COMFORTS Be Addon (Karmaland)

Comforts is an addon that adds new variants for sleeping or napping, adding sleeping bags and hammocks. They are not craftable but are generated in the world.

At first, this plugin would only be about sleeping bags, but I saw a similar Java mod and wanted to recreate it in this update. Of course, with the respective permission of the creator.

At first, this addon would only be about sleeping bags, but I saw a similar Java mod and wanted to recreate it in this update. Of course, with the respective permission of the creator.

Original java creator: TheillusiveC4

My youtube channel: Hotspanisj

Sleeping bags

the sleeping bags are dyeable (16 colors) with any dye, you can use them as a seat or as a bed, to sit on them you must press the button that will appear “Sit down” once you are on top, another “Sleep” button will appear to sleeping, the bag will not generate a new generation point.


The hammocks are also dyeable with 17 different colors, They can only be placed on tree trunks, with a distance of 6 blocks from each trunk. [See the image] if the hammock is not placed on trunks it will fall, the hammocks work unlike the beds, that is to say if you take a nap in them it will be daytime.

You can change the direction of the hammocks using a stick.

Hammocks and sleeping bags do not craftable but appear in the world, if you try to sleep in hammocks or sleeping bags in the Nether or End they will explode.

Changelog View more

-Remodeling in sleeping bags

-New hammocks

-They are already dyeable

-Correction of errors

-Remodeling in sleeping bags

-New hammocks

-They are already dyeable

-Correction of errors

Function added to sleeping bags explode in nether and end


Click to download


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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50 Responses

3.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Jhon gabriel says:

    al final de mes vamos a publicar el pack de mods utilizados y leimos tu notas y que riamos preguntarte si podemos utilizar tu mod y dandote credito dejanos tu respuesta lo mas rapido pocible

  2. Guest-4993557686 says:

    hola bro puedo utilizar tu mod para un server?

  3. Guest-4748704592 says:

    How do you even obtain the items?
    It doesn’t appear in /give or the creative inventory

  4. Guest-8463318752 says:

    No me aparece el botón de dormir

    • Si aparece, debes de presionar en el Hitbox del saco

    • Guest-3177235851 says:

      Hola amigo en mi comunidad están pidiendo un addon de meteoritos de gran tamaño y medianos para minecraft pe que agan una explosión grande porque en el mod de slipins bags se buegiean los meteoritos y michas personas de mi comunidad desvían si podías aser un addon así de meteoritos. Espero que veas este comentario suerte y porfavor as el mod sería genial un mod de meteoritos gigantes medianos y pequeños grasias

      • Guest-7927744593 says:

        Perdón me equivoque en unas palabras lo que desia era que muchas personas de mi comunidad están pidiendo un complemento de meteoritos para minecraft pe porque el de slipins bags se buguen en beses los meteoritos. Preguntótava si podías aser un complemento de meteoritos grandes, medianos y pequeños para minecraft pe y que así eran una explosión grande y que los meteoritos dejara. Rocas y que uviera generadores de meteoritos para no ase meterse a comandos pero igual que se dejara la invocaio. Delos meteoritos grasias amigo espero queaigas visto mi petición grasia y suerte eres muy buen creador de mods

  5. Guest-6844367519 says:

    Is the sleeping bag can be sleep on right? Can you make the sleeping to reset to daytime and not clearing your spawnpoint so if you press the bed it will set your spawn but sleeping bag same as bed but don’t set spawnpoint like rlcraft

  6. Guest-1400547565 says:

    eh summer

  7. Gladiisu_Gamer says:

    Cómo se craftean xd?

  8. Guest-2497499869 says:

    I tried downloading this into my game but all ot did was failed the import. How can i stop or fix that?

  9. Liam TDP says:

    I realy like this addon Its very cool

  10. Guest-2064223972 says:

    Puedes poner la misma textura que hay en pc plis

  11. Guest-7629270117 says:

    Muy buena bro

  12. Guest-5235291208 says:

    Oye porque cuando pongo el addon aparece la skin de steve y no mi skin?

  13. Guest-6818347828 says:

    Hola broo como lo instalo para un servidor minecraft pe servidor mimehub

  14. Guest-1994399471 says:

    Amigo porque agregaste los meteoritos al mod si ya era bueno con solo las sleeping bags?

  15. Guest-9913135089 says:


  16. Guest-8039156259 says:

    Oye la página para descargar esta dañada podrías poner otro link

  17. Guest-4776258083 says:

    Five starts for this one.

  18. Guest-2297960613 says:

    I read every single part of the text (I have made mistakes not doing that =w=) And when i go to download it, Its a zip- i dont know how to open zips please help-

  19. Guest-4541029169 says:


  20. Guest-3772183221 says:

    Small suggestion maybe you should make it so that if it is raining you cant sleep in the sleeping bag (because the rain is falling on your face) so maybe you could add a test to allow sleeping anywhere since a tent would block the rain. This crafting recipe could work for it. Though I don’t know how the colors would work
    [ ,C , ]
    [C , ,C ]
    Sb=sleeping bag
    C=carpet or maybe wool

    Side note maybe the meators would make a small ball of ore where they land. Or maybe a new material that can only be found from meteors. This would make meteors useful to go and find.

  21. Guest-7902150950 says:

    You can’t color them

  22. Guest-3302545685 says:

    Meteors are space rocks that enter the Earth’s atmosphere but burn up, Meteorites are space rocks that enter Earth’s atmosphere and don’t burn up so those would be just meteorites well I guess meteors because you don’t have anything that lands in the ground but it should be a meteorite.

  23. Guest-7789978983 says:

    fix for windows 10

  24. Guest-6134203363 says:


  25. Guest-5555944375 says:

    bad mod only works on pocket edition

  26. Guest-7473033135 says:

    It doesn’t work bad mod

  27. BonnieEXE says:

    I have one REALLY stupid question.. what’s the point of the meteorites??

  28. Te invito a que te suscribas al canal de JMinegames para ver las reviews de mis addons mucho antes que en mcpdl

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