Smoothcraft [16×16]

Smoothcraft makes everything in Minecraft look much more smooth and soft and as result the textures blend much better together. If you like things clean and for the most part symmetricalthen this texture pack is a good fit as it got a boxy and simplistic feel to it.

Creator: MasterMind, Twitter Account

smoothcraft3 smoothcraft7 smoothcraft2 smoothcraft4 smoothcraft6


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AndroidiOSWindows 10

25 Responses

3 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Karenkiller69 says:

    Will this work for xbox?

  2. Please help says:

    Link is down

  3. Bluesrceen says:

    The download link is down , please reply with the link

  4. Max says:

    Sux if you cant download on IOS
    (Sorry im being mean but could you please do on IOS that be great)

  5. FanaticPeach99 says:

    Can you make a .mcpack for this? i’d love to play it on the computer win10 but the 7-zip wont work and i don’t know any other file extracters.

  6. 1_Admin27 says:

    Does this works for 0.15.1?

  7. xXTCGamerXx says:

    Does it really work for 0.13.0?

  8. Phantom_x100 says:

    Does it work for 0.13.0???

  9. Marcel says:

    Ich kann das texture pack nicht starten es kommt seit der 0.13.0 immer das
    **error code**

  10. Ali says:

    Never mind, I downloaded this and it is awesome!!

  11. Ali says:

    How do u download this texture pack?

  12. Amber says:

    The installation guide doesn’t seem very helpful… Is there an easier way to download this?

  13. BiPleaseHelp says:

    Does it work on 0.12.1 ?

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