SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ Add-on (Military Update)

This is a project that I have been working on. It adds zombies, bandits, neutral survivors, and Quite a number of guns…

Since the spawn rates are set very high, zombies will be everywhere! But if you are one step ahead of the zombies, there’s still bandits. 

This has been a project that I have been working on for long time. It has been my custom addon and I want to share it!

ALSO, an Easter egg is the zombie in the red shirt and brown shorts. It is my skin that is zombified. It’s not that common to see it spawn.


Zombies (Walker, runner, brutal_zombie, zombie police, zombie soldier, zombie1-4) These zombies do not burn in daylight. They will go for players, addon NPCs, and villagers. If you or NPCs are bit/hit by these zombies, you will have a lasting poison effect.

Airdrops- This drops guns as well as cure needles(milk).

Special Infected (Riot zombie, boomer) The riot zombie has armor and can take many shots to kill. Is as fast as a normal zombie so RUN. Boomers are what they sound like. They explode survivors and turn them into zombies. Is like a creeper that hits before exploding.

Military/Police force (police, soldier, hazard suit, female variants) These NPCs will shoot at zombies, and are neutral towards players and bandits. Upon dying they will reanimate into a zombie version of their former selves (EXAMPLE: Soldiers will turn into zombie soldiers when dead). They will usually be holding weapons in their hands.

NPC Survivors (scientist, Male NPC, Female NPC) These Survivors will Spawn around the world. They do not attack, even when provoked. They will quickly run from zombies and monsters. When killed, they will reanimate into zombie versions of themselves.

Machine Gun Soldier- A soldier with a Browning machine gun. He’s great for defending bases.

Bandits (Bandit, Dreadman, Sniper, and female variants to these.) These bad guys will kill zombies, law enforcement, players, and NPC survivors. When in combat will fight, but when sustaining a large amount of damage, will surrender or run. When killed by a zombie, will reanimate into a zombie version of themselves.

Spitter (zombie_spitter) This special type of infected, will spit small, infection projectiles. Not enough to start a viral infection in the player, but can turn NPCs into zombies. Spit projectiles do about 5-6 damage.

Biome mobs- New frozen zombies will spawn in snow biomes and also survivors in heavy jackets. In the desert new burned and sandy zombies and desert bandits exist.

My account is “A Tipton” and there has been too many imposters in some reviews lately.


M14- An American Semi-Automatic rifle that was originally used in America’s involvement in Vietnam. Now is used as a sniper rifle. Replaces Bow.

M4A1- An American Auto assault rifle used after the M16 in Vietnam by American troops. Good range with full auto. Replaces snowball.

AK47- Everybody knows this Soviet Assault rifle made in 1947. Does more damage than the m16 but lacks in range and speed. Replaces egg.

Remington 700– A modern hunting rifle. With scope and high damage with slow bolt action.

Remington 870– A modern pump action shotgun.

M1 Garand– A WW2 self-loading American rifle.

.44 Magnum– A high damage revolver. In many video games as well as movies.

AR 15/M4A1– American military and civilian rifle used from Vietnam to present day.

M1014- A modern semi-automatic shotgun.

M1911- Everyone knows this iconic American pistol that shoots .45 ACP.

MP5K- This German Smg is very iconic and reliable. 

Glock 17- A reliable Glock pistol that shoots in quick semi automatic.

Barrett M82A1 .50 cal Sniper- this Gun is a mounted sniper rifle, that has great range, damage, but lacks in movement speed and firing speed.

P90- An iconic SMG, probably the most well known for counter-terrorist missions, SCP Guard SMG, and it’s good range with low recoil and great ammo count. Can be reloaded with both rifle and pistol ammo.

Suppressor- Add these to some of the guns in the addon and you can take down zombies without them knowing your there!

3D gun models- dropped when a survivor is killed

M9- Has lower base damage than the Glock but has a higher damage multiplier.

Desert Eagle- Like the Magnum, it fires very powerful bullets, but lacks recoil control and ammo count.

Uzi- An Israeli SMG with low to high damage, but very fast fire rate.

Flare Gun- Are you surrounded by zombies? Fire a Flare into the air and that will let other survivors know where you are. They will go to your position if they can. Warning: it attracts bandits too.

M249- Infinite ammo (for now). An American SAW with medium to low damage.

Glock 18 and Glock 18 Extended magazine- Glocks with a very fast fire rate with the same damage as the Glock 17.

MK11- A DMR like the Scar MK17, but more common in military supply drops.

M2 Browning- A mounted machine gun good for defending bases.

FAL- A semi auto rifle that deals heavy damage but has a slow fire rate.

AUG- A full auto rifle like the M4A1.


Let’s start with the images!

