Skyblock: Fan-Made Update

  The Skyblock Version 2 has been the most popular custom survival map made by Noobcrew (Original Creator), where you spawn in the middle of nowhere with limited resources to survive.

But what happens if the creator made a third update, or even more updates?


Explore the original islands and new islands created by me to have more fun survive, here’s a full list:

Original Islands:

Main Island (x.1)

The Place where you start your adventure (Standard Map)

Main Island (X.0)

The Place where you start your adventure (3 Times smaller/More Challenging)

Sand Island

A Island filled with sand and cactus

(Throw away the sandstone)

Glowstone Island

A Island filled with Glowstone blocks close to the Nether Portal

(Mushrooms are in the chest)

New Islands:

Soul Sand Island

A Place filled with Soul Sand and a planted Nether Wart

Chest Content: Jungle Sapling, Cocoa Beans and Beetroot Seeds

Blaze Generator Island

A Island with a generator than spawns Blazes

(Don’t break the generator)

Stone Island

A Island filled with stone and a chest

Chest Content: Villager Eggs, Potato, Carrot and Spruce Sapling

(This island will be updated later…)

– Play on Survival

– Don’t use cheats

– Play at least on Easy

– Don’t fall to regenerate Health

The 50 original challenges + new challenges to beat

The Challenge List

(Note: Some challenges may be unable to be done)

More Island will be added…

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Changelog View more
  • Third Attempt to upload the map, added more map description
  • Second attempt to upload, this time, with a updated description.


Supported Minecraft versions


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3 Responses

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  1. Guest-3151905820 says:

    Hi, I successfully downloaded the map and made a great start. I’m struggling to find a way of making an infinate water source and it appears that no mobs are spawning? Any suggestions?

    • Guest-8934470516 says:

      Found the second ice block needed for my infinate water source – it was hiding in the chest, in the nether! Also, I’ve now managed to grind mobs – still working on this to increase spawn rates and now having an infinate water source, I can create a different design to push them off an edge into a kill chamber! Loving the world so far – thanks 👍🏼

  2. Guest-2973594396 says:

    It is the best map !!! I wait for more updates !!

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