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Snapshot Ores Outlined Pack V3.1

This texture pack adds both the olds, the new and the Deepslate Snapshot textures in outlined because I haven't found a single texture pack that offers all the new ore textures in outlined so I just did it. I hope you like it if you have any wishes or problems write me in the comments.

This texture pack contains: -The new Snapshot ores in outlined. -The old Snapshot ores in outlined. -new deepslate ores in outlined. (Use that with the Deeplate Pack from TheLogicalmine) -Old grimstone ores in outlined. (Use that with the Deeplate Pack from TheLogicalMine)

Snapshot Ores Outlined (21w08a).

Snapshot Ores Outlined (21w07a).

Deepslate Ores Outlined (21w08a).

Grimestone Ores Outlined (21w07a*).

New-Snapshot-Ores (21w10a).

New-Snapshot-Ores (21w10a).

The copper ore is in all Vairants also included for people playing in the beta. (tested)

You allowed:

To make a Video about this Pack, but credit me and put the Link to Mcpedl in the Video-Discription, and Link my Yt-Channel .

You not allowed:

To steal my Content, Files, Folders, Textures or anything from this Pack and you not allowed to copy Things or upload it to other websites, apps, etc.

Before you install the New Updated Pack delete the older Version.

Delete Tutorial

3. And now install the new Pack.

Join my Discord Server to get Creeperful Pre-Downloads!

Select version for changelog:


-The bug that there was Snapchot instead of Snapshot everywhere was fixed in the pack as well as here.

-Many thanks to everyone who pointed this out to me.

-As a small excuse that you had to live with these misspellings, I'll bring my next pack out earlier than planned...


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Whats funny is I made this but didnt know how to upload it cause ive never done it before
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Yes, that the Snapchot Ores in outlined.. I can add the normal Ores when you need it..
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You do know its snapshot right and not snapchot
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What he/she means is that you spelled snapshot wrong
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This is 1.16.210, so on the beta can you change the copper texture too?
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Is the Copper Ore in Beta not changed? when no I try to fix it..
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