Slendytubbies Add-on

With this Add-on we add new mobs to minecraft, in this case add the characters of the horror videogame Slendytubbies and also add the teletubbies. This add-on only works in the minecraft +1.13 version since in that verification it allows us to add new identities to the game.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer, (Twitter)(Youtube).


This add-on was published on MCPEDL.COM, it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube leave credits, put the download link from mcpedl and not put the direct download link or create your own download link or you will receive a complaint.

Teletubbies (Passive Mobs):

Teletubbies can be found anywhere in the world, they will not dare to attack the player unless they attack. You can tame a teletubbie by giving him a bone. Having a tamed teletubbie will protect the player from monsters and follow their owner, they can be cured by feeding tubbie custard and tubbie toast.

  • Tinky Winky
  • Dipsy
  • Laa Laa
  • Po
  • Santikun
  • Santikun BanMaster
  • Ron
  • Blue Worker (With a knife)
  • Claw
  • Yeti
  • Arrow
  • White Tubbie
  • White Tubbie With Chainsaw
  • Kermit
  • Sean

General characteristics:

Features: Wild:

  • Health: 8
  • Attack damage: 3
  • Loot: Leather.


  • Health: 50
  • Attack damage: 8
  • Loot: Leather.

Tubby Custards

The tubby custards can be found anywhere in the world and hitting the tubby custards will release the tubby custard item with it you can use as food or also serves to tame a teletubbie.

Military teletubbies:

The military are passive teletubbies dare not attack the player unless the player attacks them, they are equipped with weapons that allow them to defend against monsters.

General characteristics:

  • Health: 20
  • They shoot arrows.
  • They attack the monsters.


  • Sergeant Miles.
  • Anne
  • Conor
  • Dutch

Military with missile launchers:

Ah, unlike the other military, these fire missiles at the enemy.

General characteristics:

  • Health: 20
  • They shoot Missiles.
  • They attack the monsters.

Monsters (Hostile):

All monsters are aggressive creatures and dare to attack the player and even dare to attack the teletubbie so you must be very careful with them. All enemies will appear anywhere in the world but only appear during the night.

TinkyWinky (Infected):

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 9
  • Loot: Iron ingot

TinkyWinky (Classic):

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 9
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Po (phase 1):

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 4
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Po (phase 2):

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 5
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Po (phase 3):

  • Health: 350
  • Damage: 20
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Dipsy Chainsaw:

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 4
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Laa Laa (Monster):

  • Health: 14
  • Damage: 4
  • Loot: Gold ingot

Crawling Tubby:

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4.5

Crawling Tubby (New):

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4.5

Crawler Bot (Spider Bot):

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4.5
  • Loot: Iron Ingot

Unit 437:

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4.5
  • Loot: Iron Ingot

Ghost Girl:

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 6


  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 4.5
  • Loot: Leather

NewBorn 2.0:

  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 8.5
  • Loot: Leather

Noo Noo:

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 6

White Tubby (Infected):

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 6

TinkyTank (Boss):

  • Health: 750
  • Damage: 18
  • Loot: 9 – 20 Diamonds and 3 totems.

Brute Tubbies:

  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 12
  • Loot: Iron axe

Blue Workers (Infected):

  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 14


  • Health: 80
  • Damage: 12
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Cyborg Born:

  • Health: 40
  • Shoot fireballs.
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Dipsy Lake:

  • Health: 55
  • Damage: 14
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Yeti Tubbie:

  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 10
  • Loot: Leather

Claw Tubbie:

  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 10
  • Loot: Leather

Phantom New Born:

  • Health: 50
  • Damage: 12
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Berserker New Born:

  • Health: 250
  • Damage: 23
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Arrow Tubbie:

  • Health: 150
  • Damage: 15
  • Loot: Iron ingot

Shadow Tubby (Boss):

  • Health: 1500
  • Invoke: TNT, NewBorns, NewBorns 2.0, Cyborg Born, Tinky Winky (Infected), Dipsy Chainsaw and evocation fang
  • Loot: Enchanted Golden Apple.

