Source Reload Shader (Windows 10)

Source Reload is a highly realistic shader pack for Windows 10 Edition. Some of the included features are massively improved clouds, waving plants and wavy water. It’s definitely one of the best shader packs and currently it’s only available for Windows 10 users. Even though it’s a fairly new pack it includes most features one needs!

Creator: Mono sour, Twitter Account

Press here to view a GIF animation for the image down below.


  1. Download one of the following resource packs:
    1. High .McPack
    2. Lite .McPack
    3. PvP .McPack
    4. Ultra .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for these packs here.

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169 Responses

3.6 / 5 (100 votes)
  1. Guest-5507975418 says:

    Shutup guys u ae just poops

  2. Guest-2435284514 says:

    It lags when u look up at the sky

  3. Mcpe.DL says:

    I Activate The Pack And Nothing Happen

  4. Guest-4439296921 says:

    Just Click The .zip file
    Then click direct download
    That’s it

  5. heavnlybucky says:

    doesn’t work. don’t bother with this guys

  6. Anonymous says:

    Como lo descargo

  7. chill says:

    dont download this it doest workc

  8. Tsvetomir says:

    Doesnt change anything except sun Windows 10 Bedrock

  9. CalvienoJR says:

    This won’t work the sun change

  10. Zookio says:

    IT said windows 10 It didint work 1 star for u

  11. Igotshose says:

    Doesn’t seem to work for me, It just alters the sun that’s it.

  12. Tazmoe says:


  13. sniperPrince says:

    Guys u need to apply the shaders through settings not through the world, before pressing play press setting and change the global resource pack

  14. Willy says:

    None of the Packs actually provide the shaders, only change the sun. Can someone please tell me how to fix this

  15. BuhHahahha says:

    Its too coll its only work in android in 1.11+

  16. d00m says:

    i installed this on win10 (1.8) and it literally does nothing after activating it

  17. Sonic says:

    its not working for win10 edition 🙁

  18. ttv.C3nturi_ says:

    Doesn’t work with 1.8 (latest official)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work when i used it the sun only changed except the lightings,blocks,etc
    it all looked the same except the sun

  20. Shishkebab says:

    I don’t think lite works….
    But high works
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. kaveend says:

    why are there no Wave’s in the ultra settings?

  22. Franco Torlaschi says:

    Tienes que eliminar el archivo entity.vertex.hlsl en la carpeta del shader, así se quita 😀

  23. Franco Torlaschi says:

    When I open the game with the Shader, my character appears as a giant and I can not see anything on the screen, I do not know what to do, the shaders are very nice, but I can not give them a function with that error. Help me 🙁

  24. ElCote says:

    when the water is far away, it looks good, but when I get closer it looks like the default… solution?

  25. Minecrafter says:

    Hi, just wondering why my water isn’t really being wavy, I really like the shader but for some reason my water doesn’t look nice. I have fancy graphics on btw

  26. coolgamer says:


  27. razorlaser90 says:

    So the shader installed fine, but when I go to a world there’s something huge blocking my screen, like my character’s size grew and I can barely see anything.

  28. J11S says:

    Hate it cuz only win10

  29. Han says:

    this is the best shader for windows 10 shader.. it looks similar to early super duper graphics pack (shader only).. I wish, this shader gets an update

  30. RLK says:

    i found that deleting “entity.vertex.hlsl” file from the folder makes it so your character isn’t huge which makes the shader usable again (use .zip to install, not mcpack. if you use mcpack you will have to change the extension to access the files).

    however, if you are using ultra, as water is loading in, it is a gray/staticy color before it loads all the way in. i had this same problem using ‘low’. switching to HIGH got rid of the gray for me, though instead of gray it is a blue color that doesnt quite match regular water until it loads all the way in but this is less visually unappealing than the gray! and with that file gone, i can actually see, so i think it is a good trade off. i’m not sure if this changes any other visuals that come with the shader, but it seems fine to me and my game looks beautiful but ymmv. i still have nice water, shadows look good, and the foliage still waves which is the most important parts for me.

    i wish i knew how to get rid of the spotlight effect that shines in the middle of the screen. usually, it’s fine but sometimes it washes out lighter colored blocks in my game which can get a little annoying. it’s liveable, just a little irritating. i’ll keep poking around in the files to see if i can fix it, but i don’t know coding so it’s mostly just trial and error which is time consuming. my method is just deleting sections of code, seeing if anything changes/breaks and going from there. not the most professional but it worked for the above!

