Songs of War Skin Packs (Iconic Characters, Characters+, Se2-3)

The Songs Of War Skin Packs are brought to you by KaiFireborn #1551 on Discord. The skin/texture files provided by David R.B, the SoW Director, have been transformed into Minecraft Bedrock Edition skin pack format for SoW’s fans’ easy use. Enjoy!

ALL SKINS BELONG TO Black Plasma Studious and David R.B, the creators of the series. This is just a fan-made project.

 Inspired by the Songs of War Series/Movie, created on Youtube by Black Plasma Studious, and encouraged by the director sharing an asset pack, I created the three skin packs you see in front of you available for download. They can be used for Songs of War roleplay, minigames, or as simply cool skins. 😉

Songs of War Iconic Characters Skin Pack

– includes 50 of the most iconic characters from the series (Se1), including Grim, Senn, Abbigail, Nikka, Necrolord, Tidesinger, Zulious, Thalleous, the Ardoni pre- and post-war masters, Igneous, etc. These (and their skins’ names) are carefully chosen and sorted by ‘faction’, importance, or well-fitting,

ideal for quick favorite character selection!

^ Some random selections from the Sow Iconic Characters Skin pack. You can recognise quite a lot of them, can’t you?

Songs of War Characters+ Skin Pack

– Includes all 562 Characters from SoW Se1, including the ones featured in “Sow iconic Skin pack’. It won’t be as easy to find your favorite skin, but the variety is fascinating! All the kingdom guards, Netherans, background Ardoni, and townsfolk – every single character ever seen in SoW is included.

– Sorted alphabetically (mostly: a small number of characters ended up at the end of the pack, simply scroll down if you cannot find someone by alphabet, e.g, Mr. Filch).

^ Some random selection examples fro the SoW Characters+ Skin pack. You can see the selection is quite wild!

– All packs were generated with Python scripts I wrote, but while I could sort the small number of the “Iconic” skin pack and look through the names, this skin pack’s skins’ names are exactly how they were provided by David R.B. ^~^

Songs of War Season 2-3 Skin Pack

– SoW Se2-3 Skin pack” has been designed as an addition to “SoW Iconic Skin Pack” and “SoW Characters+ Skin Pack”. It adds 20 characters first seen in Season 2 or 3, including Borgen, Malakai, Abby in Enderqueen Armor, Saxon, Volcannus, Masani, Onyx, Val, and more. Note that the skins of Grek and Glacians are extracted from concepts, which means they aren’t the final version of the characters, but they are the most recent and the last one.

Ideal for expansion of the Season 1 packs!

^ The characters in the Se2-3 Skin pack. Did you imagine them as they were planned by David R.B (same as here) when you were reading the script?

Once again, all skin files from these packs belong [ and credit goes ] to Black Plasma Studious, David R.B, and Songs Of War.

Choose the pack that is ideal for you and you’re good to go! 

Enjoy! ~Kai

Changelog View more

Added SoW Se2-3 Skin Pack + Concepts as the third SoW Skin Pack;

Links re-checked and perfect functionality  confirmed. Finished polishing the submission.

- Added Image examples, featuring some random selections from the skin packs;

  • Uploaded all skin packs - SoW Iconic & SoW Characters+;
  • Included detailed descriptions;


How to install guide:

1) Click the download link: the download will start immediately, with no ads.

2) If you're on Windows10, simply double-click the downloaded file: Import to Minecraft will happen immediately. If you're on iOS or Android, choose "Open With">"Minecraft".

3) Done! Open "Minecraft", click "Profile" to enter the Character creator, and you'll see the skin pack there ready for use!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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    Can you try and make a SoW addon with all the weapons and songs and creatures and stuff? (or at least the weapons and songs?)

  2. Orestisgames07 says:

    It’s awesome and it would be nice making a SoS resource pack

  3. Guest-1256690742 says:

    sorry for the duplicate the comment didnt load

  4. Guest-6639365173 says:

    Please can we have the resource pack too with the weapons and songs also can you try and support renderdragon if you add the shaders because none works on my xbox one.

  5. Guest-6639365173 says:

    Please can we have the resource pack too with the weapons and songs also can you try and support renderdragon if you add the shaders because none works on my xbox.

  6. Guest-3518651220 says:

    For me the new link does not work. It tells me to go to Google drive or chrome. So now what

  7. Guest-1153295361 says:

    Hmm i do say, can you make a complete season 1 2 and 3 weapon pack? pleaseeeee with all do respect i have used this for many of my Songs of War roleplays! keep up the good work!

  8. “Did you at least harvest the sugar cane before you left?”

    -Mr. Finch

  9. Guest-7967245665 says:

    how do i install it

  10. Guest-5316175303 says:

    SOW fans only can download this
    Ty for this skin pack

  11. @KaiFireborn, did you put Igneous in here? He is my favorite character and if you didn’t please add him in your next update.

  12. Guest-4277385214 says:

    OMG, THANK YOU!!!!
    My family are huge fans of SoW and my husband and I have talked about contacting Black Plasma Studios and asking for a skin pack like this!

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  14. Guest-5668512300 says:

    wth is TVFilthyFrank????

  15. NYEEEES says:

    Nice can you do TVFilthyFrank Skin Pack

    • Not exactly, for two reasons: 1)these skins have been provided by the creator of SoW, I haven’t drawn them, as stated in the description; 2) I was strongly inspired by SoW, and O have no idea about the show you mentioned.

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