Small Jungle Island, Mushroom Island & Ruined Portal Seed!

The spawn point is in the middle of a small jungle island.

Around it are mushroom islands, frozen seas, and ruined portals!

The ruined portal treasure chest is so gorgeous!

I was also surprised!

The contents of the treasure box may change, so there is no detailed introduction, but I will show the whole thing.

Photo album!

Image near the initial spawn point

Looking north from near the initial spawn point…

Looking east…

Looking south…

Looking west…

Image of the area around the spawn point viewed from above

Overall picture of the ruined portal!

An image of the rough contents of the treasure chest!

That’s all for the introduction, but if you have information that is not here, please let us know in the comments!

Have fun with this seed!

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15 Responses

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  1. Guest-6210761244 says:

    This seed is great! There is a flower field plateau at -514, 122, 1194.

  2. Guest-4466861057 says:

    This seed is great, the only problem is that I can’t find an ender portal, I made a creative copy and searched the nearest dungeon, and couldn’t find any end portal in the dungeon. So if anyone has found the exact location of the end portal, plz give it to me

  3. Guest-8411782511 says:

    Q why

  4. Guest-8991054305 says:

    Try this seed 1449865456
    – villages nearby spawn and at 852, 71, 164
    -Zombie spawner 812, 38, 427
    -Mineshaft 857, 19 ,433
    -Flat lands
    -Dark oak Forest
    -Snowy hills
    all are near at 795, 71, 420

  5. Hey i can see this is pc…

  6. Sansgamertv says:

    it is very great

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