This update adds in 3 Military Jets, 2 military Helicopters, 2 mounted guns, 1 army Jeep, a military and civilian airdrop, and more.

my cessna is in this addon too!

to fly the vehicles, look up while inside one and look down to fly down.

Military vehicles (jets) you will need to just fly over zombies and it will shoot a missile at them or shoot them with bullets automatically.

New Abrams Tank will need to be manually shot as it does not shoot automatically.

New Food/Medical Supplies

Pills, Medkit, and syringe are the medical supplies, the food items are beans, water bottles, and chips.

new ammo textures

Now zombies are attracted to gunshots, so be aware when shooting. Use suppressors to help the gunshot sounds be silenced.

Multiplayer could lag the game with this addon.

Zombies now have custom models/animations, and sounds!

Military airdrops will give guns while civilian airdrops will drop medical supplies and food.

There is much more to see!

go see for yourself!

Also sometimes your arms will be out. 

BE AWARE THAT THIS IS MY FIRST ADDON. Many changes will be added like more zombies, survivors. Guns may be broken for now, and a choice to keep or add ammo will be made later. Also if comments name says “A Tipton” in the name, that’s me. People have been giving me a hard time about it.

Comment what I should add next!

Changelog View more

Big update

Military Stuff

New airdrop models

New guns 

New vehicles

Zombies are attracted to gunshots

Survivors are attracted to flares

New food and medical supplies

New textures

New zombie models


I had to remove guns because I’ve gotten rid of copyright from ActualGuns.

Added bodies of dead NPCs.

Added Hostile civilians

Added M2 Browning back in and an npc one in. 

New guns

Much more to discover

-Nerfed projectiles

-Survivors can now damage players

-Better helicopter models plus new type of NPC helicopter

-Arrows, snowballs, and eggs now make shooting sounds

-Zombies don’t burn in daylight 

-Frozen zombies and survivors plus desert zombies and survivors spawn in different biomes

-Added the Glock 17.

-Changed zombie police skins (female and male), same with zombie soldier.

-Added new zombie/infected, The Spitter.

Smarter AI

Npcs will now open doors

Survivors will only reanimate if killed by zombie

Added melee police officers.

Added info about my REAL account.

Fixed airdrops so they drop more loot.

Textured milk bucket as cure 

Added a lot more guns

Added new scorched and frozen walkers

Added new bandits for different biomes

More description about me and cleared up some confusion about me

-Improved guns

-Added mounted machine gun

-Better spawn rates

-improved Helicopter pilot position

Had to get rid of some guns to add scoping and full auto modes on guns

Got rid of copy right car model

Added new special infected, The boomer. 

Added more guns

Added more enemies

Added new boss 

Added new female variants

New links

Experimental helicopter

New sks rifle codes put in

-Added info of Easter egg.

-Added more pictures

-Added Picture if Easter egg


Drop box will say That you can’t view .mcaddon files. Just wait a few seconds and a blue download button will appear. Click it then install into Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions


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603 Responses

4.49 / 5 (261 vote)
  1. Onewaypie says:

    This is a really great addon, but do you think it would be possible to fire guns with the right click instead of shift?

  2. MrBluu says:

    Love it! One prob, can you make it support 1.16? please? I wanna do survival with this.

  3. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    Can you make a version without the apocalyptic stuff’

  4. Everettgamer265 says:

    Hello this addon looks amazing!!!!! It’s the best I have ever seen but it’s only for 1.12 I tried and it dose not work for 1.16 so can you please update dis addon it’s the BEST I EVER SEEN AND I really want to play it!

  5. Player_alone says:

    you plan to make a 3D model of this addon.So to know and not to deposit hope in vain
    : -D

  6. Guest-5726838955 says:

    Hey there! I’ve used this mod for a very long time, and have always been sure to download the newest updates. Keep up the excellent work, Spaghettijet!

  7. Guest-1108311246 says:

    I have a suggestion, add the ability for military and survivor npcs to be tamed. Also if they can be tamed make the gaming item something like bread or steak. Then the player can tell them to follow, wander, or stay. Thanks for reading. I really hope you are this. 🙂

  8. Guest-5890209301 says:

    make an addon only with vehicles plz

  9. Guest-9424392622 says:

    please make a mcpack please

  10. Guest-5462715647 says:

    The M2 not work anymore
    Or can you just update the addon for 1.16

  11. Guest-5928781164 says:

    The Weapon Texture Is So Nostalgic Looks Like Desno Gun

    • Guest-4210933570 says:

      I like it the sound system zombies are attracted to sound just like World War Z movie give credit if you got the idea from it and no if you just got it to pop up in your mind

  12. Guest-4187196087 says:

    bro deberías hacer un otro addon solo con los vehículos que trae este

  13. Guest-4952780938 says:

    Can i use this in a youtube survival series

  14. Guest-2557561658 says:

    In the next big update that you are doing could you add custom structure. e.g a military base (inhabited/abandoned), Bandit hideout, helicopter/plane crash site and maybe a antivirus research lab (inhabited/abandoned).

