Socketed Armor

From the creator of Socketed Weapons comes Socketed Armor! With 17 new sets of armor giving you 5 new ways to take on the world. Will you be a Protector or a Controller? A Hero or Warmonger? Will you be the elusive and deadly Rogue? The choice is yours!

Socketed Armor adds 68 new pieces of armor, for a total of 17 sets or armor. It also includes all the required Gems and the Jeweler’s Table from the Socketed Weapons add-on, so you can use it on its own, or both together! This add-on uses the player.json file for armor effects.


The Rogue is a deadly adversary. Boasting the ability to see in the dark, as well as render their body invisible they can also deal deadly strikes, and assassinate their target from the shadows. This set is fairly cheap and provides powerful abilities, but it’s also not going to provided you with the highest levels of armor. (Sneak to use special ability.)


Jeweler’s Table

Once you’ve decided to explore the other sets available you will need your Jeweler’s Table. If you already have one from crafting Socketed Swords, great! If this is your first time, check out the crafting recipe here. You can use any overworld wooden slab.


Socketed Armor

Now that you have your Jeweler’s Table you are ready to get some powerful armor. Two more things you will need to get firs is a fresh set of armor, Iron, Gold, Diamond or Netherite and one of the four gems, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire. You can get the new gems by mining for them around the same area as diamonds. Each gem provides different effects, each sword changes the strength and duration of the effects.


If you wear a full set of armor socketed with Rubies, you get a small Resistance and Strength buff as well as Fire Resistance. You also gain the ability to call forth a raid upon any unsuspecting village of your choosing. (Sneak to use special ability.)



Wearing a full set of armor socketed with Emeralds makes the player a friend to all villagers, giving them the Hero of the Village buff. Each piece of armor also has double the enchantment value as normal, as well as providing slight buffs to the durability of the armor and how much is repaired per item.



A Protector set, socketed with Diamonds, will put you in the frontlines of battle. Providing you with Resistance, each tier of armor more powerful than the last, as well as immunity to most negative spell effects. The armor itself is also hardened, doubling its normal durability, allowing it to take hit after hit.



If you want to control the battle to your whims you will want to socket your armor with Sapphires. This powerful set provides you with Slow Falling, Haste and immunity to being slowed. You also gain the special ability to slow your enemies (or friends) around you for a short time. (Sneak to use special ability.)


Blocks and Ore

The new gems can be crafted into blocks like the vanilla ones and the Ruby and Sapphire ore can be mined up at the same levels as Diamond. You can also use the Jeweler’s Table to craft gems into blocks or blocks to gems.

Thank You

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Changelog View more

Ver. 1.0.2

  • Fixed issue preventing Jeweler's Table from being placed again after being picked up. 


To install simply download and run the .mcaddon. Experimental features must be on.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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26 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. ijasminetea says:

    gotta say pretty good, does this work on realms?

  2. Hitman Spirit says:

    Can i ask for permission for using this mod to create a modpack with other mods please?I’d do anything to get perms for it,it’d mean alot,thanks.

  3. cl0udsz says:

    The mod is great but I have been mining for literally hours in creative and I can’t find a single modded ore. I have all of the other features of the mod working, except the ores.

    • I can confirm they are working in a world I was just using. I found a sapphire ore on a cave wall. I’ve found them in my server where the add-on is also installed as well. I may add them to loot tables that have diamonds if there is enough interest. I’ll still take another look to see how I do with finding more and I can make adjustments if necessary.

      One thing to note, if you used the add-on in an already existing world, you will need to go out to an area you have not previously generated.

  4. EpicHuman says:

    This addon’s basically perfect and very much vanilla friendly. Though I wanna ask something, are you planning on making socketed horse armor aswell? Since we all know horse armor aren’t enchantable so making them able to be socketed would be a great addition to the game!

  5. NoOneIsHere123 says:

    Judging by all these people’s comments this looks great!!!! I will download this and try it. I will give a review at Saturday to see if I can find any problems. Have a great day 😁

  6. Flufles says:

    Could you make guilded netherite which means netherite with gold as outline so piglin don’t attack me when I wear netherite
    Great addon BTW 🙂

  7. Merancapeman says:

    Hey there, your socketed weapon addon works perfectly on servers, which is super cool. However, this addon doesn’t seem to work right as socketed armor does not seemingly provide the buffs that they should. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or an extra step I’ve missed? I wear a full set and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Other than that, it’s an amazing mod and I’m so glad people like you are giving attention to MCPE!

    • Hey, I’m glad to hear you like my Socketed Weapons! In regards to the armor, it does use the player.json file to achieve the armor effects. If you have any other add-ons that use this file they will conflict causing issues. There are a couple work arounds, you can try making sure the Socketed Armor behaviour pack is at the top of the list, however this may not work, and if it does, other add-ons may not. The second option requires you to merge to contents of all the player.json files from all your add-ons that use the file into one file and put this in whatever add-on you will have at the top of the list.

      This is most likely the problem you are having, hopefully it helps. Let me know if there is any more I can do to help.

      • Merancapeman says:

        That absolutely did the trick, just went into the behavior and resource json and moved it to the top and everything popped into place! Now to figure out what it might have broken, haha. Thanks a bunch, works like a charm!

  8. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    Here your seven stars
    You absolute genius

  9. Cuzinhigostosi says:

    You make good addons
    I think the abilities are cool
    The rogue armor is cool
    You are nice
    It has compatibility with your other addon (which is nice too btw)
    I like The Orespawner’s pfp
    You are nice
    The seven reasons why i like your addon
    (Oh and you answer people)
    I would give this 7 stars if possible

  10. JimVersusJeb says:

    Hey is the socketed armour and weapons enchantable?

  11. ayerth says:

    is this not able to be used in realms?? it wont load for me on mine and my friends realm.

    • In my experience getting add-ons to work in Realms is iffy at best. My advice to you if you want to use a lot of add-ons in a world with a friend(s) and you always want it to be available, use a server. You can use them on consoles contrary to common belief. If you’d rather the hassle free world ready to go experience with fewer working addons but no maintenance, stick with the realm.

  12. The Orespawner says:

    I like the idea of special abilities cool addon. Question- is it compatible with socketed weapons?

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