SnowBlock [Auto-Miners!] [Quests!] [Shops]

A unique never before used idea for skyblock. This skyblock map, is a little different. Are you tired of grinding cobblestone for hours just to build a small bridge? Well in this unique map, it’s far easier! You can use snow from snow golems to bridge. However, of course, cobblestone is essential to the game but you don’t start out with it. Getting ores is also possible with the custom generator. With shops, with villagers, with the new Minecraft BEES, with our QUEST UPDATE, with new custom islands and our NEW AUTO-MINERS!

Over 16 islands! (Including shops and such, excluding the custom islands).

This map is created 100% vanilla and works with 1.13. In this unique map you can defeat the ender dragon and possibly even the Wither. Killing the ender dragon won’t be your biggest challenge. The Wither will be. Since the Wither flies 95% of the time out of your reach and has a stage when you can’t hit it with projectiles, it’ll certainly be a challenge when you have to take every step carefully. Keep inventory is enabled, to disable just do /gamerule keep inventory false.

Reaching the nether is 100% possible. It may not seem very possible to light a portal without a flint and steel or a fire charge but in fact, it is. Lava is your key. Created by VideoCarp1. YOUTUBE: GAMER123 TPT.

If you want ores, stay near the ore generator. You can also get chicken, sheep and cows from the nearby spawners. Difficulty is set on hard.

Shops and bees have been added! You can now avoid grinding 10 hours on the ore generator in the other islands and buy diamonds for coins!!

Villagers have also been added. You can unlock literally anything.

Including prismarine items because of the new quest update!

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-Faster Money Making

-Instant Setup

(Note: only 1 automine recommended per world. For auto-miners away from the snow, for the ore gens, you will have to be afar from the main island and so will the generator.) You may also have to spawn in a few for 1 to spawn in. This is to avoid multiple auto-miners in 1 place. We couldn’t figure out how to fix that. You will be given 64 to guarantee spawnage of the world auto-miner. AUTO-MINERS CANNOT BE MOVED!

Fixed the corruption somehow by resetting worldspawn running a few commands and going into every file.

Note: For me, it worked but there might be an error for others to join, so please make sure it doesn’t. You should “NOT” spawn in the void.

For any questions, join the discord.

The map has glitched out due to a glitch in mcpe that has never been seen before.  The map will be temporarily unavailable until a solution is resolved. Join the discord for updates on the situation.


1. Quests.

2. Various bug fixes.

3. Custom islands.

4. A way to get pillagers.

5. A way to get guardians. 

6. A way to automate a snow farm.

7. New ore generators.

8. New quest shop.

9. New quest coins.

Sorry there are little quests. They have no cooldown. More quests coming soon!


1. Added a new shop. You can now get sand!

2. Fixed some bugs.

3. Added a small mini-village.

4. Added the new minecraft bees to an island. This will unlock many opportunities.

5. Added 1.14 support.


1. Selling honeycombs for a stack of coins.

2. Selling a snowball for 1 coin. (Bulk is available).

3. You can buy diamonds!

4. You can buy sand!

The links have been shortened for the downloads. The discord link was not shortened however.

The mcworld download may not be stable. If stable, notify me on discord.

Added beta testing mcworld version. May or may not work.

*NOTE: If any features are unavailable in the mcworld, download the zip.* 

I can’t do anything about it.

Game breaking bug fixed. You can now get paper and are now able to enchant.

A new discord server for helping you and sponsoring your creations has been made. Sponsorships are free.

Download should now work. I could not post it as a folder and not a zip file.



1. (Mcworld) Download and open with Minecraft. 

To change to a zip:

Rename the extension from .mcworld to.zip.

Join our discord for a free 200 coins. You’ll receive a direct message from MEE6 telling you how to claim them immediately.

Snowblock Premium will be exclusive to discord members! It will be coming soon! 

Note: YOU MUST ignore or block anything on the links until you reach the mediafire page and I don’t know what’ll go there.


Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

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  1. Zediax890 says:

    Is the map fixed ? And can you tell me on discord when it will be fixed if it’s the case please ? Thanks 😀

  2. josh says:

    ooh i might try this after my series door way skyblock on rumble it looks like a cool skyblock

  3. VideoCarp says:

    I have found a game-breaking BUG!

  4. Miko says:

    I put it in Mcworlds and nothing happens

  5. VideoCarp says:

    I ACCIDENTALLY WROTE THE WEONG LINKS (for the mega update) Use these until it gets denied and then I re-update it with the links.
    I think the second one is a stable ZIP file one and the first is a possibly unstable mcworld.

  6. VideoCarp says:

    I got the link but it will be in beta testing.

  7. VideoCarp says:

    Unfortunately, I tried to make an mcworld download but it won’t work. Press help if you really can only download an mcworld. We can’t move that mcworld to here however. I will try.

  8. zsurfer xD says:

    Nice map but can you make a mcworld so that make more easy and comfortable

  9. VideoCarp says:

    Danish it now should. Please go to ADDONS app it will have a working mcworld.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience I’m unsure what’s wrong with yours. Download ADDONS app and find it. It will have an mcworld. I will post a link to the map discord.

  11. Daksh Adhikari says:

    Does not install map

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