    A crawler zombie would also be awesome along with a runner zombie and a brute.

    One last thing, could you add a shooting animation and make it possible to recrute survivors to help you along your way.

  15. Guest-8597474976 says:

    In the next big update that you are doing could you add custom structure. e.g a military base (inhabited/abandoned), Bandit hideout, helicopter/plane crash site and maybe a antivirus research lab (inhabited/abandoned).

    A crawler zombie would also be awesome along with a runner zombie and a brute.

    One last thing, could you add a shooting animation and make it possible to recrute survivors to help you along your way.

  16. WryIceBearYT1 says:

    can u put this to the next versions 1.14.60 1.161.0 and 1.16.1

  17. Guest-3615918164 says:

    where do you find ammo?

  18. Guest-8230527794 says:

    It worked well on 1.16 beta it’s really cool do you mind if I make YouTube video like episodes using this add-on

  19. Guest-1381041083 says:

    Hey,can I use something from your addons to mine?Just a little.

  20. Guest-5184368388 says:

    You need to update this addon the M2 not work anymore and some guns are not shooting pls update this for 1.16 🙁🙁🙁

  21. Guest-6159402151 says:

    I actually like this addon but for some reason i cant reload a gun and its annoying
    Can you please fix it or add it as a new feature ty

  22. Guest-6685701042 says:

    Hey nice job with the addon… Hey can you add crawler zombies, like ones without legs… And can you fix the car texture…. How do I install this for my Xbox one I would like to play this with some friends, and make a video with it…. And can you add a door the zombies can’t break….

  23. Guest-9034942483 says:

    Could you add a scope to the remington 700 plz?

  24. Guest-7624620173 says:

    How do you use the mounted machine gun?
    it looks really cool but i can’t figure out a way to use it
    I am on PC

  25. Guest-2324860978 says:

    Is there anywhere where i could privately contact you spaghetti?

  26. Guest-1568720210 says:

    Do you have a discord account or server?

  27. Guest-9153009816 says:

    How to reload?

  28. Guest-1784691328 says:

    Hey Spagghetti can you please add a military truck and a command that sets a military base pls but first is the military truck thanks

  29. Guest-8206183898 says:

    Add alcohol

  30. SuperTrooperGaming says:

    This add on is Great! At first I thought it was bad but then I turned on experimental gameplay in survival and it was AMAZING!!! When the air drops spawn in I get very excited! The only have two problems. The first one is: When I am trying to cook some food or craft stuff in my house zombies can break down the door! I am not in hard mode but they just run up to it and break it down! That problem is not the bad one though. My other problem is: When I use up the ammo in a gun I can’t reload even if I have ammo for it in my inventory or I throw it on the ground (some Addons with guns say throw them on the ground for reload) I hope you get back to me spaghetti Jet. And if not does anybody else have a solution to my gun problem. (Sorry for the really long comment)

  31. Guest-8891589634 says:

    Would you please make it for 1.14? That would be great

  32. Hanns says:

    You can’t make apache helicopter please.

  33. Roblminefort065 says:

    Trash. This barely had any guns. Animations were cool, but that was it. So Dissapointing. Do not download this mod.

  34. Guest-7441216743 says:

    Suggestion: you should remove zombies and release this as a military pack.

  35. Guest-3143140126 says:

    Hey, i really need your help. so first of all, I LOVE THIS ADDON! its fantastic. so i really need your help, i am making a pack and i need to know how you give separate shoot sounds to the snowball, xp bottle, egg, and ender pearl. i saw you managed to do it in this pack and would be so grateful if you could please tell me how to do it! thanks 🙂

    • In the behavior pack in the functions folder there’s is a gun sound file that shows a list of bullets and what sounds they make. You can also go into the resource pack and put in different sounds for the guns

      • Guest-1474823214 says:

        Someone can help me, I have difficulty using the addon, someone can tell the version of minecraft specifically and that I put all the files in the right folders and when I create a new world and I want to put the addon, it appears all but the spaghettijet addon.

  36. Guest-3377220161 says:

    Whilst I have basically no complaints, most of the zombie textures are missing, while it’s not I big deal and I replaced them with my own textures, the hazmat_body has no texture, and I have tried everything to fix it, I used the right layout and everything but no matter what I did it just wouldn’t load. If you could fix this minor bug that would be great, also… This is probably the most fun I have had on a mod, keep up the great work, you have improved a lot with this!

