Skyblock Map (1.13)

This Skyblock Map same as Original, but a little bit different.

There’s one more Island added for you to reach and get more dirt from it.

And this map have 4 more biomes (Snowy, Plain, Forest, and Cold Ocean)

This map is Superflat World, but 100% Void  (no ores and less dirt) There’s only 3 floating Island. You start at a floating Island with only a chest and a tree.

Use items from the chest to expand your island and survive as long as you can.

Make a way to reach another island and find another chest at there.

Now, you’re ready to go to Nether. Make a portal and go in!

I hope you’ve enjoy this!

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There's nothing new feature added yet.

Maybee soon I add some new feature in the future.


Download the .zip file and move to sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds


Supported Minecraft versions


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18 Responses

3.55 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-7357009444 says:

    End dimention is meshed up

  2. Anonymous says:

    where is the second chest that gives the obsidian and stuff?

  3. NO says:

    can’t believe you guys are giving it 5 stars deserves -1.
    (wish i could put -1)

  4. JoshuaBSYT says:

    What I hate about his is that you have to build a ender portal. Everyone would rage if they made a mistake on building it. So pls make an island with ender portal.

  5. Fern says:

    I can’t play it pls downgrade the map to 1.13 plssss

  6. Vicente says:

    Pls I love this map but i can’t play it because i can’t install the version 1.13, you can downgrade the map to 1.12 plssssssss

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is the ender dragon and what to do in the end, and how am i suppose ti beat him if he exists with stone sword, and where are those 4 biomes

  8. Achickennuggetonfire says:

    I hate this map.It is to buggy and I hate it.

  9. Aiden says:

    I love this map

  10. chickennugget says:

    how do i enter it i have downloaded it but i do not know how to start the world

  11. Izumi says:

    It work but I don’t know there is a bugs in map or not.

  12. DomNom says:

    Is there Anything Else to do in the nether?
    Great map btw

  13. Anonymous says:

    Funciona para Xbox?

  14. frequentflyer says:

    I tested it on Android and it seems to be working as expected: spawning zombies, skeletons and spiders. No other friendly mobs besides lamas. There is a graphical glitch which seems to be an occlusion culling problem: chests show through sand and dirt and zombies show skin through the armour but this seems to be a Minecraft Beta problem.

    I have no idea how I am supposed to take advantage of the “4 more biomes”. Will there be a challenge list?

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