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Jump into the skin of_the biggest, baddest legend of Minecraft!
By: ASE1
a jazzy looking herobrine with suspenders
By: brobeargrrrr
fancy herobrine wearing a vest and dress pants
By: brobeargrrrr
herobrine wearing Shadow knight armor
By: brobeargrrrr
herobrine wearing shadow knight armor and a crown
By: brobeargrrrr
Herobrine but with pants too big and a derpy face.
By: Sickerthanyou77
Herobrine in a creeper hoodie.
By: Superlolx19
Is he a friend or foe? Doesnt matter anymore.....
By: Insomniblast
A combination between the Enderman and Herobrine.
By: iixfrisk
Herobrine as a bounty hunter
By: TypicCreeper375