Sonic the Hedgehog [Parkour]

Sonic the Hedgehog is a speed-based platform game. This is a parkour map for Minecraft Pocket Edition which uses a similar type of level design and it also uses command blocks to give the players different effects such as speed and jump boosts. It’s a pretty fun map to play, and especially if you got some friends which you can compete against.

Creator: FVDisco (original PC map)
Ported by: Xjarrod21, MinecraftMan132, Raja Azril
Updated: 20 April, 2017 (added command blocks)

How to play?

Make sure to let all players join before starting the game. There’s no countdown built in so you’ll need to do that part yourselves. It’s important that you always step on the pressure plates since they’ll enable/disable different speed boosts.

sonic sonic-3 sonic-4

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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52 Responses

4.78 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. AsasianNinja says:

    Yea this thing looks great, can’t wait to play it 🙂

  2. Quivzii says:

    ah this map is still good after 4 years of playing it =>

  3. This map is so good if only you added eggman’s lair

  4. Anonymous says:

    Probably one of the best custom Bedrock maps I’ve seen

  5. Peter says:

    Seems good to me

  6. MAsoN says:

    YOur TOo sLOw

  7. Andrea Shannel Almodovar says:

    Wow sonic Minecraft ilike it:-).

  8. Sonicboy12368 says:

    There’s no mods but they should put mods in it

  9. Wahlen says:

    I love this mod

  10. CFTeeV SonYT says:

    Hi guys I’m a YT so I might make a video with these maps

  11. CFTeeV SonYT says:

    Hi guys I’m a YT so i might make a video with some maps 🙂

  12. Noah says:

    How do you get this!!!!!!???????

  13. Cali Cloutier says:

    This map is SOOOOOO GOOD!!Can you try to make a Mario cart one??

  14. Ahmad says:

    Wow I love it

  15. Ahmad says:

    Cool map 🙂

  16. Fandroid GAME says:

    Why are the missing holes and they lead out of the map?

  17. Tyler says:

    Can you try to make a furniture addon using shulkers and make it work for iPad please if you reply thank you and please make it so it has a working oven and working microwave and a computer that has only mine bay and a couch that you can sit on and a table and a fridge and a wooden chair and a mailbox thank you bye

  18. Mila Rodriguez says:

    Awesome!! Khalid, you’ve done a reeeeeaal cooooooooooooll website!!!!!

  19. ? says:

    you just downloaded the map on PC used a program on PC to make it a mcpe world.
    and if your gonna say no and FAKE when making a PC world onto mcpe it destroys all Redstone!(similar right?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. ? says:

    it hurts me that you wouldnt even give credit to the ACTUAL CREATOR!

  21. ZeroMinerzPLAYZ says:

    YESS!! FINALLY!! MCPE SONIC IS HERE !! Oh and Can Someone Do Sonic Texture Pack Please?

  22. xMetrix says:

    I wanted 15 Seconds… but this is AWESOME too

  23. Leonard says:

    This is made by disco, he made it on pc. So, this is kinda copyright

  24. Won't let me download says:

    When I talked the download, it makes me download a .ZIP which my device can’t do. Please fix!

  25. Anonymous says:

    :O Must’ve taken ages to build! It looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it!

  26. AWesome bot says:

    sweet level I am learning to be sonic the hedghog

  27. KingJeff314 says:

    When it was ported from pc, all the redstone broke. It still fully functions as speed parkour though so at least there’s that

  28. CarryoutFlame18 says:

    This Old Map OMG

  29. WolfseedGaming says:

    Dang it I was working on this too xD

  30. armymen318 says:

    PLEASE MAKE A REALLY GOOD SONIC, I mean this one is good but can u please ask the creator to make a sonic unleashed one and sonic colors one plz??

  31. Alvindesa says:

    P.S Is there any commandblock on this map?
    If there i want to play it

  32. Fawfuls TNT says:

    What was added in the update of this map? Please create a changelog. Do command blocks get added?

  33. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Looks cool!

  34. Abdulkarim says:

    It takes for ever my media fire loads slow and I have full internet and fast how could it be

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see this right now! If I could

  36. MinecraftParkourer says:

    Amazing, it must’ve taken ages to make!

  37. Marko Deguzman says:

    Wells was the one ☝️ to a new

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