Slimeblock Elevator [Redstone]

This is a slimeblock elevator powered by redstone. You select the floor level by using the arrow on an item frame and then just step into the elevator to go to the selected level. It’s really simple to build too. Have a look at the redstone and try to recreate it in one of your own worlds.

Creator: Xaded_CH

The elevator supports five different levels. You can of course add more levels to it if you intend to use it in one of your worlds.


To select a floor tap on the arrow in the item frame. In this case I decided to set it to #5. Then step into the elevator, stand on the slimeblocks and press the wooden button.


And as you can see, I was sent to the top floor (#5).


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17 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work

  2. TheGiter says:

    I Love it this is link in mediafire
    Can u join my server pe 1.5.2

  3. Claire says:

    Can’t download please fix

  4. Anonnymous says:

    Please add a .mcworld

  5. The amazing notch says:

    Can you make it mediafire link plzzzzz I can’t use it if it is not :(((

  6. Secretname says:


  7. DJ says:


  8. itsJules says:

    Screw this elevator its not good its SUPER Dooper bad heheh?

  9. Xaded_CH says:

    Thanks for posting my map on thos website. 😀

  10. MrCoolKid6780 says:

    How does the elevator return to the first floor?

    Thanks, Grey

  11. Satria says:

    Pls fix this?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The elevator does not work

  13. anonymous says:

    are this elevator can go down to?

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