Skins UI Changer (Outdated – Only 1.14)

Do you remember the old skin pack UI? Do you wish you had a way to access it, without not having the new skin pack UI? Well have I a texture pack for you! (I guess I will make all of these introductions like infomercials 😂) 

So this texture pack adds two buttons:

As you can see, those two buttons are ‘Old’ and ‘New’

When you click the New button it brings you to the current skin/wardrobe UI, there you can make your skins with the new skin creator. But when you click the Old button it sends you to the original skin/wardrobe UI.  And from there you can feel the nostalgia! Or nowadays you can get custom capes with the new exploit! Click here to see a video. (This exploit does not work for me idk why (Tʖ̯T)  ) 

This is the old UI! Here you can use the skin with the cape! 

And then, of course, here is the current one! Here you can use all if your custom made skins! 

So,  this pack is for the people who want the old ui, but still want the new ui too, and with this texture pack you can switch from old to new! 

I hope you enjoy this pack! 

Please note, i did not make this pack, I found it on a texture pack I use and thought you all would like it. I am sorry,  I do not know the creator of that texture pack. 

Changelog View more

This texture pack doesn't work anymore, since the 1.16 update... 


Change word mispells and fixed some bugs that I know

Thanks for downloading! 

I fixed the featured image again so it ould fit the screen

Changed the featured image because it didn't relate to the texture itself

I do not know how to make this any more detailed.... 

I tried to make the description as informative as I could! 


Supported Minecraft versions




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29 Responses

4.3 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-4169173583 says:

    Hahaha. you just stole it and posted on mcpedl? nice job. *idi0t*

  2. Guest-6173128846 says:

    It dosent let me donload ir Now plz plz fix it poz

  3. awsome229 says:

    Sorry everyone, I don’t know how to fix your problems, I’m not very good with ui stuff!

  4. Guest-7664417562 says:

    Oh so you brought packs to add it in? Look I don’t really understand 😑

  5. Glitchtnt says:

    Is this working for 1.16 Beta?

  6. Guest-4751951955 says:


  7. Removedgalaxy89 says:

    it showed up the buttons but the old button and new gave me the new one.

  8. Ghidorah2019 says:

    U should make it work in the worlds we created bc it’s still have the new skin ui thing.

  9. Dpsdps55 says:

    Nice but it would be cooler if it would work when ur in a world.

  10. Guest-6514986263 says:

    You did not make this I’ve had this way before this was on mcpedl

  11. Guest-7712527251 says:

    pls fix

  12. Guest-5462244999 says:

    Can you give us MediaFire link instead??

  13. Guest-4725956119 says:

    i know you did not make this cmon man

  14. Guest-6334651142 says:


  15. _rickname_ says:

    It doesn’t work in beta just so y’know it opens same menu both buttons

  16. Khall says:

    Please make it work on gameplay?

  17. LACHLYN270 says:

    are you able to make it usable in the world pause menu

  18. Casual_Builder says:

    I just downloaded a really old version like this XD. I’ll take an updated one for sure =D

  19. Guest-4850646857 says:

    Can you make it in world?

  20. MrDevilPE says:

    wow! i will download it now!

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