  37. Guest-9349299169 says:

    lags pretty easily

  38. Guest-7289539558 says:

    ww2 how?
    it a good addon

  39. Guest-3007207776 says:

    Can you make it compatible for 1.4

  40. Guest-1277839726 says:

    Oh and the Mounted Sniper kills me pls fix that 😭😭😭

  41. Guest-2695480426 says:

    Is it Possible to make the M2 full auto just like in real life ???🤔🤔🤔👍

  42. Guest-9627019373 says:

    Could you please do a separate mod with just the military vehicles, I don’t like zombies but really want a military jet! 🙂

  43. Guest-6980382204 says:

    Hey creator the next update plz the jet fire gun manualy controled from player not auto fire ok plz. LAG XD

  44. Guest-3527467322 says:

    Could you please add more cars to find in the world and buff existing vehicle’s healths? their health is kinda low ( and they’re capable of catching on fire, which is kind of a bummer. )

    Also more attachments like scopes or single fire options ( crouch once and it fires only one time instead of many times )

  45. Guest-2498885146 says:

    Good addon, but I don’t know how to reload guns

  46. Guest-2880576070 says:

    I don’t know if I’m the only one complaining about this, but can you make it so snow balls, ender pearls, etc. Aren’t replaced, I wanna use this addon is survival, but this bugs me a little bit, is there a file I can remove so that they don’t get replaced? other than that, this is the best zombie addon out there, no one can tell me otherwise

  47. Guest-2952818713 says:

    Hi please make the guns work like xm-guns Addon or actual guns plz 😢😢😢

  48. Guest-6764299741 says:

    The Blackhawk looks like my favorite helicopter of all time the Sikorsky sea king

  49. Guest-8872768452 says:

    Oh just wanted to say that this mod is SICK I play it all the time but there is one problem that is that the helicopters only one person can get in them could you try to fix this?

  50. Guest-3385386314 says:

    Could more than one person fit in the Huey or the Blackhawk?

  51. Guest-4199132814 says:

    Could you make a the mod without zombie please

  52. Guest-3978001034 says:

    The mod’s looking great!

    However, I feel like there’s some things that could improve;

    A lot of guns don’t have recoil, or when crouching fire in unknown bursts ( which wastes a lot of ammunition and it’s outright impossible to fire a rifle without emptying the magazine. )

    Also, I feel like moving from crouching to hold to shoot would be a good idea, since some guns have a pretty big delay, and holding could possibly be more accurate when it comes to firing in controlled amounts.

    Even so, when the issue is ammunition, magazines are often more scarce than they should, and I often end up carrying like 8 guns in my inventory because there’s simply no way to dismantle guns for any material or ammunition!

    By the way, what happened to some of the guns? ( The AA-12, for example. )

    • I don’t have permission from other creators to do the hold to shoot code :(.
      When I played I got too much ammo, so I decreased the spawn amount.
      Also the other guns that were taken out have mostly been added back in, but not all of them have been added back in yet.
      But thank you for downloading and commenting!

      • Guest-7322395914 says:

        I understand!

        I believe that adding durability to weapons and decreasing their spawn rate could do the trick, because to me, the issue is how there’s just too many rifles laying around in comparison to how many rifle magazines you can obtain, for example.

        Also if there’s a way to make all of the bullets register. ( for example, instead of wasting 4+ bullets just to make the zombie register the shot once, make them all land with slightly less knockback if they’re a rifle or so. ) then it would be great!

      • Guest-8560413276 says:

        May you add melee weapons.

  53. Guest-1229744168 says:

    great mod does function well but a lot of the textures dont work and just makes the models all purple and black

  54. Guest-6812530708 says:

    Hey, SpaghettiJet, does this addon work with the WW2 addon? Is the ammo compatible for both sets of guns. I ask because I want more variety of guns in the game. This is very good addon, it works on xbox. Thank you.

  55. Guest-5317978435 says:

    Soldiers and armed civillians vs zombies

  56. BlueGaming 15 says:

    Bro, can I use your add-on on my map I’ll be sure to credit it to you 😉
    Great add-on by the way.
    Good job!

  57. Guest-2204778602 says:

    I really love this add-on. But I have a suggestion, can you add a thirst bar and a stamina bar. If you don’t that’s okay.

  58. Guest-6982732318 says:

    Hey spaghetti jets when the Vietnam War im excited because of trap lol

  59. Guest-5705173939 says:

    you should make a dungion addon. with battle towers and thinks like that.

