Slender Man Add-On V1

Hello! Welcome to my another add-on!

Do you like slender man? Well here is my add-on that will make your dreams come true (only in minecraft) He will chase you to death when you are in survival!

If you want to download the add-on:

Download the Resource pack and the behavior pack and activate it to your world!


Make sure your world is in Experimental Gameplay so the Add-On will work! Download
The resource pack and the behavior pack and activate it to your world!

Spawn Slenderman in the Forest and play in Survival and see what happens. Slender Man is really dangerous and deadly. Have Fun! :>

If you want to spawn Slender Man just search “Slenderman” 

  • How to Download?

Just click the links below and skip the ads when you are in the ad website and deny the notifications, wait 15-25 seconds and you will be redirected to the download link.

Changelog View more
  • Fixed and updated the addon to the latest version players! 
  • I changed the featured image because that is the admin wants.


  • How to Import?

After you download the pack (behavior pack and the resource pack)
Just simply open it 1 by 1 and it will automatically opens to minecraft and it will import successfully. After you imported the 2 packs. Go activate the packs to your world and make sure you are on Experimental Gameplay :>.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

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18 Responses

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  1. Hi Fellow Addon Creator My Name Is Lander and I am the creator of the unknown figure addon, and I was wondering if I could collaborate with you to make realistic and scary addons, do you have discord by any chance? My discord is : “ThèGrîmRèàpèrŁàñdèrbôśś”#2127

  2. Guest-8836904216 says:


    another negative comments by someone:YES YES YES YES!

  3. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add him blindness effect? Because I want when we see it he give us blindness effect ! Pleases!

  4. Guest-1805366164 says:


  5. I guess I should remove Slenderman from my Reinforced GregTech Addon soon because of this.. 😂😂

  6. Guest-7694084018 says:

    An add-on anybody can make just by using the add-ons maker app, you might as well make an 096 add-on just by changing the texture and not make it teleport that’s how easy and lazy it is

  7. Guest-5757072865 says:

    ok but also doesn’t mean he has to release it he could keep it and upgrade it when he learns more

  8. Guest-3104530645 says:

    Okay before people start getting on this guy for just replacing a Ender man skin,just know none of you can do any better than this dude right here,some people have to start somewhere to learn

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