Soulsand Valley Concept Add-on

This add-on is a concept of the new Soulsand Valley of the Minecraft Nether Update. With this add-on, you can travel in the new Soulsand Valley that will be added in Minecraft. Find several fossils in the nether, see the new blue fire, the new soul sand, and much more!

Creator: Team Infinite Minds (Twitter Account), Jean Lucas (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

This add-on changes the Nether look, changing the texture of various Nether blocks, the fire texture, and the Nether fog color. This add-on also adds new Nether fossils, these are three fossils types that spawns naturally on the Nether!

The netherrack texture has been changed to the new soul sand texture, as it is impossible to change the nether generation block!

New Nether Fossils

It’s three fossils types that spawns naturally on the Nether. As you go on Nether, more fossils spawn!

Blue Nether Fogs

The blue Nether fog was made by @GFPCoder, a Minecraft Bedrock shaders creator.

Blue Fire

The fire texture has been changed to blue. There was no change in the lighting color!

New Quartz Ore Texture

The quartz ore texture has been changed to match the new netherrack texture of the new soul sand.


Click on "Download Add-on", and check the captcha box "I'm not a robot". After that, click on "Continue". Wait 15 seconds, and click again to continue. After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource, which the behavior will be installed together. Or activate behavior, that the resource will also be installed together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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21 Responses

4.5 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-5878203147 says:

    NICE. But i wish you made a custom boime instead of editing a preexisting one. I’d give this one a 3.5 Stars.

  2. User-6538428158 says:

    Mr.CrayFish. is goood

  3. polloYT YOUTUBE says:


  4. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    It is a very good resource pack, as I am going to use it for my horror map, but when I used it on my world, there was still red fog, not blue fog. Can you fix that?

  5. Julieju says:

    Please add some new bioms and new mobs new trades such as the nether warts forest red and nether warts forest blue and the piglin beast food source in the nether and piglin the piglin will not attck you if you are waring gold armor but if you open a chest that contains gold the piglin will attck you even you are waring gold armor and new trades for the piglin you drop an item near a piglin or hold an item they will exchange with another item

  6. Some One says:

    How Do I Continue With The Download? When I Select “Direct Link To Soul Sand Valley.mcaddon” It Just Says “PLEASE GET PRENIUM TO CONTINUE” And As I Saw That, I Thought The Download Was A Complete Scam!
    (pls make a safer download to use, I don’t want my iPad to get hacked)


    Cool mod
    i just got some tips
    could you add the new mobs
    and could you change the color of the fire from the overworld
    what i mean is in the overworld its blue and the same with the nether
    but could u change the fire to its original fire in the overworld?

    Le minecraft nerd

  8. Дима says:

    And how to download? I press, throws on the site which is not loaded(

  9. wait so there’s blue fire and skeletons?
    (Lmao kill me for that bad joke)

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. GuyJustGaming says:

    Great add-on! Definitely is an interesting concept of the Nether Update! Make a review video of it for my channel!

  12. Mikail2009 says:

    The download didn’t work, because WHY DID MEDIAFIRE CHANGE I CANT DOWNLOAD MY ADDONS NOW >:(

  13. Anonymous says:

    Won’t let me download c hug angel it to media fire

  14. Mr.CrayFish says:

    Cool mod dude!, thank’s for adding this, at mine-con they said they wouldnt add this to bedrock/windows 10 edition etc. So thank’s

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