Skycubes: Summer Update

In some places, its summer. Well, we released 1.2 with nether and aquatic mix! We also created Nether Skycubes with 9 cubes to explore. Try this version for a summer experience!

This map contains 98 different cubes to explore! Some are tiny, some are large, and some are just normal! Here is overview of skycubes.

Skycubes (30 FOV)

Small Cube

A small cube size is just 5×5 (inside the cube). These cubes mostly contains farms, trees, some resources, and even a treasure and gifts! Some small cubes has a cobblestone generator or a broken nether portal. One more thing, more than half of the cubed in the map are these cubes.

Normal-sized Cubes

The spawn is a normal cube, mean it’s size is 10×10 (inside cube). A normal cube always contains only one biome, and some of the normal cube has even structures that fill inside a 10×10 cube (like dungeons and igloos) I also added 4 new normal-sized cubes, contains structures!

Large Cube

Large cubes are the biggest type of cubes, which twice the size of a normal cube. There are only four large cubes, which has a plains biome, a jungle biome, a jungle temple, the old and new village, a stronghold, a mineshaft, pillager outpost, and two dungeons.

Microcube (New type!)

Microcube is the newest cube in the map. The map only has 3×3 (inside) and it commonly contains chest with loot, or rarely random blocks. There is 16 microcubes around the map.

What’s new?

Added cubes in the nether.

After entering the nether, you’ll get a chest with similar loot when you start on Skycubes.

The dimension currently has 9 cubes and surrounded by a bedrock barrier.

New cubes in the overworld

New cubes is aquatic-related and some has loot inside on it.

A special cube called the Skycubes Library

It’s a library which contains articles from Skybooks, enchantment books, and the book history of Skycubes.

There is a fictional book publisher called Skybooks and there is also a lectern for the book for the update.

Here’s an example of an article from Skycubes:

It also contains some useful articles for navigating the map.

That’s all the changes! You can still see minor changes into the changelogs.

If you suggest something, just ask me on:

Xbox: MinelogicMC

Discord: Minelogic#1132

Changelog View more

End portals are now deactivated and you need to activate it instead

Added the missing microcube somewhere throughout the map

Fixed the link that leads to the desert.mcworld file and added the old version of skycubes.

•New cube called the microcube

•Added four new normal-sized cubes

•There are now 80 cubes around the map.


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23 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. PC1364 says:

    can it please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE have keepinventory on! I fell into the void and lost ALL my stuff! I just mined a whole ton of cobblestone and broke 2 pickaxes with it! Now I have nothing. NOTHING.

  2. SeedsPE says:

    Why do I rate my own creation?

  3. DirpBoi says:

    I must say this is LIT bruh nice ive been playing this in about 35 days yea good job

  4. Minelogic says:

    Sorry, the link is bugged again. It also happens on my Find The Button update. We will fix immediately.

  5. ttanmay says:

    after i download it it takes me to a desrt bush flat world how?

  6. MR. NIGHTMARE says:

    the link takes me to a deset flat preset mediafire download. please fix

  7. Guest-6237040141 says:

    Hey, I might want to use this map for a YT Video. Do I have permission for that? I’ll only publish it if it fine with you.

  8. Minelogic says:

    Any suggestions? You can reply here!

  9. Minelogic says:

    Guys, another thing I forgot to say about the map, is the map has 60 islands to explore!

  10. Guest-4231538999 says:

    Every time I attempt to launch this it crashes my game. it looked good, is this a normal issue?

  11. Guest-9228829729 says:

    Played for a few hours so far. I’m enjoying it 🙂 I’ve been in three cubes so far and have found a zombie spawner, made my animals their own little pen and have finally grown a whopping two pieces of wheat!
    It’s quite a fun and relaxing adventure, you never know what you’re gonna find next!

  12. Guest-3217008900 says:

    I like it even before I downloaded it

  13. Bobsontheturtal says:

    This map looks fun ill try it out lol

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