Sky Update Add-On | Sound Update (Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

Did you ever think that Minecraft Skies are a too empty? Well no more! Sky Update Add-On for MCPE adds different Species of birds into the game. There are 7 different birds with 5 Different Species. I’ll add more soon! If you think somethings missing… Write in the comments below!

Addon By:



Credits to:

Gabriel Castro for Vulture Model

nSky Update Add-On fills the sky with birds of preys and some other birds. The skies look beautiful and lively with different birds. Now more lively with Natural Sound FX!

New Features:

Ancient Dragon Boss:

Ancient Dragon boss is a not so much powerful. It has 200 health. It can be spawned by crafing a Ancient Dragon Fossil and Activating it.

How To Craft?:

First Craft a an Ancient Dragon fossil Like shown in the image. You can get ancient debris block by mining with a pickaxe.

Activate it using Blaze Powder Like shown in the Image.

Then just long press to summon the Dragon.

It’s worth it…

You will get 1000 exp and a Netherite Block after Defeating the dragon.

An Eagle

Eagle Hunting a Rabbit

Desert Eagle

Seagull Hunting Underwater

A Pheonix:

Eagles are turned into Phoenixes when struck by lightning.  Pheonix also spawn naturally in the Nether. The deal high damage and can be dangeorous.

There are Different types of Eagles spawning in Different biomes. The common biome Eagles hunt chickens and the rest hunt rabbits.

 Mystery Mob? (W10 Only)


The Birds:

  1. Taiga Eagle (Taiga, Mid-Snow Biomes, Cold Taiga)Passive
  2. Desert Eagle (Desert)Passive
  3. Snow Eagle (Snow Biomes, Snow Hills, Cold Taiga)Passive
  4. Eagle (Common Biomes; Example-Birch Forest)Passive
  5. Vulture (Mesa, Desert)Agressive But 0 Damage
  6. Seagull (All Ocean Biomes, Sea Biomes)Passive
  7. Pheonix (Nether[Hell])Agressive-Hostile, Fire Resist-Ability, High Damage
  8. Ancient Dragon
  9. The Glitch (W10 only)

If you wan’t to review this addon on YouTube or anything Please give me Credits😁

Many of you have been claming these models belong to Ulitimate Craft… So here’s a screenshot:

Changelog View more
  1. Added Sound FX (Natural).
  2. Mystery Mob (W10 Only)
  3. Reduced Spawn Weight to 30-50-60-80 making the birds more rare.

1.New Ancient Dragon

2.Updated Models and Textures

3.Fixed Animations

4.Fixed Pivot

5.Removed all texture related glitches

Fixed Info Mistakes and Updated Tutorial Video

1.New Ancient Dragon

2.Updated Models and Textures

3.Fixed Animations

4.Fixed Pivot

5.Removed all texture related glitches

Credits to Gabriel Castro for Model of the Vulture !


1. Download both the Resource and Behavior Packs (Links are below).

2. You will be sent to the redirection page. Just wait 5 seconds and skip.

4. Download the Resources and Behaviours

5. Once downloaded, click on the files and it will automatically open up Minecraft to start importing the files!


Supported Minecraft versions


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74 Responses

4.31 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. IShawWhale says:

    Good addon, but can you make them can tameable in next update ?

  2. The great Q says:

    I notice that the dragon boss’s animations are cursed so here is my suggestion: Make the dragon smaller and make it friendly npc that doesn’t move, he grant you a wish or he could spawn in some kind of temple and send you on quests

  3. Prinxz says:

    I’m definitely gonna post this on my youtube! I’m gonna credit you bro, don’t worry. Your mods are the best

  4. BananananaBREAD says:

    Hello Away Gamer LOve the addon the concept and the effort you did was amazing. Oh and can I use your eagle mob model because I’m making a Western style Minecraft Map so please. Official Credits will be provided.

  5. Disgr_Ace says:

    Hey man, Id like to apologise since I tried using your models in my own bird addon, I made the addon using the ultimate craft app, I use the app so I can try and learn to code by turning the mc.pack files back into zip ones. It seems the news that I copied you made it here, Ive already updated the addon to try and remove it completely and have it taken down, Hope you understand. Sorry.

  6. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Hey dude just letting you know that somebody called Disgr_Ace has copied your addon and renamed it to “bird addon” please take a look. Have a nice day.

    • Disgr_Ace says:

      I was expecting the news to make it here, I honestly apologise As I made the addon using the app by ultimate craft. I had no idea this addon existed and thought it was a royalty free model. Ive attempted to update the addon to take it down, As I didn’t want the wrong idea to spread. Id use the app by ultimate craft to try and learn how to code addons, hence how Ive made other addons after with actual original code. I must thank people like you for bringing this to my attention. Hope the wrong idea didn’t spread too far, thanks.

  7. Da wae teacher says:

    Can you turn down the spawn rates for the seagulls and eagles. I had to get 2 command blocks repeatedly /killing them for normal mobs to spawn. Other than that, great add-on

  8. Cr33perBoy19 says:

    The dragon is too cool and expensive though lol

  9. S4NT1 says:

    I think this is a good idea.