  60. Guest-9369473412 says:

    I played a map that had this addon on it and it was AMAZING. So I decided to download it. but when I play on my own worlds nothing has been added accept new spawn eggs. and when I spawn in one of them they are invisable. please help I a, also playing with EX on

    • Make sure that the resource pack is on. If it is, you may want to delete it and reinstall it so that it can iron out any errors with it

      • Guest-6106717963 says:

        I want to tell a problem. When I downloaded the behavior packs it says successfully imported, but when I dowloaded the resource pack of this addon, it failed because of an invalid zip code. May you fix this problem fix in the next update, also add new melee weapons to it.

  61. Guest-8411809224 says:

    This is absolutely amazing for your first addon. I like everything, it’s perfect. Can you add a few more guns and maybe more variety to the civilians? Oh also can you add like some sort of military pilot to go with the jets and helicopters?

  62. Guest-8787128355 says:

    Please add scopes to the snipers and you know make the m82 barret a real gun not a gun that you cant carry around.

  63. Guest-5437834718 says:

    Please add vans,taxis,police cars,buses,trucks and more vehicles

  64. Guest-1043133617 says:

    Good job

  65. Guest-8887112742 says:

    Good job for this creator mindset is good

  66. Guest-1960266182 says:

    i love the addon but in the next update can you fix the car?

  67. Guest-9209546712 says:

    How To Fire The Weapons?

  68. Guest-3267677278 says:

    Umm the addon is almost perfect. But some of the features are buggy for mcpe (i don’t know about other platforms like ios and pc). When the bandit or soldier driver dies in the vehicle, the vehicle moves by itself. Vehicles can still jump like a horse. The machine gun hard to control. Other skins for zombies, survivor, soldier doesnt work. There are like dozens of bugs need to be fix. Please fix. (Sorry for bad english :))

  69. Guest-5685081830 says:

    the vehicles dont have textures or sounds

  70. Guest-7755307530 says:

    good mod but when you fly a jet over an ungenerated area the jets freeze

  71. Guest-5975957453 says:

    Addon is really cool, it’s so much fun! You should add next maybe like barb wire, traps, and maybe like boss zombies that are insanely strong like the tank from left 4 dead

  72. Jesus100307 says:

    can you make a file just for the vehicles

  73. Guest-8881756593 says:

    Will you fix the missing textures for zombies and the hazard soldier’s body?

  74. Guest-1725648267 says:

    Imma say its actually cool but its lagging in my phone and i don’t blame dis mod cuz my phone is da problem. I request to yall that dis mod is awesome if you have Audia City Map and combined with dis mod it’s actually so awesome roam around and loot some supplies kill zombies and bandits anyway im playing dis with my friend

  75. Guest-1964678801 says:

    My Version is 1.16
    Whenever I’d Fire the Barrett Sniper Rifle, I end up getting killed… Is this a bug if so, please fix…

  76. Guest-9599184460 says:

    Nothing drops for me when i kill the air drops and zeds

    • Put your world on experimental gameplay

      • Guest-6698392011 says:

        Great addon, it’s really come a long way, but can you change the crouch to shoot to Press/hold on the screen because the delay between crouching and shooting (ESPECIALLY with the R700) is like 3 whole seconds. Also since there is a delay between crouching and un- crouching full auto guns would be easier to fire since you could control how much shots you want to fire and not waste 10 bullets after you’ve killed the enemy due to the delay.

  77. Guest-7465093134 says:

    Blackhawk is best helicopter. This one is the best blackhawk I’ve seen on this site, I’d love to see a mounted mini gun or something like that on the Blackhawk, never used one but I was mechanic for the Blackhawk. I’d love to go to town on my friends and the infected, to be Honest, a lot of people probably do. One helicopter you should consider is the Apache. Anyways, do what ya do and keep it up.

  78. Guest-5719622107 says:

    Can you fix The animation Survivor,Military,Bandit Holding a Gun? Thank u

  79. Guest-5375374561 says:

    If i use a suppressor with the SCAR I can’t move when I let go oh the SCAR my game will Crash

  80. Guest-4711852121 says:

    One of the greatest addons on mcpedl in my opinion.

  81. Guest-6721893002 says:

    Overall, I love this Mod~ Very Fun and Thrilling!
    Somehow whenever I shoot The Barret I also end up getting killed all of a sudden, Is this a bug Sir-SpaghettiJet? If so, I’m looking forward for a fix hehe~ just wanted to let you know, thanks for your time in reading this

  82. Guest-7437892635 says:

    Amazing, for your next update can you fix the guns they shoot kinda weird, and the bodies despawn for some reason.

  83. Guest-1077744616 says:

    Can you make this add on survival friendly?

  84. Guest-5191666247 says:

    For some Reason I didn’t have the tank and the White plane with propellers

  85. Froz Ty says:

    I tried the old version of this addon and it was epic and very fun to play. I built a battle ship that can move and turn 180° it’s cannon and can shot at 120-230 block range using commands, and used it as a base, and installed a city near the battleship. But now that you add a military vehicle, this will be fun to play. And also can a 4-5 players or survivor can ride the helicopters?l, it would be cool if they can, and also where’s the Gunner of the Humvee? If you can make a survivor or military personnel follow you and rides in the helicopters, it would be fun roaming a city with a team and rescuing survivors or police and military personnel if you found them and bring them back to your base.