  31. Anonymous says:

    My character is so huge. I can’t even see my screen, plz fix this

  32. Deer1031 says:

    This is so far my favorite shaders for windows 10. it worked perfectly and doesn’t crash at all, but recently for some reason it hides my character and when I log onto a server it covers me with a bunch of other skins and I can’t see anything. So this pack just needs a simple update for minecraft, but this is my favorite shaders so far.

  33. BITE says:

    We want new update for Source reload shaders, 1.6.0 doesn’t work!.

  34. AnnyoingAva says:

    This shader has never ever let me down, but a few days ago when I logged onto Minecraft the water was back to default. It was a huge disappointment. Can you please fix the water?


  35. Anonymous User says:

    Help the water is not working for me!!! Its the default water for a certain amount of distance(depends on render distance) and when i try to go close to the water with shaders it turns back to default water! Any fix for this???

  36. ProsRDaBest says:

    For iPad Air the clouds do not show up for some reason and there is no moon

  37. Aaron says:

    The orange light looks terrible. Like someone sneezed their Cheetos all over the place. Gross looking lights.

    The water is bugged with Update Aquatic.

    The clouds look cool.

    Overall, needs a lot of work.

  38. Alesscreeper says:

    Pls More updates for the news versions

  39. Koharu Neshami says:

    Well, its laggy underwater…

  40. Koharu Neshami says:

    Its sooo pretty I love it! One, problem, its laggy can u fix it?

  41. Alesscreeper says:

    For windows 10? wow thats is very cool

  42. Minecraftdog767 says:

    The shaders make the player’s body bigger than the actual screen in the new beta so if you can fix it that would be great.

  43. InfamousBlueTie says:

    Why are the lights orange? That is not realistic at all. Why do these shaders creators think that orange is how lights should look? I like Cheetos as much as the next guy but this obsession has gone too far lol

  44. bruh says:

    great texture the shadow of the player could be more realistic maybe in a future update u can add that btw r u going to update soon? kuz i cant use your texture anymore and i want to if u can pls update the texture that ill be great 😀 my crt version is 1.2.13

  45. Spifferino says:

    Looks great, but if you’re in a confined space, or anywhere in the nether, you get a really tight vignette effect. Anyway that can be removed? This is probably the best shader to date, and that’s it’s only downside.


    • Towik says:

      Never used this shader but the SS10 has the same annoying crap when you go below a certain Height, it greyish, it shows up when you look at certain angles. No idea what it is or why it happens but it is so freaking annoying. So now I am using Faithful with improved vanilla shader.
      I would love a shader that would improve visibility or increase it, while in water.

  46. SamsTheSkeleton says:

    This is a really good pack, its just I feel like the torchs are too bright, and whenever I go into the nether there is this super weird ugly red thing stuck too my face, and its super laggy in the nether too.

    8/10 wouldn’t use in the nether. (Can you please fix the super ugly red thing on my face in the nether?)

  47. TazerTaz123 says:

    Good trust me but if you are using the ultra shaders when you get deep in a map the outline of the screen goes black and I cant see my health and hunger bar plz fix!

  48. joe says:

    did you get rig of the fog as in dont see fog density in any of the files

  49. Anonymous says:

    is there a way to remove the fog overlay on water and so on

  50. Dubby says:

    This is the only shader that I really like. Just dont like a few thing. The glowing lights are nice but can be way to bright at times… It also makes stained glass pretty much clear without color… Water is too clear… and the shadow vignette around the screen is a bit too dark.

  51. Lemonfood says:

    Hey, I really enjoy this resource pack. However, whenever I hover my crosshair over certain blocks I get this strange bug. The vignette on the screen turns completely black, therefore I can barely see the screen. There is no way to disable vignette in the Windows 10 edition, and this bug only happens when I’m using these shaders. Is there any chance you can fix this?

  52. Jaden P. says:

    Why does the weird green and red things come on the sides of the screen? its really annoying but overall, its a good shader pack!

  53. TobalJackson says:

    Playing on the Oculus rift, this shader makes the game render both eyes through the left eye 🙁

  54. JumpiestFlea222 says:

    Please help i noticed that there is a bug in this texture pack please fix so the bug is that if you mine down and keep mining there is a glitch where there is some different lights in the screen this only happens to all of them except the pvp one please fix i really love this well done

  55. LOVE IT says:

    I love this shader! Its the best windows 10 one I have seen so far. Great Job!

