Slime Drop Challenge [Minigame]

Slime Drop is a fun and really simple map challenge. It has already been featured by many popular YouTubers such as AA12, RageElixir and JackFrostMiner. Now we want to challenge you and see if you have what it takes to make your way up the top 10 high score listing!

Creator: AA12, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Once you load up the map push the button on the side of the dispenser to obtain some slime blocks. Then climb up using the ladders to the top of the building.


Make sure the slime blocks are selected in your hotbar. Whenever you feel ready, jump down from the tower and try to place the slime block just when you hit ground to survive the fall.


It’s really difficult and it took me 21 tries to succeed. I bet a lot of you can beat this though!

Count everytime you die and then post your score (or amount of tries) in the comments! If you got proof, like a video, make sure to post it. If not, we might trust you anyway. We’ll try to keep this list updated.

High Scores

This list is based on total tries. Least is best.

  1. Kresna Sriada, 2 tries
  2. Johndabest, 3 tries
  3. dracokidUT, 3 tries
  4. Shiruto_MCPE213, 4 tries
  5. Galaxy_30_MLG, 5 tries
  6. The wood gamer, 5 tries
  7. ItsJustChrist, 6 tries
  8. Orangejuice, 6 tries
  9. xJAKETHECOOKx, 7 tries
  10. Darkgamer1557, 7 tries
  11. AA12, 9 tries
  12. RageElixir, 9 tries
  13. GoldenMooshroom, 9 tries
  14. Smirnox, 10 tries
  15. JackFrostMiner, 11 tries
  16. PvPTiger64, 13 tries
  17. BrandonCrafter, 13 tries
  18. CreepyNinjazzz123, 18 tries

Download (Dropbox)
Download (MCPE DL)

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68 Responses

5 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. F10zon says:

    bruh took me 3 tries but now i can do every single jump without missing

  2. TheAttackBread says:


  3. TheAttackBread says:

    I swear everyone who said 1 is a liar and just wants to get on the leaderboard

  4. TheGrimmCreeper says:

    First try yay

  5. TheGrimmCreeper says:

    Ha this was easy first try lol noobs

  6. Raiyanhossain says:

    Wow i did it in first try

  7. Carson says:

    I did in 1 try it was easy

  8. ForeverTalia_Minecraft says:

    Really?!?!? This Is Easy Mode!!! I Did 0 Tries And I Nailed It!!!!! My Name In Minecraft Is TaliaGamin.

  9. Omar says:

    I am not joking the first time and if do you want I will post a screenshot . I swear

  10. JustAFunnyGuy says:

    Made it by one, i can send 3 pictures to your gmail if you said it, that was easy plus i was practicing a long time ago with water.

  11. JustAFunnyGuy says:

    Btw i can send pictures if you want

  12. Jeff says:

    Made it in one

  13. TheMiner2163 says:

    only 1 try really maybe because it easier on window 10 ???

  14. EzKillZ says:

    That was wayy to ez first try XD ty tho

  15. Creeper7200 says:

    I did this map in one try. This was map was really fun

  16. Taro says:

    I dit it in 2 times

  17. Faris Ashriem says:

    OMG FIRST TRY NO WAY!!! Btw ive done this before xD so i know the timing. Put me as Faris Ashriem.

  18. Skk says:

    O M GOSH 1 TRY!

  19. TheMinecraftTeam says:

    My brother got 1st try

  20. TheMinecraftTeam says:

    I beat it first go

  21. Mohamed says:

    Can you please make this

  22. Mohamed says:

    Can you make this for iOS plz

  23. clarcie gaming says:

    I got one try omg can’t believe I did it first try

  24. Jeff says:

    I got 3 tries!!!!!

  25. LOLZ says:

    2 trys i swear guys i was SOOOOOO lucky

  26. Rikizu says:

    Whaat it only took 5tries

  27. TouchDown56 says:

    Omg, it took me 8 tries yaaaaaaaaaaay

  28. Darckfox says:

    Yess! I got 2 tries!!

  29. OliveGaming says:

    I did it in only 2 tries. I am very surprised I did it.

  30. Grimly says:

    Haha! 1 try! Beat that!! W-wait.. was this supposed to be easy..?

  31. AwesomezBoyx says:

    I just 4 tries

  32. ChrisUPPIHD says:

    I Had 13 Tries

  33. Swini says:


  34. ItsJustChris says:

    6 tries… Kind of lol, watch the video:
    (P.s., like some of the other youtubers, can you put my name as a link please?)

  35. BrandonCrafter says:

    I got it in 14 tries. My name is BrandonCrafter, I’m a YouTuber and here’s the video for proof:

  36. AndrOyuN says:

    Did at first time. I think luck 😀 Review in my channel

  37. BillyTheCrazy says:

    JFM viev the map

  38. GoldenMooshroom says:

    Whaat, I took only 9 tries from me?:)

  39. Shiruto_MCPE213 says:

    Yeayy……!!!! I just tries 4 times !!!!

  40. Yrag//CreepyNinjazz123 says:

    I got 18 tries lol.. I thought it was easy hehe

  41. Cameron Wood says:

    How do I get slime blocks and dispensers is it a update for ipad already out

  42. The wood gamer youtube says:

    It took me 5 teries??

  43. Orangejuice says:

    Mah username is Orangejuice and i got…………6 triesssss yayayayayayayyyyyesssss gooooooood at least in my opinion

  44. Jemi says:

    Oh this is for 0.14x… 😀 lol

  45. Smirnox says:

    It took me 10 tries xdd

  46. Kresna Sriada says:

    I did it only 2 tries yeeeeyyyyy !!!

  47. Lionel Alanguilan // PvPTiger64 says:

    I got 13 tries! 😛

  48. Dayola says:

    Hello my mcpe username is Galaxy_30_MLG and my tries are 5 this takes me a practice and i even do 360 (—a joke

  49. xJAKETHECOOKx says:

    7 i swear i can send a picture of it if youd like of how many slime blocks were on the floor when i beat it

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