Snapshot Ores Texture Pack

In the Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot 20w07a and 21w08a, the ores were given new textures to fit the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update! So we present you: the Snapshot Ores Texture Pack. (We changed the file of the Snapshot Ores Pack so make sure to delete the old snapshot ore pack to enjoy the brand new one!)

(all the ore textures that have changed except diamond)

Coal Ore:

Iron Ore:

Gold Ore:

Redstone Ore:

Lapis Ore:

Emerald Ore:

We were requested to add the border version of these new ores, so here it is!

(Disclaimer: only the ores that received new textures was given the borders. That means diamond, emerald and lapis ore won’t have borders to keep the texture pack’s main concept.) 

Iron Ore Border: 

Coal Ore Border: 

Gold Ore Border: 

Redstone Ore Border: 

Lapis Ore Border:

Emerald Ore Border: 

Diamond Ore Border: (was given the borders)

These outlined versions of these ores can be used on servers such as HIVE in their new texture from 1.17!

(The snapshot does not change the textures of: diamond, lapis, emerald, ancient debris, copper, nor quartz)

Credits to: Chez#4986 from the Team Co-Blocks Discord for helping me porting these textures from java to bedrock!

Changelog View more
gave diamond ore borders and updated all the ore textures to match the latest snapshot

Updated the file of the original snapshot ores texture pack to prevent stealing and false accuse of stealing. And added the new outlined version of the ores.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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  1. VictoriousMaverickPlayz says:

    I love it, I used it in my server <3

  2. LinkmasterGamingYT says:

    You should totally complete this and add the new textures! I can’t wait to try them out, especially copper!!

  3. Umm im back rn and i saw this, just tried and it looks good, except on diamonds, no changes, hahaha

  4. Hurbler says:

    bruh moment i was planning to make a texture pack like this

    rn its pending god damn it lol

  5. Hasim3110 says:

    minelogicarchives stolen your pack

  6. SacredBluevelvet says:


  7. sicisimr123 says:

    This is amazing! Can u pls create an outlined version of this because then this would the best. Other than that, great!

  8. Kudi London says:

    Can you make this work for 1.16.40 please.

  9. Exact says:

    Can you add a link so I can download a zip file version?

  10. GibbsX says:

    I cant believe how they slaughtered my boy iron😢 they turned him into literal Golem vomit..

  11. Fleecks says:

    Snapshot 21w07a

  12. Raiko says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since the release of the snapshot

  13. Kawaii Ken says:

    Pogchamp. Yeah

  14. CubiHead says:

    Gold and iron ore get new textures again from Jappa

  15. Kahfiar says:

    how about emerald?

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