  86. Guest-5067807442 says:

    j can t scot

  87. Guest-9266061313 says:

    can you make a file just for the vehicles

  88. Guest-8488196978 says:

    Can it work on 1.14?

  89. Guest-5994775835 says:

    It’s honestly great to have a good zombie addon out there! Please add ways to recruit survivors and station them and possibly eventually structures being spawned in the world! It’s a stretch but loving it so far!

  90. Guest-4662505322 says:

    PLZ MAKE IT 1.16

  91. Guest-4162201533 says:

    woooooooow i love the new update you are the best at making addons
    Keep it up 👍👍👍

  92. Guest-2986340375 says:

    Could you make a thrst bar

  93. Guest-1648305714 says:

    Could you make 3D model guns with reload animation and sound that would be awesome

  94. Guest-9758055057 says:

    Can’t you use the XM-guns-mod???

  95. Guest-7251815449 says:

    Thanks Best Addon Ever

  96. Guest-8320449933 says:

    Do the zombies and etc spawn naturally, GREAT ADDON

  97. Guest-4187538345 says:

    I love this, i love you, please develop this more, you are a god

  98. Guest-3174869996 says:

    3d guns. First person and third person

  99. Guest-2385136187 says:

    Can u make a map of the apocalypse city so it’s like a survival series please

    • Guest-6422466577 says:

      Agreed! If there were a map to go with this awesome add-on I would so go and download it right away! I would like to do a series with this add-on! So it would be cool of that would be possible. Oh and if you could also add a few more things such as different types of food/beverages, weapons (such as melees aka Knifes, Bloody Knife, Handler & ECT). Please do add these! Would come by again to rate it another 5 ⭐

  100. Jesus7668 says:

    can you make a file just for the vehicles

  101. Guest-7441559839 says:

    Thanks man but only for 1.12?

  102. Guest-4231788679 says:

    can u make a link just for the planes

  103. Guest-1827811601 says:

    Only support 1.12? Can you update to 1.14+ ?

  104. Guest-8826841754 says:

    can u make a link just for the planes/ guns

  105. Guest-4688323687 says:

    When will the next update going to be released ?

  106. Guest-6341982470 says:

    Uhm how do u Fire the remington 870 and others cause it doest work for me except the p90

  107. Guest-9153066771 says:

    Lmao vc pode fazer loots no chão? Que cada um fosse com cores diferentes e item diferentes? Tipo
    Verde = arma, vermelho = medicamentos vc consegue?

    • Guest-9647332685 says:

      can you make loots on the floor? That each one had different colors and a different item? Type
      Green = gun, red = medication can you get it? Sorry i m brazilian

  108. Guest-7787807747 says:

    Changr the firing of the gun,add cooldown for the gun and the recoil in the gun

  109. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Make a mediafire download!

    • Guest-7956967956 says:

      Add a zip file for IOS version

    • Guest-8479916701 says:

      I can’t see my hand and half of my animation isn’t moving

      • I’m going to update this a bunch of new vehicles like helicopters, jets, and maybe cars.
        I fixed the player animation so it will be good when I update.
        Hopefully I can make the zombies have a custom animation

        • Guest-5580039141 says:

          Hey man can you make it so that there’s wayyyy less airdrops and survivors spawn. I feel like when I load up the mod I’m playing battlefield. There’s non stop gunshots all over the place and airdrops everywhere. Is there a possibility that you could make it so the survivors are rare? This would be much more immersive. Other than that, good mod. Good job.

        • Guest-5580039141 says:

          Hey can you make it so that survivors and airdrops spawn way less frequently? There’s gunshots everywhere constantly and it’s not too realistic. This would improve the mod vastly.

  110. Guest-5911043653 says:


  111. Guest-9459861597 says:

    Hey man, I really like the theme of your add-on, the idea,
    but I have bug, so I cant use it. If I download a file, I will get zip file, which I cant unzip,
    Shortcuts are not functional and PDF reader, or Izip too.
    I have IpadOs, in this device is hard importing BPacks, or TPacks, but it is functional.
    But this is another case, when I imported it, I had guns, zombies,.. but they were invisible. Zipped files are doing this problem.
    Have you any idea how to unzip this files on IpadOs?
    It is functional on this type of Ios at all?

