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If you like sonic you will definitely like this addon, it has 3 spawn eggs, being them sonic, robotnik and your ship and finally the usable robotnik ship, with it you can fly through your map.

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Ma-j Games

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With this addon you will have a lot of fun, in it you can use the robotnik spaceship to fly around the world, or you can also watch the sonic vs robotnik fight they will fight every time you meet, and then? are you ready for this adventure? so download the addon now, install it in your world and have fun !!!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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13 Responses

3.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Manuel Molina says:

    it doesnt give me anything and theres only resource packs

  2. Guest-6390825768 says:

    good mod!

  3. Guest-6609327157 says:

    fking hell

  4. Guest-2444671726 says:

    plz respond creator

  5. Guest-9100405347 says:

    this addon crashsed my minecraft :(((

  6. THE_BLUE says:

    Add the rings portals, tails, eggman robots and eggman without the ship also add textures for the spawn eggs plz (but good addon thx)

  7. Guest-8359925109 says:

    how does it work

  8. Guest-1034450912 says:

    Why sonic is killing me?!

  9. Guest-5836784156 says:

    sorry I put it twice

  10. Guest-9184984798 says:

    sonic killed me

  11. Guest-8195694587 says:

    sonic killed me

  12. Guest-1545979612 says:

    good but try improving sonic for a bit like make his texture hd make his eyes a little bigger and add egg man (without the ship) pls (no hate btw)

  13. Dragon Ball Advanced Team says:

    Good, I watched the movie, but you did forget somethings. -Darth
    (you forgot tails)

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