Slime Rancher (Public Beta)

3 years and this game still hasn’t lost it’s charm. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play slime rancher in Minecraft, and here we are! Keep in mind this is still in beta and I made this in like 5 days so there will be a lot of bugs. Expect major updates weekly.


Pink Slime

Your standard slime! Generates XP every 10000 ticks.

Phosphor Slime

Unlike the actual game, phosphor slimes spawn during the day and can go out in sunlight. Generates XP every 9000 ticks.

Rock Slime

Rock slimes are extremely slow, but can hurt you pretty bad with their spikes. Generates XP every 8000 ticks.

Tabby Slime

The cutest of the bunch, but also the most ferocious. Keep your distance while capturing! Generates XP every 7500 ticks.

Puddle Slime

The puddle slime is a slime that can only be  found on Ring Island. The teleporter to this place can be activated by feeding the tabby gordo [may be broken]. Keep them in the pond at your ranch. Generates XP every 7000 ticks,

Boom Slime

While in game they do explode, in this map they do not. Why? Because they would explode and die when you would try and feed them. Generates XP every 6500 ticks.

Crystal Slime

They pack a punch, then they split! If you’re planning on capturing these guys, split them into their tiny harmless version. Then you’ll have a ton of little money makers! Generates XP every 6000 ticks.

Rad Slime

Rad slimes are the best slimes in game for the time being! These will chase you trying to attack you, but they’re pretty harmless. Even their radiation dosn’t do much good. Can be found on ash isle and parts of the Indigo Quarry. Generates XP every 5500 ticks.

Hunter Slime

Hunter slimes are less rare that rad slimes, but can deal more damage. Can be found in the Moss Blanket. Be careful Generates XP every 5500 ticks.

Honey Slime

Honey slimes are semi-rare, only being found in honey perch. Generates XP every 5000 ticks.

Mosaic Slime

When lightning strikes a pink slime, it will turn into a mosaic slime! Useless for the time being.

The Ranch

Tools / Misc.

Two Dispensers can be found east of your ranch house. The left gives you the Vacpack 1.0 and 2.0 while the right gives you elytra. The Vackpac 1.0 shoots tethers at the slimes, while the 2.0 can pick up slimes and push them through things like corral walls.

You can also find a pond and a coop to the right of them. [The button on the coop collects the eggs and places them where shown.]

You  Found a secret


There are twenty gardens west of your ranch house. This time around you’ll need to find the food in the wild! You can find a golden hoe in your ranch house.


There are two regular corrals, one with an air net, and one with a solar shield. All of them have auto-feeders and XP Collectors. To put slimes in, make sure there is food in the auto-feeder, pick up the slimes with the 2.0, and put them in the corral! A video is shown below on how to do this.


There are two types of gordos, Slime key gordos and static teleporter gordos. Key gordos spawn a key in its mouth when fully fed, and static teleporter gordos activate the nearest red teleporter. Most of the time these teleporters will lead to an island or back to the ranch.

Key Gordos

Teleporter Gordos

Please Comment Any Bugs/Suggestions

Leash + addon by hiccupsf

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Slime Rancher or it’s creators. This map only somewhat mimics the game-play, and there are a lot of things I changed, mainly being the slimes drop XP instead of plorts, and the map is smaller [compared to the in-game dry reef.] If you are affiliated with Slime Rancher and want me to take this down, just let me know.

Changelog View more

Iv'e added a disclaimer and credit to hiccupsf for the Leash + Addon.

Added Ring Island [may be broken]

Added The Indigo Quarry

Added Puddle Slimes, Boom Slimes, Crystal Slimes, and Rad Slimes.

Improved Vacpack system

You now need to buy the Grotto

Improved Gordos

Added Bamboo Farm

Removed the air net on two of the corrals


Added Moss Blanket + Slimes

Improved Indigo Quarry

Improved XP System

Added Lore

Added Tutorial Book

Improved Ranch House

Added Music

Added GUI

Bug Fixes


A Relatively high end device or windows 10 edition is required.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 (beta)

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51 Responses

4.92 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. ObsoleteOcto says:


  2. Best map evr says:

    How do get to the mods blanket help

    • ObsoleteOcto says:

      If you continue on the dry dry reef, you will see a mossy wall, over it is a bridge that leads to a slime gate. Put a slime key in the center, and boom! To get a slime key you need to feed a gordo until a slime key is created in its mouth. A lisk of gordos that give you keys is shown at the bottom of the page.

  3. MidMoonlighty says:

    Uhhh i have a bug report….. When i want to open chat it just like glitches so much pls fix that

  4. MidMoonlighty says:

    Me like c h i l l slimes 🙂 (btw this is awesome dude)

  5. Art says:

    This is actually good

  6. Best map evr says:

    Could you make the custom entity’s it’s possible it would really help and I would rather have it done perfectly so take as much time as you need

    • ObsoleteOcto says:

      A) I don’t know how and B) Later down the line I’m planning on adding the slime sounds an other sounds as well! I could reprogram them to all act like slimes but in game a lot of them just run awkwardly. So I think its fine and it will soon be polished to the point you wont even be able to tell what mob it replaces!

  7. EnderJ says:

    how much updates?
    i saw this map and seem pretty cool and want to share it to my friend but dont want to be too buggy

  8. Anonymous says:

    When i downloaded it in pe it doesnt load the map all i see is the void and floating slimes

  9. 102582947 says:

    You should add bosses

  10. Love this game says:

    How to use slime keys halp

  11. Zero says:

    This Looks Awesome And I’ve Always Wanted To Play Slime Rancher But I Cant Download The World/Addon.

  12. ObsoleteOcto says:


  13. UwU says:

    Everytime I try to teleport the slimes, they die. Frustrated, I went on creative and spawned them in the pens. They continued dying. I realize that this has had a lot of work put into it, and I’m not going to push you to fix this. I love what I can play! ^w^

  14. Nykko says:

    Yeah, this is great but maybe you should actually GIVE THE XP A USE. Maybe instead of giving the player unlimited leads, you have to pay, jetpacks XP first. More corrals you need to pay boy, just start out with one corral. Farms and more could be bought. JUST GIVE THE XP A USE. Please, I love it so far though can’t wait on the update.

  15. rebecca says:

    should this download as a mcworld or a zip as I am not getting this map to work on my windows 10 .

  16. rebecca says:

    am I suppose to get a slime rancher map with this mod and map

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can’t download… 🙁

  18. Beccy Curby says:

    There’s no tars dude

  19. Spreadster says:

    Wow Amazing Job Here!

  20. Jozue says:

    Good i hope updates

  21. Robert Uhlman says:

    the slimes keep dying

  22. Slimy guy says:

    Omg omg omg omg sooo cute I love cute little slimes

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well done! Awesome!

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