The Announcer (Boss):

  • Health: 100
  • Shoot: FireBall EnderDragon
  • Loot: Iron Ingot.

Mini Bosses:

Scorpion Tubby:

  • Health: 200
  • Damage: 6
  • Loot: Redstone

Mini Announcer:

  • Health: 400
  • Damage: 8
  • Loot: Iron Ingot

Demon Tubby:

  • Health: 600
  • Damage: 12
  • Loot: Netherite

Announcer added.

The tubbie custards machine and tubbie toast will now drop their respective object at a certain time.

Bug fixes.

New items:

Tubby Custard:

  • Item: Food.
  • Nutrition: 10

Tubby Toast:

  • Item: Food.
  • Nutrition: 5



Tubbie custard machine:

With it you can get tubbie custards easily just by giving him coal.

Toasted tubbie machine.

With it you can easily get toasted tubbie just by giving him coa.

Open new furniture in future upgrades.


We will be able to get hats similar to the ones you see in Slendytubbies 3, for now they only replace the mob heads to hats and there are 4 different hats.

  • Creeper head: Headphones.
  • Skeleton’s head: Crown.
  • Zombie Head: Gift.
  • Wither Skeleton’s head: Guardian’s hat.


Changelog View more
  1. The new crawling tubby has been added.
  2. Several bugs have been fixed.
  1. Announcer added.
  2. The tubbie custards machine and tubbie toast will now drop their respective object at a certain time.
  3. Bug fixes.
  1. Added 3 mini bosses: Demon Tubby, Scorpion Tubby and Mini Announcer.
  2. Added new teletubbie: Sean.
  3. Repairing bugs.
  • The animations on the mobs were fixed.
  • Po (Phase 3) activates its walking animation.
  • TinkyTank included a walking animation.
  • Now the mobs will release experience.
  • Teletubbies will now be domesticated with bones and fed with tubbie custard and tubbie toast.
  1. Fixed the bug of importing the add-on in realms.
  2. Bug fixes.
  1. Hats were added.
  2. The probability of generating mobs was modified.
  3. Modified the mobs loot.
  4. The time for eating tubbie pap and tubbie toast has been changed.
  • The announcer has been removed.
  • Fixed the audio error of chainsaw dipsy and shadow tubby.

Two new enemies were added, a new character and a decoration.

  • Two new military personnel have been added.
  • Added 2 new enemies.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • He's added the military with his missile launcher.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added to White Tubby with chainsaw.
  • The design of Dipsy's chainsaw was fixed.
  • Repair of errors.
  • Added to 3 new teletubbies.
  • Added to 3 new enemies.
  • Fixed the bug in the arms of laa laa.
  • A new monster was added: Dipsy Lake.
  • Fixed some bugs with the models.
  • Entities may appear naturally in your world.

Added a new teletubbie:

  • Blue Worker (With a knife)

Added a new enemies:

  • Cyborg Born.
  • Shadow Tubbie (Boss).

Added new items:

  • Tubbie Custard.
  • Tubbie Toast.


  • Tubbie Custard Machine.
  • Tubbie Toast Machine.

Bug fixes.

He added the military teletubbies.

A new teletubbie was added: Ron

There were several changes in the Po model (Phase 2)

The size of TinkyTank has been reduced.

Added new characters:

  1. Anne.
  2. Miles
  3. Ron.

Added new Monsters:

  1. Po (phase 1)
  2. Po (phase 3)
  3. Blue Workers
  4. Brute Tubbies
  5. Imposter


  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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180 Responses

4.03 / 5 (124 votes)
  1. Zamirdaguer says:

    si funciona

  2. Tania12345 says:

    I love it.

  3. Gemini Man says:

    Can you fix the evocation fang attack for the Shadow Tubbie?

