Skyblock Shop Function Pack (Advanced Function Shop)

You making a Skyblock map and need a shop? We’ll This is the Function Pack for you! This pack allows you to have a shop without command blocks! You can also use this function pack to make any shop, It is very advance and will work amazingly well and is 100% reliable! Plus it is extremely easy to use! This was originally made for my Skyblock map coming soon, but it was pretty advanced so I decided to share it with you guys!

This pack allows you to make a shop with no command blocks! in order to set it up, type “/function shop-setup” or in a command block “function shop-setup” either way will work! Note: You must use this command in order to be able to use any of the commands in this function pack.

Once that is done, you should see a bar on the side saying Money on it and you should now have 200 Money! Now time to learn how to use the shop!

The commands to shop are very simple, it is separated into strings the first string is “buy” make sure you always type “buy” when you go to buy something, each string is separated by a “-“, make sure you separate your strings by a dash, next you type the item that you want (In this case I want blue wool), so you would type the item you want with no spaces, “But minebuilder3! What if I don’t know the data value of the item I want!” Well luckily for you, you do not need to know the data value to buy what you want (e.g. to buy blue wool I can type buy-bluewool) I know what your thinking, “what if I want to buy a certain amount?” Well, all you have to do is add another “-” and type any amount you want up to a stack! Also, the amount is optional.

Note: the amount of a stack you buy varies upon which item your buying e.g. if I was buying glass bottles, I could only buy up to 16 at a time.

If this is done correctly, and you have enough money, you will get a message similar to this! This will only show up to you!

If you did it correctly but you don’t have enough money it will say:

This message will only show up to you!

Currently, this is in the testing phase, because of how advanced it is, you can only buy a few colors of wool but I’m in the middle of making more! The reason it takes a while is that for every amount of item I need it takes 1 function which means if I was making obsidian to be purchasable then I would have to type 1 – 65 functions per block that could stack up to 64. But this is not done yet except a ton more!


Make sure you join my Discord for more updates! And suggest what should come next because this is still a work in progress!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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25 Responses

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  1. Guest-9167724062 says:

    Can u tell me how to make anti cheat? Tell me on discord I’m Mrender#2645

  2. William20o9 says:

    Very good one, but how do you use anti-cheat with command blocks?

  3. Guest-7430037702 says:

    I’m kinda confused.. So everyone will get operator? Wait.. how? I’m really confused.. please help me! I love this f pack.

  4. Guest-6694418800 says:

    How to learn money

    • Guest-3523685898 says:

      Currently, there is no way to earn money it is very complicated to make a selling system in a function pack. My hope is to figure it out! So Let me know if you have anything that will help DM when u get on my discord server! This is the creator btw but MCPEDL logged me out, and it wont let me log in

  5. Guest-7048804828 says:

    Can u change the scoreboard money to m2 i have a map already and theres lots of command using [scores={m2=}] and i dont want to change it. I like this function pack . Pls chnage it

  6. Guest-9694448469 says:

    Can u also sell stuff

  7. Guest-9962365082 says:

    This is awesome! You should make it so it also works with custom items, a.k.a things from addons, lets say there’s something uncraftable, you put in the items id, and Baam!, you bought it!, same with custom blocks, where I could see this being difficult is spawn eggs, but hey, one step at a time!

    P.s. For some reason it won’t let me rate it on pc

    • Thanks, I worked really hard to do this and making it as simple as possible for everyone to use! Unfortunately to add custom blocks and items it would need to be added in urself, but I can see what I can do!

  8. Guest-8449836603 says:


  9. iiPlasma7 says:

    Yeah leme just give a whole map operator for this to work thats a smart idea…

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