  56. CuteNarwhal says:

    oh my god i actually works!!! Awesome!!!

  57. Hunter says:

    every time i look at water it gives extreme me an amount of leg! every thing else is fine

  58. anonamous says:

    I didn’t like it and it also crashed my minecraft the first time I opened it after downloading it.

  59. Pulse Override says:

    version 1.2.3 – game just crashes on any of the 4 shader levels. Never even got it to load.

    • NetStat says:

      go to %appdata% go back one folder
      go to local
      go to packages
      find a package with a name similar to Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe
      go to localstate
      go to games
      go to com.mojang
      go to resource_packs
      delete the one named SourceRelo

  60. AstroDude says:

    I am trying to install this pack on mcpe 1.2. I ave a very powerful phone lets see if this works out pls wish me luck. I’ll edit later

  61. GamersGalaxy says:

    I run the Ultra in my Nvidia Shield Tablet. I didn’t even lag a single bit.

  62. Minecrafter8392 says:

    It looks good but it takes a little longer to load, and my brother uses SSPE shaders which look a little better than high.

  63. Unformedbreak says:

    I reccomend getting Lite, It glitches but its good

  64. Blurryface16 says:

    Amazing look and feel on my iPhone 7+

  65. Larry Page says:

    Doesn’t Work, If Anyone Can Help Please Tell Me How To Fix It I Will Be Very Appreciative

  66. ThatGirl says:

    It’s awesome

  67. Bibsho says:

    “It’s definitely one of the best shader packs and currently it’s only available for Windows 10 users. Even though it’s a fairly new pack it includes most features one needs!”

  68. rchrdcrg says:

    I just don’t understand the ugly orange lighting on literally EVERY shader for PE/W10. It’s so intense that everything around light sources also turns orange, even green grass. I just can’t get past that.

  69. sokdo1324 says:

    Thanks to your shadower, I increased my FPS.
    I can’t believe it!

  70. MooFish73 says:

    Awesome Shaders! The ultra pack is so dope running on my pc! Specs=
    Nvidia gtx 1070 founders edition
    i7 7800x
    32g ram
    liquid cooled.

  71. Dominator211 says:

    it seems to run fine but the menu is very screwed up with flashing colors

  72. Xander Nabors says:

    Everything else was perfect except the clouds were SUPER glitchy i mean talk about getting a siezure! but if turned off beautiful skies it was fine, but i like clouds :*(

  73. Ninja says:

    Looks good but the fog is too much, everything a few blocks away is just faded away by white fog. Without the resource pack there is no fog at all.

    Is there a way to decrease the amount of fog shown in this pack?

  74. Proff_T says:

    Heyy Who is can make this shader 1000 x better More waves more light Who can do it??

  75. Matt says:

    Ultra version worked fine on windows 10

    The good: Sky looks amazing
    Leaves are great

    The bad: Shaders turn all the light sources too yellowey, orangish, it doesn’t look natural.
    Water becomes transparent, you can barley see waterfalls and the motion effect overlay ed on top moves with your character making it unnatural looking.

  76. MrBP says:

    I love this shader, but the only problem is that when I go below a certain y level a blurr around the screen accures, does anyone know why? And tell me if this happens to you as well?

  77. Filemone19 says:

    This is the best shaders for windows 10 available right now, it will be awesome if you could make the light a lit a bit less orange, and the water is very laggy. AWESOME JOB!

  78. Adeezl says:

    I’m really surprised more devs haven’t ditched the slow @$$ java version to code for C++ windows 10 edition, as it’s the future of this game (that’s already been said by MSFT). They are going to be releasing their own official super duper graphics pack with a shader as well in a couple months at the latest. So you guys will be in for some competition.

    That being said, works fine on my 1060 6GB XLR8 of course, but it’s way too bright in daylight with torches, especially in the desert. Most importantly, there’s a ring around the screen that is very noticeable at least on OLED displays (55″ LG EG9100). When looking around, inside the ring everything is much brighter. SSWIN10 has a similar ring, but it’s fuzzy instead.

    We need more shader/resource pack DEV for Windows 10 edition as that’s what will get the most support from MSFT.