    Also, you should add The Evil Guardian (Boss)

  4. Guest-9610350488 says:

    Mejora la textura y el tamaño del new born scorpion

  5. Guest-2819050982 says:

    What about mediafire download

  6. Guest-3853637819 says:

    Why are they so blood thirsty towards rabbits?

  7. Guest-8915411820 says:

    i can’t download it

  8. Guest-9693848400 says:

    How to english

  9. Guest-4621971779 says:

    Where’s the Announcer???

  10. Guest-1808821511 says:

    I am liked but no like much when no are more drops

  11. Guest-3354968362 says:

    All the mobs are invisible and I’ve tried everything.

  12. Guest-3577338225 says:

    add some good animations

  13. Guest-4873888450 says:


  14. Guest-2998045740 says:

    Can you add the following characters and features?:
    Scythe Tubbie
    The Announcer
    Kleve And Klave (Two different entities, not just one)
    And some more new items
    Hope you agree with this!

  15. Guest-4042827113 says:

    Can you add scythe tubbie please?

  16. Guest-4547756543 says:

    Did you add weapons?

  17. Guest-4321649404 says:

    Can you make a sandbox mode? Red dyeing slendytubbies will turn them into hostile, and blue dyeing them will make them not kill the player and will attack the red dyed characters. Also please make the shadow tubbie do normal attacks

  18. Guest-9665454272 says:


  19. Guest-6671193338 says:

    Can you update it to 1.14.30+? I’ve always been a huge fan with Slendytubbies! And I want to keep using this addon!

  20. Guest-2757683163 says:

    My brothers loves slendytubbies so I’m taking a bit also adifly is very inappropriate so make it safer

  21. User-4212813044 says:

    Can you please put the update on add-on’s

  22. User-1520176887 says:

    Pueden poner al locutor?¿

  23. Anonymous says:

    can you make a mod for minecraft java edition please?

  24. William risse says:

    Wow this addon is the best of the 3 slendytubbies addons, is this available to Xbox one users, and how easy is it to install this? Also can you add the scorpion newborn ,scythe tubby, the announcer, and unit 437 (the droid chopping wood). Other than that this addon is perfect, and you seem to be nicer than some other content creators (Bendydemon). P.S. I am going to make a map with this addon.

  25. Leonardo C. says:

    Hay un problema con Shadow Tubbie, este destruye el mapa e invoca a Monse como los new borns y dipsy, podrías hacer que este ataque el mismo como todos los demás??? Es algo molesto que invoque, ademas, ulle de ti al verte

  26. Anonymous says:

    Very cool but it should have animations and shouldnt replace mobs (since the new mcpe update allows for that) other than that its cool

  27. Dirk says:

    Those mob in inventory is gone like bug huh!
    And telletubbie attack the custard Stop attacking my custard stupid tubbie

  28. pauenderman says:

    Minecraft java edition please

    • ndndi says:

      Pls add unjt_921 and scythe tubby scorpion new born and phantom born and spiky fat born spider bot and the announcer boss and add sounds to them and hit and walk and run animations to the monsters and the new monsters plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  29. jdgb says:

    Pls add punch animations and run and walk animations to the monsters and even the new monsters to plsssssssssss

    • bxjdj says:

      Pls add unjt_921 and scythe tubby scorpion new born spider bot a phantom born and spiky fat born and add hit animations and run and walk animations to monsters and the new monsters plssssssssssssss

      • hfjjf says:

        Pls add unjt_921 and scythe tubby scorpion new born spider bot phantom born spiky fat born and the announcer boss and add sounds to them add hit animations add run and walk animations to the monsters and new monsters please

      • bxjdj says:

        Can you add flashlight and night vison camra pls

      • darian says:

        Hey there’s somting missing in this add I missing mobs are scythe tubby unit_921 scorpion new born. Spider bot phantom born spiky fat born and the announcer boss and add hit animations and run and walk animations to monsters and new monsters can you add those monsters to this addon please

      • jdnuszb says:

