SkyNet Survival Realm (Discontinued)

This is the first ever Realm/Server that were ever released to the public. SkyNet is a survival realm but with its own unique and special game mechanics. Just have a look for yourself, and tell us what you think is good and what needs to be changed.

Skynet is a survival server/realm, but it’s very unique in it’s own way. Me and the other Admins have added many game mechanics to this to provide the best experience possible such as a shop, where you can sell the items that you get just by playing the normal survival mode, a level system for the players to unlock special abilities once they level up. Instructions are given as soon as you join along with your starter kit. To report just take a screenshot and share the rule breaker to the feed, the admins will take care of the rest. Forgot to mention levels are basically xp levels, and there is also a spawner and egg shop awaiting you at spawn. Join Now!

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The project has been discontinued, to many bugs and issues and the realm  has shutdown.

I want to apologise about the world having no hub, this new file should have it, it just keeps losing its db files, but hopefully this time it works.

•fixed the no hub glitchll

*New kitpvp gamemode (On The Realm) 

•fixed NPC disappearing glitch

•fixed the empty world issue

•fixed all the add-on bugs

•Removed Spawn Trader, it was too buggy

•Added more clear directions at wilderness

•no longer have to left click the Wilderness NPC

•Everything was tested and was confirmed to be running properly.

We have a MediaFire link now with a working world download, you are welcome:D

I fixed everything

The download is in the correct place now and we should have no more issues

New working download

More bug fixes

More coming soon so keep tuned

Added map download

Fixed problems with the command blocks

Nothing else

•added map download for the realm

•bug fixes on the realm


You can now Install the map and use it for your own realm:)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 Discontinued / Outdated

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41 Responses

2.31 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Doodoo123 says:

    Looks great bro. But the Wilderness “Click Here ” does not work. Also mobs spawn in the spawn area. You don’t want to turn off mobs if it’s survival.

  2. The rat says:

    Why is there that thing from ark in this map

  3. Nice says:

    It seems legit, but I didnt download it yet. im just typing down comments to pass time. I read some comments and i saw that the hub is broken but in the MediaFire it says its fixed. so i expect something good.

  4. Jérôme Odero says:

    Skynet Terminator!…

  5. Anonymous says:

    soo sorry that this is shut down

  6. Espen617 says:

    Can you invite me to the realm i have mc for xbox 1.14 beta but i cant join. Xbox GT-Espen617

  7. Anonymous says:

    It says i need permission

  8. Gigamush says:

    Not only doesn’t work, you start with random un-obtainable items in your inventory and your ender chest, no skills or levels, and no way out of the “hub” other than flying over the walls or smashing them down, the custom npc doesn’t work at all and naturally no teleports. *shrugs* I honestly don’t know what else to say, it didn’t work. The only thing that works are the villagers and I already have the spawner trader standalone add-on and the other five arn’t anything worth hanging around for on their own. Shame, looked good in the post.

    • Well I’m sorry for the issues, matter of fact there are levels, skills were a thing acquired through levels, but this may be an out of date version. Some things didn’t work once put in the realm. For a first time project, it’s decent… definitely not perfect. Thanks for the feedback

  9. Max says:

    Hello, transportation to spawn with the NPC does not work

  10. harveyclark123 says:

    I need permission

  11. DiamondBro says:

    Issue Is Not Fixeed

  12. pokemaster says:

    it doesnt work… when ever i download it i spawn into a blank world

  13. ShadowWolf126 says:

    Do you care if I use this on my realm I suck at building. I’ll change the name, just need a map

  14. DontScamPlz-.- says:

    I downloaded the map but its just a normal plain world I didnt see any buildings or commands whatsoever its just a plain grass land are you scamming us???

  15. Coltin says:

    Why it no work just a big open world

  16. Awesomekidyou says:

    where is the hub?

  17. Matthew says:

    When I downloaded the map i don’t spawn in the spawn and I’m in the middle of nowhere

  18. Tanner says:

    When i downlaod the map and play it, its just a normal world. It doesn’t put me on an island or anything. It puts me on the ground.

  19. Captain Diamonds says:

    I’m still spawned in the middle of nowhere

  20. HeinHtet says:

    When I download the map and load on my phone it only load the normal minecraft world.Why?

  21. I just got started playing this realm and it already seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun! My only suggestion would be a villager you can buy kits from.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How do you go to shop

  23. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work. I spawn in the midfle of nowhere

  24. jazz__ says:

    It is on the newer version how to I get the newer version of mcpe?

  25. Noob says:

    when you download the world you don’t spawn at the place u just spawn in random location

  26. Captain Diamonds says:

    Um when I spawn I’m in the middle of nowhere

  27. jenson says:

    there isnt a spawn at all its just a normal survival world like u ust created a new world. is this supposed to hapoen?

  28. Brendyn says:

    Broke. Spawns you in the middle of nowhere

  29. Brendyn says:

    Broke. Spawns you in the middle of nowhere

  30. Kile says:

    When I go into the world I spawn in a random place

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