Skyblock Bedrock Edition

Welcome to this Skyblock world created by Metacraft, this map is strongly inspired by the original Java Skyblock, only with small modifications like new islands with real biomes, each one to complete the challenges, the objects are the same as the original Skyblock.

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Map version: v1.5

A new English version was made.

Changes in the chests of the following islands: Beach Island, Dark Forest Island, Flower Island and Mushroom Island.

Map version v1.4

Modification to the island of taiga and snow.

Rule 34 was changed.

Changes in the desert chest, more sand was added.

Chest change on the island of the End (There was an error with enderman's chest)

Enlace reparado.

Translation of this post from Spanish to English (If you see misspellings it is because you use the google translator).

Translation of the description of this post from Spanish to English so if you read something that does not go, it is because you use the translator.



- Do not die on purpose to regenerate life.

- You can do anything on the 9 islands except destroy the blocks.

- Do not use the creative or some kind of cheat, it takes away the fun.

- Store all items from the challenges in the shulker box, except the wool (This does not mean you should not get the wool).


1) Build a cobblestone generator.

2) Build a house.

3) Expand the island.

4) Make a melon farm.

5) Make a pumpkin farm.

6) Make a sugar cane farm.

7) Make a farm of wheat, carrot, beet and potato crops.

8) Make a giant red mushroom.

9) Create a light blue bed.

10) Make 20 torches.

11) Make 20 flashlights.

12) Make an infinite water source.

13) Build and enclose one portal of the other.

14) Make a small lake.

15) Build an enemy generator.

16) Make 20 blocks of dried seaweed.

17) Make 20 cookies.

18) Make 10 lighted pumpkins.

19) Create 10 shelves.

20) Make 30 panels.

21) Prepare a cake with its rich ingredients.

22) Cook 20 cod fish and 20 salmon.

23) Make 10 wool of each color and child: white, black,

    light blue, blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, light gray,

    magenta, lime green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow.

24) Get the turtle shell.

25) Enchant yourself with a weapon or armor.

26) Make a biome for bees on your island.

27) Get a wolf as a pet.

28) Build a trampoline with at least 10 slime blocks.

29) Visit the 9 islands.

30) Create the Yeti or Frosty.

31) Create 5 Snow Golems (Not including Yeti or Frosty).

32) Get 10 Ender Pearls.

33) Make 20 frames.

34) Make an animal farm: Chickens, Pigs, Sheep and Cows..

35) Craft 5 Gold Bars.

36) Make 32 glass panels.

37) Collect 64 birch logs.

38) Collect 64 arrows and create a bow.

39) Make 20 fire discharge.

40) Make 30 stone slabs.

41) Fish an enchanted book.

42) Heal a zombie villager.

43) Craft 20 Magma Blocks.

44) Create a mechanism using more than two red stones.

45) Make 10 bales of hay.

46) Make 20 scaffolding.

47) Craft 64 nether wart blocks.

48) Get the Elytra.

49) Kill the Wither.

50) Kill the dragon.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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43 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-9114649755 says:

    how to find nether quartz 🤔

  2. Guest-8750408398 says:

    for anyone who doesn’t know, the link to the download is in the video the ink takes you to
    hope this helps

  3. Guest-7609492899 says:

    Cómo consigo grava? Jajaja

  4. Guest-5206450324 says:

    How do i download it? When i click the link it goes to youtube.

  5. Guest-2606272376 says:

    The world is not coming in the game please help me to fix this asap.!

  6. Guest-1911935822 says:

    I have downloaded , now how can i add the world to the game.

  7. Guest-1727289901 says:

    What is a yeti or frosty and how to make?

  8. Guest-6943407504 says:

    If you go into the file there is a link so click that

  9. Guest-5144367306 says:

    Can you make a version?

  10. Guest-7843197685 says:

    Can you give steps on how to install it

  11. Guest-9815388544 says:

    Jugué el mapa con mis hermanos y unos amigos y estaba muy divertido. Cinco estrellas 🙂

  12. Guest-8779032925 says:

    Bril but kinda hard when theres only 9 obsidian no iron armour no armour in general? Any tips

  13. Guest-9041965344 says:

    Will it be available for MCPE 1.16 ?

    • Lordsgamer says:

      yes that would be good as we would be able to get quartz,magma cream,gravel by battering and maybe new island in he nether.

  14. Guest-4943510117 says:

    Content in english please..

  15. Guest-2400983013 says:

    Can you please provide a game verson where the content of the book is written in english??

  16. Guest-2724737845 says:

    Como encuentro las otras islas?

  17. Guest-5818084830 says:

    Where is the download link I can’t seem to find it anywhere it just takes me to youtube

  18. Guest-7045169861 says:

    Where is the download link

  19. Guest-2293296860 says:

    hola muy buenas una pregunta ,no sed si soy yo pero no hay manera de los calamar y los peces, no spawnean no sale ni uno, he echo pozas de aguas por todos lados y nada ni uno ni lo otro se puede solucionar?

    • Metacraft says:

      Bueno, no hay forma de que se generen peces porque solo se generan en biomas de ríos y oceanos, pero los calamares si aparecen solo hay que hacer una estructura como mínimo de 11×11 dela capa 62 haya la 30 y aparecerán.

      • Guest-9161842405 says:

        Gracias por tu respuesta rapida, bueno los peces aun se pueden pescar , y los calamares o pulpo como guste mas jajaj , siguen sin aparecer. He echo un anillo de 11X11 de piedra en la 62 y otro anillo en la 30, he recubierto la capa para poner el agua y luego la quito , y ya estaria no? creo que es asi? gracias nuevamente me tiene enganchado jajaja

        • Metacraft says:

          Si con eso estaría y no te preocupes tarda bastante en aparecer porque la generación de la versión de Bedrock es lenta, y gracias a ti por darle una oportunidad al mapa. :3

  20. Guest-5830520750 says:

    pero como consigo los minerales para hacerme armaduras??

    PD: me gusto el mapa

    • Metacraft says:

      Es un skyblock por ende tus minerales los consigues con el generador de enemigos se consigue hierro con los zombies y oro con pigman en el Nether haz generadores de enemigos y lo verás.
      SUERTE! :3

  21. GabrielG392 says:

    1 what if the map is for me can I approach anything like breaking the rules?

    • Metacraft says:

      The rules are there to follow them, so that the map is balanced I put the rules for that but well it takes away the difficulty from the map but because you are your friend you can do it: 3 less the one to do tampa that if you should not break it.

  22. Guest-7355859221 says:


  23. Guest-6802902906 says:


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