        Pls add unjt_921 and scythe tubby and scorpion new born and phantom born spider bot spiky fat born and the announcer boss and add walk and run and hit animations to the n
        Monsters and the new monsters plssssssssssssssssss

    • Даззмир says:

      Он не имеет делать анимаций модов, он учиться, ты просто пиши что надо добавить какого моба из игры слендетубис, у него свои права

  30. mrwarren says:

    Pls add scythe tubby and unit473 and announcer boss and add sounds to them plssssssssss

  31. MrJulian says:

    I need skin pack of this addons plis nwn

  32. mobsxc says:

    And can you add sounds to them pls

  33. mobsxc says:

    Pls add unjt_921 and scythe tubby and the announcer boss plsssssssssdssssss

  34. dom says:

    Come on pls add the scythe tubby and the announcer boss and add sounds to them plsssssssszzzz

  35. bemoaning says:

    Pls add scythe tubby and announcer boss and add sounds to them plssssssssssssssssz

  36. Benny says:

    Come on add the scythe tubby and the announcer boss and add sounds to them plssssssssssss

  37. Randall Diamond says:

    Very good, but I need to comment a few things.
    1-They start running in circles in slabs.
    2-They should reproduce.
    3-Why do they run away from me in Survival Mode?
    4-The natural generation of the mobs needs some restrictions by biomes and separation of different types of tubbies.

  38. umeka says:

    Can you add the unjt_921 plsss

  39. umeka says:

    Pls add scythe tubby and announcer boss plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  40. Nickeleyes11 says:

    For me. The addon doesn’t work cause I’m on mobile and when I’m in mediafire. It says it’s a “mob”. That’s a glitch

  41. umeka says:

    And can you add sounds of the announcer boss plessssssssszz

  42. umeka says:

    Can you add the announcer boss plessssssssssss

  43. Miningking says:

    Can you make Noo Moo have the vacuum sounds from slendytubbies 1, and can you make him also a tamable mob? I really want noo noo as a pet

  44. Anonymous says:


  45. Miningking says:

    Hey really like the mod, but can you fix dipsy chainsaw arms

  46. Ytbtol says:

    Can you fix the download and import? I can’t get the addon to work because of the import, and took forevor to get the download

  47. Bronco Dalton says:

    You should add another boss

  48. Dark hard says:

    Hey i love your addon
    New mobs:
    .classic dipsy lake
    White tubbie (chamsaw)
    .the announcer
    .all survive enimigs
    .scythe tubie
    .and your oc

  49. Bruin says:

    You only update on the site why not on the add-on module?

  50. Josesssj5 says:

    Creo que deberías darle mas vida a los teletubies militares (son muy débiles) ademas dales armadura (que sea un nuevo tipo de armadura con un nombre algo así como: armadura de militubie, que básicamente fuese un poco mas fuerte que la armadura de hierro)

  51. Javi says:

    Me dice que es un archivo Zip no valido, lo podrías arreglar porfi porque así es imposible de descargar para jugar😇

  52. Anonymous says:

    Me dice que es un archivo Zip no válido lo podrías arreglar porfi porque así es indescargable para jugar 😇

  53. Thisman says:

    When I download it it said unable to download zip. Please tell me why

  54. muhammad yaser gamer says:

    I like it

  55. Sse says:

    Please change the health on these mobs especially the soldiers please

  56. PAULO E A DE SOUZA says:

    new mobs
    .yeti tubby
    .cave tubby
    .arrow tubbie
    .the announcer
    .white tubbie with
    .scythe tubbie
    .miles with basque
    .spider bot
    .phantom born
    .spiker fat born
    .scorpion born
    .bull born
    .mini announcer

  57. Zack Taylor says:

    can you make noo noo tameble

  58. Javi says:

    Los brazos de Lala monstruo están acia abajo en vez de cómo deberian. Es un addon jenial pero porfi intenta arreglarlo 😇

  59. Javi says:

    Cuando un tele teletubi ataca a alguien deja de ser domable y no vuelve a enfrentarse a los enemigos que le rodean aparte de que las máquinas de papillas y galletas no sueltan el odgeto cuando las golpeas. Porfi intenta arreglarlo 😇

  60. Calum says:

    Can you add crave tubby mountain tubby and 3D gun Addons and weapons?

