Skywars Laboratory

Did you ever wanted to get better at Skywars or at Bedwars or any other PvP Gamemode? Then THIS is the map you wan’t! You can download it RIGHT NOW

This is the map you always wanted! You can train yourself with 3 different gamemodes. 

  • Enderpearl Clutch Training: You get an infinite amount of Enderpearls and Blocks so you can clutch

  • PvP Training (Normal version and Hard version): Train your aim and your Snowball/Egg combos against non-moving objects

  • Bridging Speed Training: Try to get a better score every time

  • NEW! Block Extension Training: Take your blocks in your hand and try to survive without falling

If you wan’t to get more information about the map, you can also check my YouTube Video! Click here to watch it

Hope you’ll enjoy my map ;D

Changelog View more

Updated the map showcase video, check it out and subscribe!

Added a New gamemode: Block Extension! Take the blocks in your hand and try to not die. Get some insane block clutches and blow your friend’s mind!

  • Modified bridging gamemode: the Timer doesn’t start when walking on the iron block but starts when you place the first block
  • Added in-game gifs in the main description.
  • Fixed some minor bugs..


Install the map by clicking the Download button below


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201

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20 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. SrikarProGaming says:

    Please make it for version 1.16.101 please I am begging you 🙏🙏

  2. smithave says:

    I set this up on my bedrock server, but for some reason I am not able to change the settings from the ipad app. e.g. the server is running on “creative” mode but the World loads on “survival” mode and I cant change it back to Creative.

    Help please.

  3. AABATTERY33 says:

    1.14 plsssssss I AM BEGGING YOU 🙁

  4. LJ Playz says:

    I like that intro but can you make it for 1.26.20 or 1.16.20 version

  5. George YT says:

    Please make for 1.16.100. Thank you.

  6. NotDoppler says:

    Hi, thanks for this amazing map…the only problem with me is that the arrows don’t shoot in e pearl clutch mode!

  7. xLuster says:

    I saw the map in a video, Looks amazing. Not for 1.16.40 tho pls make so it can suppoort the version

  8. ItsLlogo says:

    can you upload the pada client shown on the GIFs

  9. goomba says:

    This is cool, you should make a bedwars laboratory map! 🙂

  10. Spyguy10078 says:

    You seem pretty good in pocket edition PvP NGL

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