Slimeblock Gunship [Redstone]

This gunship is much more powerful than its predecessor (Slimeblock Megaplane). It has six guns which will start firing TNTs as soon as the gunship has been set in motion. Besides being a total badass in the air it can also hold up to 12 passengers. Just stand on the blue clay blocks, relax and enjoy the ride!

Creator: SnoobMC, Twitter Account

How to activate the gunship?

The first things which you need to do is to load the guns with some TNTs. Two cannons are located on each end of the wings. The remaining for can be found in the body of the plane.


To start the airplane and cause it to start flying find the tail of the airplane and remove the obsidian block. Then use flint & steel to ignite a fire where the signs tells you to do it.


Make sure to stay close to the center of the gunship to make sure it flows steadily forward. If you get too far out of reach then parts of the gunship will stop working.

slimeblock-gunship-3 slimeblock-gunship-4


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    Guys if u have iOS minecraft like me downdload load this app called Mcpe addon then go to other and press the app photo , after that it will import and then finally touch it then an export it to minecraft

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    Make it Mc.world so i can play it

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    This doesn’t work with iOS bruh

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    Hate it u need computer I’m on iPad

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    Does not work

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    oviously the creator of minecraft is entity 303

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    Works perfectly with iOS

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    plz make it .mcpack or .mcworld

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    It doesn’t work with iOS

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