  61. stupidkid says:

    thanks now i know how to ruin a child hood

  62. Project steve says:

    Di anyone dont have the pink tubbie and the soldier and the tubbie custart and tubbie toast bevaus i dont have one i only have the rpbot tubbie rons shadow tubbie and tubbie custard machin and tubbie toast machin how does it work

  63. Sse says:

    Please make it so that you can get the regular wild dragon and attack o

  64. Calum says:

    Arhtnideo can you add blue workers dead body? Dead dip sy dead po dead laa laa dead miles and dead gaurdian

  65. JimmyJohnsPizzaria says:

    Dis shat don’t werk. Don’t spawn naturally you trolled me i need a refund.

  66. No Name says:

    Can you make a slendytubbies map?

  67. Alice says:

    Anyone know how to convert the texture of Ghost Girl to a minecraft skin? I really like her texture and so I want to use her as a skin but don’t know how to edit/convert it

  68. NoSleep says:

    Nightmares mate

  69. random guy says:

    fix the url i cant get it

  70. That guy says:

    Can someone help? I don’t see the soldier tubby in the inventory. Please reply with a answer, thanks.

  71. helloinkminer says:

    Update the dl link and use straight to mediafire instead

  72. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    Could you add a new interaction in that passive teletubbies follow you when holding a custard? Thank you!

  73. Mourad says:

    Just let him go

  74. Emmanuel says:

    Don’t spawn in world naturally, i’m use version, and is compatible with version 1.11, i need help for this

  75. Emmanuel says:

    Don’t spawn naturally un they world, i use versión, compatible with 1.11 game, i need Helo for this plis

  76. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    Nice, and I got some ideas:
    -Yeti Tubby
    -Claw Tubby
    -Orange Tubby
    -Lake Dipsy
    -Tubby Custard (As an own item; you can’t tame teletubbies with the placable custards)
    -Tubby Toast (as an own item; not a cookie)
    -Night Vision Camera
    -Rusty Pipe
    -Access Card
    -Custard Machine
    -Just replace some music discs with the Slendytubbies music:
    -Run Away
    -A New Order
    -Too Far Gone
    4. SKIN PACK!!!
    DUDE! I want a teletubbies skin pack!
    Amazing, anyway.

  77. Alex says:

    Pls fix the guardian spawn egg texture

  78. Empanada says:

    Oye, puedes arreglarle los brazos a laa laa y añadir más slendytubbies como el yeti tubby, dipsy lake ole locutor?

  79. Surnamed xiong says:

    When will Addons’ Slendy teletubbies be updated?

  80. Surnamed xiong says:

    When will this module be available in Addons

  81. Justin says:

    I love love this addon soooo can you add the yeti tubby,shadow tubby,cave tubby and shadow tubby!

  82. Surnamed xiong says:

    Can you send slendy teletubbies to the module platform

  83. says:

    Can you send slendy teletubbies to the module platform

  84. Joby says:

    Jose is right, the attack animation messes up their model, for example, Laalaa monster has her arms crossed because of the new stuff you added, you should really check it out and remove, do not try fixing it because its gonna mess it up more, can you remove whatever new animation for laalaa monster plz

  85. abedalaziz says:

    please my minecraft is 1.10 and when iam spawn the eggs the mob is invisbel
    anyone help me plz

  86. Jose says:

    please remove the attack animations because it mess them up, some people in my high school that like your mod said that the attack animations need to be removed because it messes up their model. Plz just remove it

  87. Fuck your ass Bitch says:

    Hey Arathnido can u add Shadow Tubby Cave Tubby Mountain Tubby and the announcer and pls make the military tubby when it aims a target their gun will also aim pls

  88. SteveDBZ says:

    I hope this addon will be released for 1.12.0.+

  89. Corina Petrecu says:

    It is working on progress for 1.12+ same goes to slendytubbies devil above addon

  90. Anonymous says:

    I did everything it needs to work but it doesn’t work. I already activated the texture and behavior packs and activated the experimental gameplay but the entities are still invisible.