  112. Guest-5218137982 says:

    hello me and my friends have been creating a world using your addon is it alright to use your addon we are even going to give you credit and link to your other creations had a doubt about bodies sometimes zombies attack them and sometimes they do not why so thanks in advance btw soon will be uploading that gameplay to youtube

  113. Guest-4178184581 says:

    It’s still going to be all summer, but my summer will be unusual, I’ll be preparing for the series as far as I know it’s the biggest series or the zombie apocalypse movie will be 5 devices 3 people but also knocks down this bug with animation character summer ahead hope you fix it then I put a link to mod and your YouTube good luck while thanks for the attention

  114. Guest-3960380471 says:

    Can you name the mobs more specifically? Whenever I try to find a spawn egg it’s always this random gibberish and I don’t know which one to choose because the names on the spawn eggs is confusing.

  115. Guest-1725123413 says:

    Thanks that helped a lot Idk why o didn’t think of that

  116. Guest-5618235909 says:

    Yo dawg u should ad were you can trade with the doctors for medicine also add where like hordes of zombies spawn in at night or add like a sound block that attracts all the zombies to it. Besides that games great dawg

    • I’ve made it so that when I update this addon, zombies will be attracted to gunshots from players and NPCs. And also suppressors that you can add to guns to make them quiet so that it won’t attract zombies

  117. Guest-8527019799 says:

    Yeah I’m playing on Xbox and I tried breaking it but nothing comes out what should I do?!

  118. Guest-2431248376 says:

    How do you open the airdrops?!?!?

  119. Guest-5235822943 says:

    Yes I’m in my game when I downloaded the addon my player his 1 arm and 1 leg that doesn’t move and I can’t see my hand in first person

  120. Guest-1889286424 says:

    It Is about for the 1.14?
    Or only for minecraft 1.12

  121. Guest-9864113507 says:

    Please make firing a gun by tap and hold for android and iOS devices and right-click In Windows

  122. Guest-4900910385 says:

    Tap and hold to fire the added guns

    • If you enable experimental gameplay you will get new guns, where you need to crouch to shoot them

      • Guest-4276021189 says:

        SpaghettiJet, this is a great mod, keep it up. I have tried all mods out there that are similar, and this is by far the best post-apoc zombie mod. Obviously there will be bugs, obviously people will be discontent with the content, but in all honesty you did a great job.

        There is this thing I’m trying to figure out where I load everything into a world and invite my friends to it. I can see everything, but they can’t see the guns or some of the mobs. I’m wondering if you know why they can’t see it. Maybe it has to do with the difficulty, but I thought I tried it on hard….

        Also just some feedback, the survivors that spawn with guns are so frequent that all you hear is gunshots 24/7, maybe you could turn down the spawning frequency of those mobs…. Idk even if that is something one can alter.

        • Thx for the support! I’m glad you like it!

          Maybe why your friends can’t see it is that they may not have pressed download and join when joining the server. Maybe if this doesn’t work have them apply the addon resource pack to the global resources then join…

          I’m working on having only bandits, friendly survivors, and vehicles spawn in addition to zombies. I will also try to fix the sounds so they will keep making sounds

  123. Guest-4900910385 says:

    Tap and hold to fire the added guns

  124. Guest-9882080490 says:

    man this is one of greatest addon i have ever play :DD but the jeep car and helicopter are invisible in my device, can you show me how to fix it, and some gun such as uzi, r870, didnt shoot, and some mob dropped rarest gun: empty M9

  125. Guest-5076502464 says:

    Why is the player animation is 1 leg move other not 1 arm move and other not and why is the NPC not dropping loots and not showing guns I get shot because I cant what they’re holding can you fix this

  126. User-4364754619 says:

    Please add the guns back, since they’re one of the strong points of this mod!

    Isn’t it possible to just ask for permission to use them?
    ( It’s just that the normal Actual Guns Addon doesn’t make guns spawn naturally and they’re not as good as the guns you modified. )

    Also the revolver doesn’t make any sound and can’t reload 🙁

  127. Sebastian says:

    Hey, what map did you used for your addon showed in the picture? I kinda want to do my zombie survival there.

  128. Wa says:

    Can you change the download link to media fire?

  129. Johny says:

    Hey I can’t use some guns in the game.. how to use them? (When I kill zombies, zombies loot them)


    I keep getting error messages. Pls fix this. The error messages cover the screen and I can’t see the game 🙁

  131. skywalker says:

    surrport the 1.14 ver plz.. TT

  132. Jameson says:

    im in survival and the guns wont shoot do i need a certain amount of amo?

  133. Oofstain says:

    Hey bro, I love your addon but all the randomly spawned structures ruined my apocalyptic adventure map, may you please prevent this type of stuff happening to existing worlds?
    Also I’d love it if the addon was compatible with the actual guns addon AND you are able to see the bullet projectiles with the guns in your addon.