    May 18, 2020 at 10:34 pm
    “Mmake a falconers glove so that you can tame the birds with their fave food and then they will hunt for you and/or protect you like wolves. The birds would only come to you if you have the falconers glove and only one bird per glove before it breaks. There could even be different tiers of gloves, for example the diamond tier is needed to tame a Phoenix”

  10. PrinceMJ says:

    Dope Add-on My Dude It Is Super Fun Coming Back For The Second Time Cause of the update. i had fun reviewing this addon ion my channel Good Luck On Future Add-ons Guys!!! 😀

  11. Great addon, would recommend

    But can I ask what you used to model and develop the add-on and what platform you are on?

  12. mr tomato says:

    Pls make sky structure for next update and make other boss plss

    Im so love this addon i will wait until next update

  13. kacc says:

    Its great just keep updating and you will have best mods:)

  14. Perxeus says:

    Bruh Pls Use Media Fire Link or Adfly!!!!


  15. maincra says:

    Can you make floating islands that special villages?

  16. Zaikoasriel1 says:

    I tried to download the add-on but I can’t so can you make a alternative link pls only I you can, I want to try the add-on it looks great

  17. IShawWhale says:

    Pls make all of them tameable. Hope u make it in next update.

  18. Merpington 101 says:

    I just want to correct a piece of information from this page. Ancient Debris doesn’t require Silk Touch to mine. All you need is a diamond or netherite pickaxe.

  19. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Does this work for realms in 1.16.2?

  20. TheBlickUnkown17 says:

    The link is said error Please fix the link 😠😠😠
    To mediafire link

  21. Pokest45 says:

    Make phoenixes tamable. They also shouldn’t spawn in the Nether, because phoenixes aren’t creatures from Hell, and the Nether is basically Hell. instead, maybe add floating islands that the phoenixes spawn in.

  22. SverdHerre says:

    Could you make the link go to a less sketchy website? It’s okay if you can’t, but my computer won’t allow me to access it.

  23. you dont need silk touch for ancient debris. you just need unenchanted diamond or better

  24. Laiffoo says:

    I would add Little Island to A sky update that spawn rarely Or A structure

  25. AdimCraft51 Go says:

    This is the Good AddOn but please Credit to UltimateCraft Channel on YouTube for making the Bird Models and the AddOn Maker App too

  26. Catbr says:

    Cool addon, mister!

  27. Guest-5598624058 says:

    When I downloaded the resource pack it said that the file does not exist

  28. Guest-5189748388 says:

    Add Some Structures Rhat Could Find In The Sky and bird that have a nest😇👍

  29. Guest-3097910312 says:

    bad very bad

  30. Guest-6371957677 says:

    the link dose not work please fix

  31. Guest-5653353967 says:

    The birds movements is like a phantom. I guessed make your own animation for their wings

  32. Guest-5297918207 says:

    My guy straight up ripped the vulture model off yCreatures.

  33. Guest-3524723007 says:

    They just fly up and hit the ceiling in the nether. They drop no loot or exp. they didn’t really fight, mainly the Phoenix. The skins were decent.

  34. Guest-7795665308 says:

    Socksfor1 seing a bird: background music: IMA BIRD

  35. Guest-5856435101 says:

    I can’t access the mod it says wait for the skip button to load but it doesn’t load.

  36. Guest-6293258152 says:


    Are you implying that reviewers don’t want to?

  37. Guest-7446425559 says:

    Make them tameable

  38. Guest-2612917561 says:

    I absolutely love this but if you decide to make more birds of prey let it be the Peregrine falcon, also that dive thing that they do is epic, but you might wanna make it dive at a higher altitude to make it more realistic. All in all, we needed more birds!

  39. Guest-6161152284 says:

    xD dessert eagle

  40. Guest-2171385364 says:

    Please make the phoenixes and eagles tameable

  41. Guest-2862419162 says:

    Ah yes, Pheonix, the correct spelling

  42. Guest-8905699030 says:

    Is there an alternate link ? It doesn’t work for me.

  43. Guest-2093759406 says:

    Do you need to turn on experimental game play for this

  44. Guest-4268895151 says:

    Can u add crows and even eagle nests and eggs in the high mountains

  45. Guest-5560941000 says:

    Bro please make a hawk and make it tamable so that players can do hawking

  46. Guest-5999115448 says:

    i cant access it

  47. Guest-8623597466 says:

    Add sky structures & maybe add a boss that can only be spawned in the sky & add ufo’s that spawn at build height that then go lower to the ground(make this spawn aliens(these could have a rare version thats stronger and has a new weapon thats more powerful than a diamond sword & this version could also have the health of the wither) & have a tractor beam that kidnaps cows). structures could be maybe a plane, miniature planets,

  48. Guest-1991128756 says:

    Mmake a falconers glove so that you can tame the birds with their fave food and then they will hunt for you and/or protect you like wolves. The birds would only come to you if you have the falconers glove and only one bird per glove before it breaks. There could even be different tiers of gloves, for example the diamond tier is needed to tame a Phoenix

    • Guest-7451984793 says:

      nice idea you should do that I also like the tier thing and you should also add leather tier for seegull iron for egal gold for desert egal and diamond for perigrine falcon(new) and netherite for phoenix x11
      111 is the crafting x is nothing and 1 is the tieres material

  49. Guest-7679132169 says:

    Is it possible you could make it to where they land?

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