Sky Mines [PvP]

Sky Mines is a PvP map for up to sixteen players (4 players per team). In total there are 17 main floating islands and 12 mini islands connected by rails. The main islands (also known as the larger ones) can only be reached by first crafting the necessary blocks, e.g. rails, and placing them to get there.

How to play?

The objective of the map is to kill all other teams and be the last team standing.

It’s a really cool map because there are lots of chests and other necessities scattered on the different islands and everyone compete to get to them first by building the necessary structures to get there while battling any intruders.

Ported by: MaxcraftMaple95

skywars4 skywars3 skywars2 skywars1


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  1. Joseph says:

    Make one for ios

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  3. MCWORLD says:

    Make mcworldplZ

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