Slendytubbies Classic Map

This map is a recreation of the original slendytubbies game, where you are the White Tubby you are in Teletubbieland, your goal is to collect the Tubbie Custards before Tinky Winky catches you.

The goal is to collect 10 Tubbie Custards at Teletubbieland  and prevent tinky winky from catching you. You can play during the day, at dusk or at night. 

You can play alone or you can also play in multiplayer.

In multiplayer there are 2 game modes:

  • Cooperative: The objective all players must collect the 10 Tubbie Custards and prevent tinky winky from catching them.
  • Versus: In this game mode a random player will become the slendytubbie and his goal is to catch the other players trying to collect the Tubbie Custards.


There are 2 versions of the map in different languages.


Supported Minecraft versions


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22 Responses

3.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Nickeleyes11 says:

    And a TTSE addon

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t play the map though, shows up newer version is like blah blah, Is there a new version coming, I’m in 1.13 beta

  2. Nickeleyes11 says:

    Make a Thomas the slender engine map

  3. Nickeleyes11 says:

    Make a Thomas star slender engine map

  4. Cyan Dunn says:

    It keeps saying, “A newer version has saved this map, and cannot be played.” I can’t update the the game, so the map is unplayable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I playing it and had a little fun with my friend, but the main tubbie just stands there moving around a little, we had to go into creative mode and spawn the other ones around the map just to make it more challenging, And i downloaded it before the link went down, but both were spanish, so i just had to guess what it meant.

  6. Mason Phillips says:

    I would also love to play it but when I click on it is says something that there has been changes and the world is no longer loadable

  7. fernan says:

    me gusto mucho

  8. Charlie Hurley says:

    A newer version of the game has saved this level. Whats the newer version and how do I get it

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would love to try this, however when I downloaded the map the error message of, “A newer version has saved this map, and cannot be played” appeared, I have look for a update but found nothing

  10. Endeavour says:

    I would love to play this, however adfly links no longer work. Could you please change it to a mediafire/add a mediafire link? I really like the look of this map!! Best regards x

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