

    I don’t think it’s possible for bedrock edition to be able to make a skill menu and I agree that the skills need to be harder to get

  24. KIRITO SAMA says:

    Cool 💖

  25. Guest-6318828690 says:

    Please make the level ups harder to attain. And add a menu for the skills. Other than that pretty good.

  26. Guest-2725115613 says:


  27. Guest-9438093522 says:

    I Like your videos

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