  91. Finlay Jamieson says:

    Update this for 1.10

  92. Julian Zalewski says:

    Can you send a direct link to mediafire? my console doesnt support the adfly link. i really want this mod 🙁

  93. Arshil says:

    Please make these creatures spawn naturally in the world

  94. Jesús says:

    Me gustaría el adom de slendytubbies 3 si pudiera 😬😬😬

  95. Artfel says:

    He Forgot to put addon Name Is Ron,Infected Ron,All Guard’s had weapon,Yeti,Craw tubby and Po (Phase 1) (Phase 2) (phase 3) i want that Only Arathnidogamer cant make that addon

  96. Hi says:

    These monsters don’t spawn naturally in the world

  97. Anonymous says:

    Tgtggfrre its awesome

  98. Anonymous says:

    Is this only for MinecraftPE?

  99. Фанатка слендитубиков says:

    А что делать если не видно персонажей но слышно, бить тоже можно и приручить. Что в такой ситуации делать?

  100. SteveDBZ says:

    Tinky Tank are too big than the original one

    The original big as a giant tree

  101. Mauro says:

    Dont work the textures please update the addon

  102. Y3llow says:

    Why the mobs are invisible?

  103. MarshmelloGamer1 says:

    I like The New slendytubbies add-on of

  104. Anonymus 127 says:

    The addon is broken,the entities is invisible…Please help

  105. Awesome gamer aviation says:

    If your add-on appears black eggs, You forgot to turn on the Expermimental mode. And done!

  106. Uxusk1 says:

    Umm it’s invisible 🙁

  107. A girl says:

    Its broken update it plz that eggs r black

  108. Awesome gamer aviation says:

    Hey arathnidogamer, Add some helicopter add-ons and airplane add-ons for 1.9 or 1.8

  109. Anonymous says:

    Make the soldier tubbie please.

  110. Noah says:

    you need to make a tokyo ghoul addon plz it would be amazing

  111. Aj says:

    I WANT a skin pack of Them!!

  112. Jean says:

    Eu achei o addon muito legal parabéns

  113. Gababel says:

    Hey , i find only tubby custard and tubby toast , i don’t find the mobs . Why ?

  114. Anonymous says:

    this is so cool although it would be better if there was a map and if it were online mini game too

  115. Keane says:

    Please can you change the Tubby Cubtard & Tubby Toast to be its own item? <3

  116. Mr idiot says:

    Can you use a different website to download it cause that website called had a virus can you use MediaFire instead cause it doesn’t have a virus also I liked this addon

    • XxLLxX says:

      NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY message😔 I LIKE YOUR ADD ON BUT….NO ONE EVEN LOOKED MY QUESTION CAN I ASK A QUESTION EDITOR?can you make a wither storm because it’s beautiful. it’s nice that the tentacles have animation and they have each stage. In any case no one answers my question no one even answers other editors I say but he doesn’t pay attention to the minute I go to him he didn’t see it

  117. Reepergaming says:

    This is the best addon

  118. A Nani Moos says:

    Nevermind this addon was different than the addon i was talking about 😅

  119. A Nani Moos says:

    Do they replace anything? Because in Youtube I saw that the spawn egg were the names of existing mobs.

  120. chase4rats says:

    can sombody make a slendytubbies skin pack, with all the things from this addon into skins?

  121. Mojang_microsoft_notch says:

    Awesome addon

  122. Enderstriker64 says:

    Da heck XDXDXD

  123. Umbreon2020 says:

    I have no words

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