-102839823: Small Glitched Village

Here’s a seed which will spawn you in the center of a village. But it’s not just any village. It’s a glitched village! There are lots of things which aren’t right here. For example, one cool thing is the house which is cut in half. Either they are in the process of rebuilding some stuff or some confused villager just forgot building a wall.

Found by: RoddyRod

Seed: -102839823

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11 Responses

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  1. RyanGamingMCPE says:

    I just found an ancient village with zombie villagers in the village

  2. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    I bet the builder lost the blueprints and guessed how to build those houses. 😅

  3. Baka says:

    I bet it was trayaurus

  4. Picote says:

    Good seed

  5. ken says:

    make more village seeds and maps

  6. CMAN says:

    Should’ve expected as much for people without hands.

  7. Craftmaster62 says:

    Yay first comment

  8. ChillyKnight says:


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