Space PE

Ever wanted to travel to the moon? Now you can with the Space PE mod. The mod adds a new item called a Rocket which can be placed down on the ground and used to travel to the moon with. Once you’ve reached the moon there will be a Moon Golem boss mob waiting for you.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Rocket (500) – 7 iron blocks + 2 redstones
  • Moon Golem (501)

How to get to the moon?

Begin by crafting a rocket. To craft it you will need 7 iron blocks and 2 redstones. Use the rocket item on the ground to spawn it and then hit it a few times to enter it and get launched out in space.


After the countdown has reached zero you will be launched up into the atmosphere and reach the moon shortly.


Once you’ve come to the moon the Moon Golem should spawn. He’s dangerous and very powerful so make sure to be careful when fighting him.


The Moon Golem will drop 72 blocks of diamond, 72 blocks of iron and 32 blocks of gold so as you can imagine the loot is definitely worth the trouble.


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    Change it to Mediafire! Please I can’t access the mod and it looks so cool please add Mediafire Link…

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