Slope Blocks Mod (iOS, Android & Windows 10!)

This resource pack changes the shape of 21 different blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition from square to slope (or sometimes slant) shapes. This modification will work on all devices (0.15.6+) including Android, iOS and Windows 10. It’s great if you want to build more realistic structures which have less edges and look more smooth.

Creator: Jimbo_Acob

How does it work?

It’s installed similar to a texture pack. However, in this case it’s not the textures which are changed instead it is the design of the block.

In total there are 21 reshaped blocks. You can find them in your creative inventory or by using the normal crafting recipe to obtain it.

Here’s one example of a pile of ice.


Here are two other examples of cool structures you can build using this modification.


And here’s an overview of all blocks which are reshapen. All of them can be easily found through the creative inventory.


Important: This item is installed as a texture pack. You can find install guides in one of the menus on our website or by using one of the following links.


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  1. Guest-5660215058 says:

    Scam. This will just take you throough an endless ad loop. There is no file, no mod.
    Do not click download.

  2. ArduousArrow954 says:

    I hate Microsoft, forcing us to buy a computer instead of just allowing mods to be installed directly! It’s a load of BS!!! The only reason I have an iPad is because I can’t afford a damn PC, in conclusion Microsoft sucks! Good mod though

  3. MineBlade2Slash says:

    Interesting mod… 🤨

  4. Urmother says:

    I call bull crap I can’t get mods without a stupid computer which my mum won’t let me get

  5. FluffyBoo12 says:

    There is no mcpack file link

  6. Nate says:

    I really like this concept. Unfortunately, I can’t download it because I have no idea what is…

    • Meloncraft64 says:

      If you want to get past do not allow notifications, block anything that appears asking you to, until it takes you to Dropbox. Also DO NOT click on any of the ads unless you want a virus.

  7. PUGS RULE says:

    OMG i hate that you need a computer to do it i don’t have one and i don’t have any of those things to download it becuse my mom won’t let me SO PLZZZ PLZZ MAKE IT SO YOU CAN DO IT WITH OUT THAT PLZZZZ

  8. Antoine Langlois Lauzier says:


  9. ender_crayon316 says:

    i can’t download!!!!!!

  10. Marc says:

    Can u please make a Star Wars add on make the swords light sabers and everything else Star Wars like please I’m on iOs ,so I can’t download texture packs so please

  11. Lolain says:

    Can you make a how to train your dragon mod (its from the movie) and can you please make the dragons look like a deadly nadder, night fury and all the other well known dragons from the movie How To Train Your Dragon (from both the first and second movies).

  12. The geek freak39 says:

    Can you make a Fnaf add on

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