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Everyone knows that the Bedrock Edition is the most customizable version of Minecraft. In the last beta has been added a hidden feature that allows you to create your own skin and thanks to this addon you can access it.

This addon change the skin button of the start screen into a new “Profile” button.

By clicking this button,  the new Profile screen will be opened.  In the future updates, we will be able to manage the purchases of the marketplace, the achievements and our custom skins.

By clicking the “Create character” button you can create your custom skin. This feature is a little buggy because you are able to create and use your skin but once closed the game, you have to recreate it.

Skin Editor

You can edit all body parts but in this version you can only choose Steve or Alex body parts and change their colors.


Known issues

In addition to the bugs mentioned above sometimes when creating the skin the player’s model will disappear and you will have to go back to the start screen to continue


Be sure you are in and go to create your skin!


Supported Minecraft versions


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97 Responses

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  1. Thats already in regular minecraft.

  2. Guestyz says:

    Great, now make the emotes unlocker.

  3. Guest-6068580056 says:

    Hello can you fix the hand holding item because the zombie (me-morphed)Looks so suspicious when holding items (other mobs too please and add morph wolf bee and cats (can you update it fast?)

  4. 1.13 relased new idea for addon name: skin editor locker ( i like this addon )

  5. Ioan Teleptean says:

    Io voglio questo addom

  6. Stichyboy10 says:

    Won’t install keeps saying not able to install pls fix I know this an iOS addon witch is why I use ios

  7. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Pleasd put a tutorial how to install skin adutor addon in minecraft

  8. Chungui23 says:

    who are on beta,adds a new skin editor on beta and go and create a new skin.

  9. Sasha YT says:

    How to download?

  10. Dylan77 says:

    How I can install on the Nintendo Switch

  11. Adelino Mythsterio says:

    Worst skin editor!
    I can’t see the skin or the items in the addon when I using at the main menu

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’ install plz help

  13. Fire walker 3 says:

    Same for me to

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hola tengo un problema y es que el addon no me sirve si entra pero cuando voy a creer una skin no sale nada y no se puedo hacer para arreglar eso que hago ?

  15. disomocan7 says:

    Can I put a cape on my profile?

  16. Carl says:

    It doesnt work for me when i click create character theres no one there

    • Csc593 says:

      Como mismo dice el creador “Además de los errores mencionados anteriormente, a veces, al crear la máscara, el modelo del jugador desaparecerá y tendrá que volver a la pantalla de inicio para continuar”.

  17. Phoenix says:

    I found the error!
    On the manifest.json file there’s a error on the first line!
    It should be “format_version”: 1, and not “format_version”: 2,
    But the add-on still doesn’t work!I don’t see any change!

  18. ChadSmithVW says:

    This is cool!

  19. Léa says:

    I can’t edit the skin it doesn’t appear

  20. MasterCZ Doge says:

    I can’t deny because I’m on xbox.

  21. JuanQuiCraft says:

    No Me Sirve Estoy En Android Y No Me salé El personaje de steve y alex me salé un personaje invisible qué pasa ??

  22. Anon nonA says:

    Where to put this?

  23. Painful says:

    Do you need scripting or is it a Behavior pack

  24. DERPHY JAMES says:

    Ins so good like it thanks for tje maker

  25. Lucas says:

    Broken in 1.12 I think they removed the asset

  26. Brainlet says:

    What file do you paste this under?

  27. Marias says:

    Modificable de forma oficial

  28. fu77y fr3ak says:

    Wow! The greatest thing since 3rd party apps that allow you to make and KEEP your favorite skins, which Minecraft has made a SPECIFIC skin slot for… -.\

  29. Adfly is bad says:

    Most of these comments are by Libyans. The others say to make a MediaFire link. Please make a MediaFire link or else

  30. A MCPEDL User says:

    Adfly won’t redirect me to the download, please make mediafire link

  31. Большая ошибка says:

    Я вообще не могу создать скин он всё время пропадает даже не могу стиль выбрать!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dafa says:

    Aku mau dounloud

  33. ThatGirl says:

    MediaFire please

  34. Not working says:

    Is not working!im on beta and i dont see any change

  35. Airon says:

    Where am gonna put the file??

  36. LiNeD says:

    Does this works on 1.12?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow ! This is a very good idea that Minecraft has ! So that new players will be able to create their OWN skin in Minecraft !
    Because for now we have to go on sites to create skins and for new players it’s a bit too complicated I think

  38. Stichyboy10 says:

    Keeps saying it’s failed to download cuz it’s not detected as safe pls fix thank you!

  39. Voacher says:

    Bro make a MediaFire link.

  40. Илья says:

    А где кнопка скачать скажите пж

  41. Derek_Joel says:

    Hi there! I come to tell you that it tells me that the format version is not valid, could you fix it?

  42. Some random human says:

    It’s says for me that it has the wrong file idk what it means somebody help me

  43. Plz post mediafire link says:

    The link doesn’t redirecct to the actual download because of adfly

  44. hkb. says:

    are you on the new beta?
    if not its not going to work

  45. Lamp boi says:

    Make a media fire link!!!!!

  46. Ej says:

    Where do you put the file

  47. Collin B says:

    Love the plan, but one thing. How can I install this in my Xbox without!

  48. I don’t really think Bedrock Edition is the most modifyable version of Minecraft. Have you even seen how many mods Java Edition has?

  49. Anonymous says:

    This sounds really cool, but woud like a media fire link

  50. Painfulhail says:

    Is this a script or a addon in general?

  51. EJ says:

    Can you give the MediaFire link please

  52. Awesome idea! I hope 1.13 will be soon so I can use this add on!

  53. Red Demon says:


  54. DrewAno says:

    Very good job wow

  55. Stcor says:

    I got an error and it says “Provided ‘format_version’ element has an invalid value in pack manifest.”

  56. Oz says:

    Where do you put the file?

  57. Unknown error says:

    It’s says unknown error

  58. TrazpyMC says:

    I have been waiting for this but please give MediaFire link.

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