SkyBlock Extreme v1

Start with 1 tree, 1 dirt no items just you in one small tree in a floating block of dirt, Having 1 objective is to kill the ender dragon, wondering how? Having only a single dirt and single tree

With the help of addons we could create new crafting recipes and add more blocks. This map revised how skyblock works. Imagine a craftable diamond and yet you can now craft diamonds by playing this map


How to make dirt?

There are 2 ways to craft dirt 

Building a composter and filling it up with saplings or killing skeletons which this 2 ways gives bone meal which is used to craft dirt

With dirt you could craft Cobblestone with cobblestone you can craft gravel which gives iron_nugget or flint

With a iron_nugget you could create iron ingots which can create lapiz to diamonds which leaves to creating an end portal

By crafting sugar cane you could make and enchanting table which will help you alot on the ender dragon

How to craft Lava

Create a furnace then smelt cobblestone turns to stone the smelt again turns to smooth stone then craft a compressed cobblestone as shown above and once smelt in will lava which you will need a bucket in able to obtain the lava properly

How to craft water

Dirty ice is crafted with 9 dirt and once smelted turns to ice which ice turns to water once breaked

Having the main items to craft a cobble stone generator

Additional quest

-Build a cobble gen

-make a tree farm

-make a cactus farm

-dont die alot

-build a base

-create a mob farm

-create a animal farm

-create a sugar cane, potato, carrot, wheat farm

-create enchanting table

-go to nether

-kill ender dragon

I am free from suggestions for this is the first version feel free to comment

The next update will be the redstone update stay tuned for that!

Map made by Vosglactic

Twitter: @vosglactic


Do not reupload the map

Do not edit the addon of the map

If wanting to share send the link of the mcpedl 

Credit the creator if made in a video 

Changelog View more


Added grass block, sand, cactus

Added 1 more quest

Fixed the bug of crafting dye's to dirt

Changed the crafting recipe of wheat




Wait for 5 second then click skip add

If redirected to other website (except medifire) please close

Download and enjoy!

IF you have a skyblock world already please download skyblock Extreme res and skyblock Extreme beh and follow this step

After downloading the mcaddon copy the skyblock Extreme res.mcaddon to minecraft worlds and find your world in there then go ahead and find resoures and extract the skyblock Extreme res.mcaddon the same thing happen to skyblockExtreme beh.mcaddon but in the behavior folder.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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42 Responses

4.11 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Nathan says:

    Please fix, the links no longer allow me to get to media fire

  2. PedroSonic34 says:

    Idea: Next Update with recipes for other trees

  3. Anonymous says:

    For when the update

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also I kill 2 spider and one skeleton and I get no drops

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pls make available for version 1.14

  6. Anonymous says:

    A recipe for bamboo, turtle egg and the grass thing

  7. Ars3null says:

    I got a achievement based off of the java “sky factory” and it is: build a layer underneath your starting one. I dont know the right wording but its challenging and fun.

  8. Jerrin lee says:

    How do u make redstone?

  9. DAKSH says:

    I imported both the addons (i.e. Resource pack and behaviour pack)
    But still i can’t find recipes of grass block, sand

  10. PedroSonic34 says:

    Suggestion: In the next update, can you add a recipe for obsidian and the Nether Dimension?
    Problem: I can’t make a block of grass, i doesn’t appear when i craft, fix this on the next update.

  11. Anonymous says:

    can you please make a better tutorial on how to add the addons.

  12. 211Luan211 says:

    grass craft is not working please correct this

  13. Xavier says:

    I Want a Tutorial How To Do bcuz it ain’t working

  14. Rex says:

    I need VPN to work it no fair

    • Ral says:

      Been playing this map and loving it but the recipe for crafting lapiz ore isn’t working for me. Hope we can get an update soon with recipe for bamboo and new stuff too. Thanks!

  15. Anonymous says:

    this is great but… how do you get skeletons to spawn?

  16. Bob says:

    I got to the media fire site at first when I clicked more then copy to minecraft it would say it downloaded it and there was nothing for me to go into but eventually there was a world to go into and there was just one tree like u said but what am I supposed to do I broke the tree and made a platform but how do I make anything? I can’t make bonemeal to make more dirt because idk how and I can’t use the compost thing cuz I don’t have the stuff

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do I have permission to use your map/add on and adept it to a multiplayer world?

  18. Jivk says:

    Good day! Please add the ability to make grass blocks. Suppose you can create 1 block of grass out of 9 bone meal. Grass is needed to find seeds, as well as for spawn friendly mobs.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If you are having trouble reaching the mediafire site, leave the tab that comtained the “skip ad” page open and just click out of the page you were redirected to and head back to the “skip ad” page
    . Once you are there, click the “skip ad” button again. Just do that until you make it to mediafire. That’s the way i did it.

  20. LividBunny says:

    It has ADDONS!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    you need to be able to make more for example: the ability to make seeds, sand, cactus, grass, iron, other saplings, mob spawners, mob eggs, etc. but for the moment great mod and keep up the good work

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. your mom says:

    the map don’t have a tree in it

  24. Nazar says:

    Now I don’t know how to get a bone meal.

  25. LegolasArcher says:

    Can’t download

  26. Roy says:

    You can’t download it lmao, the download link takes you to a scam website that try’s to get you to download a VPN app.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Vadim says:

    You have not thought about how to make seeds, since they only grow on blocks of grass

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