Snowy Mountains

This is a world built by me that you can use for your city, ski resort, town, etc. This map is 3,000 blocks wide (plenty of space to build.).

/teleport @s 0 200 0 to get to spawn


Pictures of the map:                                                                                                                                                     

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Fixed typos and link.


I found out that I did the wrong link and im fixing it


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  1. skier_0224 says:

    amazing map! I needed something to create a ski resort and making mountains myself (that were hollow) takes forever! I’m hoping to eventually make a map download with it, is that okay if I give you credit?

    also, does anyone know how to trim it down? I really only need the stuff within a 500 black radius of spawn, and the map at it’s current size takes up a lot of storage space in MCPE. I’m making the map on iOS but I have a windows 10 PC (but I only have java downloaded on it, not bedrock)

  2. heythatsprettygood says:

    Wow this is really pretty

  3. The link is broken right now

  4. SparkEngine1389 says:

    Hey is it okay if u make endeavor crater on Mars? I need one badly and it must be at least 7.5k*7.5k. I need it to include Victoria, and the western rim of endeavor. Please make it 1:1 in scale. This would help a lot! 🙂

  5. Yes, it has more ores then normal generation.

  6. AngeloWanted says:

    Does it have minerals on it?

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