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Published on September 21, 2014 (Updated on September 21, 2014)

Smart Tools

Mining, digging, collecting and gathering usually requires a tool to be used in Minecraft. It's not always easy to remember which tool is supposed to be used for what purpose. If you sometimes feel lost and confused by all the different alternatives of tools in your inventory then look no further.

Smart Tools automatically checks which item you are holding in your hand and compares it with what object you want to use it on in Minecraft. If it is the wrong type of tool then the mod will automatically shift it to a more appropriate one.

For example, lets say you were to try and dig a hole in the sand with a pickaxe. Immediately the mod would change the tool you hold to a shovel assuming you have one. Otherwise it would ask if you want to let it craft one for you if you have the necessary recipe items on you.


  • Automatic block & mob detection system
  • Changes tool based on detected mob or block
  • Automatic inventory check for crafting recipes

Creator: _Sin0psysS_

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Hmm Is this for ios or android or pc?? or all???
This us for android
is this for ios???? Or android????
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