Skyblock ~Roll Pick Challenge~

Skyblock Roll Pick Challenge is a bit different from what Skyblock have to be! No more cobblestone generator! Just sit and GACHA! Finding the item! The challenge is to find every rarity item!

The game doesn’t requied much command block (so I don’t think any redstone gonna clash!)

All along! This challenge is seem a bit boring, because all you need to do is pick item from the random box that will grant you the random item! But for people who like to play with luck and do some GACHA I think it’s not bad!

Map by Zucth (Twitter)

Changelog View more

Change Balance of the rollpick block

Add more items in the roll block

same here misunderstand the new submission systems...

   can I sent up the ZIP file? like the past


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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14 Responses

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  1. Umar says:

    Yeah like how do you download this stupid template

  2. Stomper says:

    How do you get. This

  3. ygamer says:

    can you make it able to use in all mc types

  4. weed says:

    i like it

  5. PIkachu Pokemon says:

    Download doesn’t work, really wanna try this out

  6. Jeferton Ahyeeoobee says:

    Would you please post an English version of this?

    • RomanMender says:

      This is E̴͖̭̠̙̰̞͛̂̈́͘͘͠n̷̹̟͕͚̙̽̈́g̵̢̝̳̼̫̗̋̉̃̈́l̴̗̲̲̠̻̖̈́͆̈́͐̀̄ḯ̵͈̬̦̩͇̼̮̻̆͑̄̿̀̕s̴̺̘͒̍̓͆̃͆͜h̸͍͖̘͆͆

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