Slappers! [Clickable NPC] [1.15+]

Are you tired of clicking the same old stone button every time you want to do something? Are you a server administrator, realm owner or just want your world to be a lot cooler? Well, now you can wave goodbye to buttons and levers with this Slapper addon from PixelPoly! Simply configure the addon to your liking as described below and it’s ready to go!

Credits: PixelPoly Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Created by: Ash (Team CEO & Programmer) and Zarkmend (Team Programmer)
For any queries related to this content, please contact us at [email protected]

Please make sure to read the license.txt and the changelog.txt for more information!

What does this addon provide?

– Configurable NPC which supports both in-game and external modification, currently, it’s not possible to use your own skin with in-game NPC settings, however, you can still change it by simply replacing the original skins with your own.
– Color variants for both male and female NPC, there is in total 10 variants for both genders!
– Supports both the normal slapper mode and the new NPC mode!

You can always join our public discord server to ask for any help about this addon, we can provide much better and detailed solutions there!

How can I enable the new “NPC-Slapper mode”?

Please note, this mode is currently only supported in Minecraft 1.15+, so make sure you are you Minecraft Beta, 1.16.0 since the public release is still on 1.14.30.
To enable the new mode, just go to world settings and click on behavior packs, and then this “settings” toggle, there you can select both modes by sliding from left to right, by default the new mode should be enabled, if not you can simply enable it here.

How can I change the skin of NPC, in-game?

It’s simple! Just right click/tap on the entity, and choose your outfit/skin for the NPC!

How can I add commands in the slapper, or dialogue/comment?

Right-click/tap on the NPC, open “Advanced Settings”, and now just add your command.
Tip: you can even add any button that can be used for triggering that specific command!

Changelog View more


Introduced a new mode for the Slapper, which is "NPC Slapper Mode", change-able in Add-On settings. [Only for v1.15+]

- This can allow you to customize the Slapper very easily without needing to modify the game's code.

Added various outfits and a female gender for the Slapper!

- For "normal slapper mode":

  • To summon them, please type "/summon entity:slapper_npc ~ ~ ~ variant_<0 - 9>"
  • For example, to summon the third variant, please type "/summon entity:slapper_npc ~ ~ ~ variant_2"


- Ability to disable in only for creative mode players, this rule can be omitted with the command: "/summon entity:slapper_npc ~ ~ ~ can_be_disabled_by_any_player"
- Changed interact button text in most cases.
- Slapper entity's default cloth color is now blue instead of red.
- Slapper now has "look_at_player" animation, bob animation.
- Slapper Spawn Egg color has now been changed.


- Fixed several issues regarding the Slapper.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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69 Responses

4.14 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. TheWolfPE says:

    Se puede para la versión 1.14.60 si no se puede por faaa actualizelo para esa versión por faaa lo descargue y lo puse en un mundo se pruebas y le doy al boto de configurar texto y solo me dice hello world

  2. Guest-1464986694 says:

    Yea, mediafire is way less secure

  3. BOSSXIMPORT says:

    srsly I wish NPC came back to MINECRAFT when will NPC come to minecraft

  4. Guest-3884171579 says:

    If I right click it tells hello world in chat, it does not open any box to edit the npc

  5. Guest-2484003614 says:

    SO THAT MEANS 1.15 they will add NPC IN BEDROCK YAY

  6. Guest-5368389493 says:

    how the skin changed

  7. Guest-2234737280 says:

    clickbait , this is not working , when i put the slapper down and i right click it its only says hello world , i cannot edit it…
    good slapper addon

    pls fix it or tell me what should i do

  8. Guest-4684322339 says:

    how to get slapper?

  9. Guest-7732709328 says:

    How do you configure it on 1.14 mode because there’s not beta for iOS

  10. Guest-3546132953 says:

    Wither person create the fame addon of you

  11. Guest-9809035104 says:

    Can I change the skin of the slappers?

  12. Guest-5670764483 says:

    I cant remove the slapper mods from my world, i tried to kill the slappers npcs but i dont know how and it says im not allowed to remove the mods

    • Bedrock Realms says:

      use barrier block or kill @e[type=slapper:entity]

    • Guest-3063467794 says:

      Maybe try to break the block beneath them until reaching the void. Try breaking the block next to it, entering it and then breaking the block the NPC is standing on.

  13. Charlie fry says:

    How do I get slappers

  14. Guest-5072880732 says:

    Yo edite el addon y lo puse a mounstruo para que los mobs no vengan a atacarlo porque venia un creeper y explotaba la zona pero bueno el addon

  15. Guest-1314852274 says:

    How can I make them appear? can send a video or something I do not understand how to generate the npc

  16. Guest-2537721303 says:

    How do I interact with it? I’m tapping the button customize and nothing happens. What do I do to fix? Plz respond.

  17. Guest-5744166268 says:


  18. Guest-6331026509 says:


  19. TheBest PH says:

    This addon looks amazing! I would like to use this in my maps! However when I used this, I can’t configure the NPC.I tried clicking the npc many times but it won’t work. I’m playing in android. Please fix the bug. If it is just me experiencing this, pls help me

  20. Guest-1961703506 says:

    Hey can you make the npcs attack and follow once they are tamed?

  21. Guest-5474447726 says:

    pls make a medifire link because I do not trust other websites

    • Guest-8477818937 says:

      Our website ( uses full SSL/HTTPS encryption via cloudflare. It have no ads and in many ways it is more secure then mediafire.

  22. Guest-2634647402 says:

    Works in Xbox One?

  23. Is there any way to make it so that in the normal slapper mode, multiple slappers can be spawned and have their own individual and unique commands when interacting with them? Cause that would be a cool feature, like in servers. I think this addon is pretty great! An more efficient variant of the vanilla NPC

  24. Guest-4881311631 says:

    yes! no adfly 😀

  25. ThisJobYT says:

    Does this new update require scripts to run? Because, previously, it didn’t require scripts at all. But, seeing as the pictures had shown custom GUI, does that mean that this Addon requires scripts??

  26. HgVN23 says:

    Yay New feature 😀

  27. Guest-8921021195 says:

    Hello friend, I really liked your addon but I would like you to be able to put custom skin (That is, to be able to change it with a block) and that they have movements something like the custom npc of minecraft java

  28. ATXL-Studios says:

    Does it works with Realms?

  29. Guest-1919943876 says:

    I created another NPC slappers: 1. How can I change it to execute another command other than the default?

  30. Guest-5651521893 says:

    I came here because of the title as read “SLAPPERS”,davie504 fans are called slappers and i’m a fan of him 🙂

  31. Guest-6701493022 says:

    I love it, but I wish you could have multiple run different commands!

  32. HgVN23 says:

    Finally! I waiting for this for so long. You guys are the best 😀

  33. Guest-6884251619 says:

    How can I edit the code?

  34. bestGaming132 says:

    It only can run on windows 10 or with blocklauncher, right?

  35. Guest-3887671581 says:

    OMG I have been waiting so long for this! 🙂

  36. Guest-3772249757 says:

    Kgxlhdlhdlhfhflhlfphufpgpdlhxlhdlhdkzglgsglxph ufphcpdycpyufpcphpfy tuohdhdoodhodgogssogotsoyssyooyddoyodypyddpy b

    • Guest-7057149033 says:

      Kgxlhdlhdlhfhflhlfphufpgpdlhxlhdlhdkzglgsglxph ufphcpdycpyufpcphpfy tuohdhdoodhodgogssogotsoyssyooyddoyodypyddpy b

  37. Guest-9028494599 says:

    Why can’t it run cmds

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