    • TheTruth says:

      Really dislike when people add their SPECS in a reply to “try” and showoff when it literally has nothing to do with any bug or anything similar. Here’s a tip, nobody cares what you’re running or what TV you have unless it specifically is causing issues. Which in this case it isnt. Keep the feedback to the basics like you did with your comment, but leave your ego at the door with the extra nonsense like what specs you have.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s a ridiculous salty attitude you have. A 1060 is hardly something to gloat about, it’s a mid range Nvidia GPU, nothing amazing. I have a GTX 750TI, which is a very basic starting level GPU, there’s no reason to be offended and salty for no reason at all. And it very much does have to do with the issue he is having. I know because i am having it too. There is a ring, and it’s very easy to see, and it ruins the visuals of the game. The ring makes the middle of the screen so bright i cant even see the borders of the blocks of the game. That’s a problem, and this is feedback. His is feedback too, it’s important, considering on this website there are literally like 2 shaders packs available for the W10 edition, and the other one does close to nothing.

  79. Michelle says:

    The shaders were pretty good, except for the fact some of the textures were messed up such as the clouds. Overall its a good shader for windows 10.

  80. Hedgiehuffles says:

    I can’t see much of a difference besides the sun, moon, and lighting. Water has its normal texture. I downloaded the ultra. Am I doing something wrong?

  81. McSurvivor says:

    looks nice, but shadows only when its night ? shadows on daytime and waving water on and under the surface than its perfect 😉 and i have a bug on the startscreen, looks creepy^^
    good work, you’re on the right way there is no better shader for MCW10

  82. BUDDY686 says:

    Can you guys stop complaining? The reason it isn’t working for you is because its for windows 10, btw amazing shader

  83. NOOBLOLZ2017 says:

    Amazing but please make the sun rounded in the next update 🙂

  84. ScarletScythe says:

    Uh, no matter what when im in a snow biome with this the game lags like nuts and plus good lord the orange color for lights is insane, really could be better but hey at least it’s a shader for Windows 10.

  85. YT_WalkerMC says:

    Amazing job

  86. EnderxGamez says:

    If your a PE player just search up SSPE instead of hating on this beautiful shader pack made for Win10.

  87. marcus says:

    I have a really good computer but keeps on crashing when the world is loading plz fix it

  88. SebyToots says:

    Will you make one for Poket Edition?

  89. MAX2462 says:

    So thanks, this is what I want to have! 🖒🖒

  90. Maria Dizon says:

    Hey the shaders are great but I need help when I downloaded this shaders it didn’t work can somebody help me fix this?!?!?

  91. TheRealWreck says:

    This was a great shader! Nothing near close to this impressive! And love the waving leaves and waving grass and water! BUT… its TOO LAGGY! But my graphics card is the Nividia GeForce GT 760 and we’re thinking of upgrading to the Nividia GeForce 1080. Is that gonna make it not laggy? Anyways, love this! 😀 <3

  92. intelhdfanboi says:

    smooth 60fps on intelhd <3 Ultra version <3

  93. muhtasim says:

    is it availeble for android???

  94. Maria Dizon says:

    But there was one problem when I put the shaders it didn’t work help how do you fix this?

  95. TomTubeCZ says:

    Best shaders for W10 Edition!

  96. BlazingBeam says:

    MY GOD! FINALLY! The best shader yet! INCREDIBLE WATER… like really! SHAKING PLANTS AT LAST! THANK U SO MUCH! I’ve been thursting for such vibrant shaders for long. It’s so epic it starts to make my cpu lag. Guys, do you think my cpu can handle the super duper shader pack? Im concerned! IM SO FREAKED OUT! FINALLY A GOOD SHADER!

  97. seasickdrip says:

    K it literally doesn’t work guess it’s only is for windows

  98. DARIANFYH says:

    Can you make one for android and ios? It looks very cool

  99. Bianca M says:

    The Shader is not working I’m disappointed

  100. Keyyard2234 says:

    however, it work well for my device ( iPad Air 2 )

  101. soggy says:

    its way laggy on my pc even the light….. blease lower the res on the water and clouds in lite plz … other than that its great

  102. CoffeeBox says:

    I LOVE these shaders! It is among the first to come to MCW10. Great job on them! I have one request though. Can you PLEASE make lights a little less orange? Personally, the orange is VERY annoying. I understand if you can’t change it. But again, great job!

  103. Gabbie says:

    I can’t see the plants or water moving… I downloaded the Ultra version. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  104. SuperiorZod says:

    Makes ma game EXTREMELY LAGGY. Tryed all of the download links.

  105. Tpar69 says:

    Win 10 only really one star is how I feel

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