Smaller Spiders Addon

This is an addon which will reduce the size of all spiders (meaning, normal spiders and cave spiders) to a more realistic size. It’s now harder to kill them since their hitbox has also been largly reduced. However, to balance their powers they have been given a new weakness and that is water.

Creator: TheDemonHorder

At the same time it’s more realistic it also makes survival mode more difficult since they can be just as aggressive as before.

The spiders are still hostile only during the night. However, I do recommend that you keep a bucket of water on you in case you ever have to deal with them swiftly.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack (works for all versions, including the beta)
  2. Activate the pack world a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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15 Responses

  1. Teel Tanuki says:

    Nice, adds a sense of realism to an otherwise unrealistic game

  2. mr krabs says:

    cool adon

  3. ShadowKillerX says:

    This just makes spiders even more terrifying for sum reason…

  4. Editor says:

    ay thanks <3

  5. PRO says:


  6. Therix says:

    I didn’t download it because i already had the Realistic Mobs add-on!

  7. Efrem says:

    Hi Stampy how are you doing today

  8. AshPvPGamer says:

    Bug the spider keeps spinning..

  9. TheNoscoper says:

    This is very good, but please add silverfish, as they are also an arthropod in reality.

  10. Aspergerian says:

    Looks nice 🙂

    Question though, how would spider/cave spider jockeys look like (skeleton varients and baby zombie riders)?

  11. ThePurpleWolf67 says:

    I know this was made like a few minutes or hours ago but it came out today!!! And i never seen an addon come when i existed!!

  12. TheDarkSlayer293 says:

    This looks amazing it’s so realistic thx for making and please please please make a Pokemon addon with lots of Pokemon in it please

  13. Endernbrine says:

    I will be the to send the first comment. I like this addon because you can kill spiders easily!

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