Smelters Forge

This is Smelters Forge, an addon that adds a completely new way to Play, Craft, and Survive.

This addon is inspired by Tinkers’ Construct, but it stands out on its own and will revitalize the way you play Minecraft!

Smelters Forge adds a multitude of features, which include…

  • A Fully Working Forge
  • Stencil Table
  • Part Table
  • Pattern Chest
  • Sieve
  • Bonsai Pot
  • Tanks for storing Liquids
  • Drying Racks
  • Over 50+ new items
  • and so much more!

This addon will completely change the way you craft weapons and tools, you can still craft wooden weapons and tools normally but as for stone and above you need to use the custom crafting tables and forge, which adds a somewhat realism to the game,

this is the first public version so please let me know of any bugs, and don’t forget to watch my video if your struggling.


Changelog View more
  • Added a Mediafire download link
  • Included a video in the Description as a Tutorial.


  • Make sure to Enable Experimental features!! 
  • Do NOT Upload to any other website.
  • If you review this in a video then link back to this page
  • Do NOT take Code, images, etc, and use them as your own
  • If you wish to use this in any mod packs, then please contact me first.


Supported Minecraft versions


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66 Responses

5 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. NeonFoxyYT says:

    I’m Getting Kind Of Concerned On If This Addon Will Ever Get Updated To Newer Versions Of Minecraft.

  2. elco ringa says:

    Please update at 1.16 men, this addon is really nice and fun to play

  3. Dalay995 says:

    pls update at 1.16.1

  4. Guest-5658565981 says:

    Bruh is there any way to add all these materials like manulyn (I don’t know if I spelled that right but I’m pretty sure you know what I mean) and make this a minecraft pocket edition version of tinkers construct

  5. Guest-6407967385 says:

    1.16 please!

  6. Guest-3889600391 says:

    I saw a vid from DanRobzProbz where he plays this in 1.16 without experimental gameplay.

    • Guest-6154705276 says:

      And if you had other MODS with…. ? So some tools of this mod don’t work anymore since the 1.16. please creator UP this. PS Idc of your danrobmescouilles.

  7. Guest-1742740443 says:

    Update toi 1.16 please I love this mod!

  8. Guest-4490666994 says:

    if you active the education mode the stencil table works…

  9. Guest-6459855791 says:

    Hello, Good sir, as I was about to use the addon, I realized It Isn’t a ZIP file. The problem with this Is that I cannot use the addon since both the resource and behavior pack are Not separate and Are currently not gonna work with my PE game. If you could please add a zip file, that would be very nice of you.

  10. Guest-7754619396 says:

    Pls add a portable tank that can be leashed on to

  11. Guest-2221815595 says:

    Hi, the stencil table dosnt work in Android.

  12. Vanilla420 says:

    i will spare no time and effort, its time to create a map based off of this pack
    dont worry ill put credit, i dont want to be accused of stealing addons, i simply create the map, you guys do all the work, and im thankful for it, i always believed that maps are what bring addons and creators together, like crazy craft, skyfactory, i wanna be like them

  13. Guest-8641159238 says:

    Drives and forge is the best I don’t need to find diamond the greatest treasure is gravel xd can get diamond with it

  14. Guest-8500284076 says:

    Dude it’s awesome I saw DanRobzProbz showing it off and I thought it was very interesting

  15. Guest-6582890978 says:

    Stencil table is not work

    How to work

  16. Guest-5498212915 says:

    In my game the stencil table is not working and don’t showing any recipes please help me

  17. DTechGamer says:

    My favorite utilities is the Forge! It’s really really really useful! I really really really love this add-on!

  18. Guest-1686686143 says:

    Squid i would love to see other material sticks and more like iron stick with diamond pickaxe head

  19. Guest-1658533765 says:

    What are the controls on pc

  20. Guest-1346361805 says:

    is this muitiplayer compatible?

  21. Guest-8661990271 says:

    The stencil doesnt work!

  22. Guest-3008607345 says:

    Add crafting recipes in the description

  23. Guest-2986963946 says:

    Can you pls make it 1.16 support

  24. Guest-7715025121 says:

    Pls remove the shadows

  25. This is amazing! A few bugs I found:
    – blank patterns cannot be crafted
    – stencil table has no trades

  26. JPhantom2020 says:


  27. Guest-6114000022 says:

    Are you going to update this??

  28. chinaklp says:

    Can I move it to the Chinese website and make it Chinese? I will put a link to this page

  29. Guest-2033932487 says:

    the stencil table doesnt work on mobile

  30. Guest-5447575332 says:

    Sooooooo I’m on ios it was working fine until the stencil table the trading is showing it doesn’t trade anything and it only has 1 slot

  31. Guest-5697778205 says:

    Do working redstone blocks soon!

  32. drxpkxd says:

    For some reason I can’t craft stencils , bug fix please ?

  33. Guest-9354920098 says:

    It also works on version 1.16

  34. A EPICGAMER says:

    don’t worry i got it, it wouldn’t break because it still had the lava in it.

  35. A EPICGAMER says:

    when i crouch and right click the forger it does not break can u fix this btw GREAT ADDON!!!

  36. Guest-5228346646 says:

    Are there going to be more ores?

  37. Guest-7475567320 says:

    Do u think u could remove the emerald hanging over the tables as well as the shadows? I know the shadows can be removed not sure about the emerald thing,
    But I like this addon a lot can’t wait to see more and for those fancy animations.

  38. Guest-2523507490 says:

    How do i break the stencil table help it wont die

  39. Guest-4036654910 says:

    Thank you so so much ! This is definitely gonna make my survival world more interesting .

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