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Published on June 08, 2021


A serious survival challenge, survive on a dirt island with very minimal resources, collect obsidian from killing Enderman and reach the Nether. Inside the Nether defeat Ghast to obtain end portal blocks to make your way to the End Dimension. Defeat the dragon and become a true Skyblock expert!

This is an intense survival challenge. Very limited resources it's up to you and your skills to survive in the sky. you will spawn in the HUB when you join. Make sure to select your settings as you will not be able to return to the HUB once you begin.

The main island is made of dirt and grass. There is a chest with a few starter items waiting for you.

A short ways away from the main island is a small sand island, I know how useful sand can be so I wanted you to have at least a small amount to start with.

There are custom mob drops to help you reach the Nether and the End Dimension. 

You may want to look up how to build an end portal if you have never built one. 

The Nether is normal, you will be able to explore inside for resources once you are able you get enough obsidian to build a portal.

Again as I have said this is more of a serious survival Skyblock, if you want an easier version of a skyblock I have made a very nice one you can download here.

This map however is for people wanting a more serious survival challenge.

Achievements are enabled!

Please leave helpful comments so that I can make this map better if possible.

You may share this map with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share the map that I am given credit as the creator.

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all donations are deeply appreciated!


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Atualiza ele pra 1.17 por favor
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O mapa é muito bom mas você poderia adicionar uma forma de pegar areia e mais água e semente de melancia e abobora, parabéns pelo mapa, ficou fabuloso
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Obrigado pelas sugestões. Posso atualizar este mapa em breve. Vou manter isso em mente.
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This one great
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Hey can you make a classic skyblock map like with all islands but simple like they were in the original skyblock map
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