Sky Islands Survival!

Sky Islands Survival is a skyblock map for noobs. Almost everything is done for you, and there is really no end to it, and you can never access the End. 

I always loved skyblock maps and I decided to create my own. The void world template was by DanRobzProbz
( I put my best effort into this map and I hope you enjoy it! In this map there are 2 spawners: Cows and Sheep. The sheep are mainly to be used as wool for a bed and the cows for food. In the starting chest, there is one item (aside from the note) which is flint and steel. That item is definitely not used to make the nether portal… 

This map is mainly for noobs, since (as mentioned earlier) nearly everything is done for you. I hope you enjoy playing this map as I did making it! 

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FIRST UPDATE! Added diamonds because you can't mine obsidian with iron!

UPDATE 2! Corrected the cobblestone generator so it works now!


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13 Responses

3.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cool map

  2. big bruv says:

    cool map it was really fun!

  3. Ezekia says:

    Everything should work now….

  4. Yeety says:

    Best map ever! I loved it so much cuz normally im bad at skyblock but this made it easy!

  5. Grace says:

    Everyone commenting negatively here needs to understand a few things. 1. This skyblock survival isn’t meant for the pros who have played on worlds like this before. 2. Yes there could be SOME tweaking, but the map isn’t bad at all. Minor things doesn’t make it a 100% crap world. And 3. The creator tried their best, ok? You can’t expect every single map you play on to be 100%. If you’re patient enough, maybe more updates will come. But for now, this map is honestly not as bad as people are painting it to be.

  6. Ezekia says:

    K i’m a nub at making maps ;-;
    guys i spent lots of time working on this i dont just want people tellling me this sucks
    look idk why u spawn in creative; i went into survival and got rid of my stuff and then uploaded this.
    I’m just trying to make a map people will like, I’m not trying to make you all hate me.

  7. NewYorker says:

    It was definitely a good idea, i just don’t think it was executed very well. I played it for about 25 minutes until i noticed a few problems: 1) the cows got a bit annoying, especially when the sheep were already providing food. 2) the cobblestone generator was made incorrectly, so i had to go into creative mode and fix it. 3) i understand that the idea of this map is “skyblock for noobs” but the islands are too close to each other.

    Other than those things i’d say this is an “okay” map to play if you are a noob at skyblock and you also know how to fix an incorrectly made cobblestone generator. Otherwise, just find a different skyblock map.

  8. Y u du dis says:

    First of all he started out in creative with a lot of stuff . And the cobblestone generator just turned the lava into obsidian .

  9. Camryn says:

    when I spawned I was in creative.. kinda annoying fix it

  10. Jessie says:

    Why is it not on xbox?

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