SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets Addon

A pack of four SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 rockets. Including:

Falcon 9 

Falcon Heavy 

Falcon 9 Crew Dragon (launch-able)

Landed Falcon 9 

This update adds the ability to launch yourself in the Crew Dragon Rocket.

This Addon was created by The Morning Company to celebrate the SpaceX NASA Crew Demo-2 Mission. This addon is shown in greater detail in our YouTube video here.

To launch the Crew Dragon rocket, board the rocket and hold jump, once you release jump, you will be launched.

Below are the four included rockets. Shown in order:

Falcon Heavy 

Landed Falcon 9 

Falcon 9 

Crew Dragon (launch-able) 

We believe in creativity, so this pack was built with high detail models that still fit in perfectly with vanilla Minecraft. We love to see YouTube videos made about our addons, make sure to credit The Morning Company, and leave links to us on MCPEDL. Thanks!

Changelog View more

Added the ability for players to ride the Crew Dragon Rocket and launch it.


Click the link.

Wait five seconds for Adfly.

Click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner.

Scroll down and click download.


Supported Minecraft versions


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42 Responses

4.22 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Us airways 001 says:

    How do I get a .mcaddon file?

  2. Itsmicheal125 says:

    I have command if you want earth space /effect @p[name=yourname] levitation

  3. Guest-5489961790 says:


  4. Guest-9005433205 says:

    A tutorial for getting the mcpack for this addon for IOS devices:
    1. Install Documents by Readdle.
    2. Import file onto said application.
    3. Rename the file extension (just rename the file) from .zip to .mcaddon
    4. Press share, the Minecraft app icon should appear, and click it.
    5. Wait for the file to import to Minecraft and enjoy.

    If you’re confused, check out this slightly outdated video by ECKOSOLDIER. It should have the same concept, just different file extensions.

  5. TanLorikk says:

    Hello, I can translate your beautiful addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your Discord.

  6. Mr.troubl says:

    The site only has a .zip file, is there no .mcpack file?

  7. Guest-4874500224 says:

    good addon you need to add sounds for the rocket

  8. Guest-6372102269 says:

    Hi I think this is amazing but when I drag the file from my iPad to Minecraft, it doesn’t show up as loading and when I go to resources, it’s not there. What should I do?

  9. Guest-2192722546 says:

    Can’t download zip files

  10. Guest-3871297931 says:

    Yay is not a big deldos for Titans anymore xd

  11. A EPICGAMER says:

    how the **** do u make this so quickly???

  12. FrostingBit says:

    Scale it down and it’s a table miniature!

  13. Guest-7937559823 says:

    /effect @e [type=!player] levitation 99999 20 should work in survival and…not kill you…

    • DanielCenteno12 says:

      I swear with an add on this good you better make a Tesla or you’re gonna have to catch this fade. Jk obviously

  14. sharklover1011 says:

    for all those spamming “OMg hOw tO lAuNcH” like 5 year olds, do:
    /effect @e levitation 100000000 20

  15. Guest-1473015040 says:


  16. Guest-4547988328 says:

    This rockets r just for show.u can’t even launch them.😒

  17. Guest-9349731495 says:

    I’m having trouble downloading the mod because whenever I import it to Minecraft it does not work looks like a cool mod to me though.

    • Guest-4013667490 says:

      open the SpaceX folder and click on the folder SpaceX BP, then click the share tab above, click the zip option and do the same steps for the folder SpaceX RP. Once they are both zip files, goto the view tab instead of share and mark file name extensions, once it is marked then rename both zip files to mcpacks as the file extension, then you can open them in minecraft. There is probably a easier way but this is how i did it

  18. Guest-9349731495 says:

    I’m having trouble downloading the mod because whenever I import it to Minecraft it does not work looks like a cool mod though.

  19. Guest-7346848030 says:

    agh why is it round

  20. Guest-7722130557 says:

    The slash potions even don’t work! 🙁

  21. Guest-2682341646 says:

    Just use the splash potion to launch

  22. blood eye says:

    if this doesn’t launch well there’s only two things a tower or a deldos

  23. Guest-6952606337 says:

    How do I launch?

  24. Guest-8357752327 says:

    How do I launch?

  25. Guest-4595905062 says:

    Uhh how do I launch?

  26. Guest-4470723115 says:

    Could you make missiles

  27. Guest-1634769888 says:

    Flamethrower or the Boring Machine now. This has to be the best addon with reference to real life. It’s even seen in the publisher’s name.

  28. Guest-1966631521 says:


  29. Bryan36 says:

    Almost Perfect !
    Just need to make rocket launchable
    Like this system
    Player ride it and jump and the rocket
    Begin to fly very high !
    Can you make that ?

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