    P.S. what program did you use to make this addon?

    • I can remove the naturally generates structures. They don’t work for me so I thought that they were just broken.
      As far as I’m aware, it works with Actual Guns, you just need to test a few ways to apply the addons together, but I’ve done it before.

      I used an iPhone and a computer to make this. I used FileMaster to program and sort files, I used Skinseed to edit zombie and survivor skins, and I used Tynker On my computer because blockbench didn’t work.

  134. Tobi says:

    How do i defend my builds from getting destroyed, there’s some zombies breaking everything

  135. Kyuiba says:

    This may work for 1.14 too?

  136. Carter says:

    Is there any way to reduce the amount of survivors with guns in the world? There’s tons of gunshots going off constantly and it really takes away from the experience. It would be more realistic if I only saw survivors every once and a while. And also, adding in ammo would be totally cool.

  137. Carter says:

    Does this mod work for Xbox One?

  138. Dudeofdudes says:

    Helicopters? They were invented during the END of WW 2 so they did not really use it in WW2

  139. Stevan_Turtle says:

    Why is it a Dropbox download why not a ZIP download. Please change it. Thx

  140. Weasel The Great says:

    So you think you can add a F-14 plane with the behavior of a phantom? A pilot can ride it and shoot enemies from the plane.

  141. Weasel The Great says:

    Great addon! I look forward to future updates.

  142. Vsevidachiy says:

    Can you make support for version 1.14, my skin on 1.14 is buggy.

  143. Anonymous says:

    The guns won’t shoot for me. Please fix

    • If the sound won’t work, go out and back into the world you were in. I made it so u can’t see the bullet to make it like real life. If they are guns that are M9, M40, delete the item because they’re glitched and broken items. Crouch to shoot

  144. Dan says:

    Hey spaghettijet what happened to the WW2 Addons and can you place a boat that the one goes to Omaha beach pls. And I like the add on very much and I’m making Omaha beach map on mcpe

  145. creepyeggiboi13 says:

    Oi what’s your Xbox?

  146. Bolsonaro says:

    Weapon crafting could match Tinker’s Legacy addon weapons crafting 😉

  147. Greg says:

    Can you slow the poison from the zombies down?

  148. Charlieh says:

    In this comment 80 percent about WW2 10 percent about those guys talking about the add-on 5 percent random comments 4 percent no comments 1 percent talking about why are the guns not functioning

  149. thedudeofdudes says:

    You should add British VS Germans because Americans in ww2 were never really fighting germans,they fought japanese,according to should do it when your ww2 add-on comes out.

  150. Peter Muller says:

    Could u make a function pack to remove the poison because every time I go mine those zombies poison me and I die so please add a no poison function pack.

  151. Anger says:

    I want WW2 mod back

  152. Jerry Lin says:

    Dude what happened to WW2 why did u delete it u disappointed me.

  153. coolin says:

    Glitch with the bandits or soldiers or etc, they are not holding weapons

  154. Skyler says:

    What happen to the WW2 mod !?

  155. IngoingColt3130 says:

    Hey this is one of my favorite addons for minecraft but my character glitches out and it’s almost unplayable I’ve almost everything I can think of please help

  156. IngoingColt3130 says:

    Hey this is one of my favorite addons on this website
    but I have 1 problem whenever I start a world with this addon my charecter glitches out and the left side of my body is the only thing that moves and I cant even see my hand in 1st person. I played on maps I’ve deleted the addon and re downloaded it I don’t know what to do anymore please help!!

  157. Gael says:

    Podrían hacer para la 1.13 porfa

  158. LolIDC says:

    Can you take the military vehicles from the addon and put it into one addon that is a military addon? can you also add a f35 jet fighter that shoots tnt and a attack Blackhawk helicopter that fire tnt and bullets, also do a abrams tank and that’s all. I know it might seem a lot of work but please I would love to make a military map.

  159. Merancapeman says:

    Does this work for realms? I can get the guns in creative mode and rarely find them, but most mobs drop nothing – even exp! How can i fix this?

  160. 102582947 says:

    You should add a boss

  161. NoU1000000 says:

    Can you take the military vehicles from the addon and make it into a military mod like the heli, heli2, Jeep? Also a transport truck, attack helicopter (Apache hell or attack black hawk), tank mostly the abrams, jet fighter that shoot rockets (tnt) (f-35 lighting or nighthawk) maybe even a soldier squad? I would love to make a military map even if it takes a lot of time to make it.

  162. NoU10000 says:

    Can you make a addon that only includes the military vehicles? Like the heli, hell 2, and Jeep i would love to make a military map.

  163. Hi. Great addon. Im looking a zombie one for a very long time.(Like Crafting Dead in PC)
    You should add loots like in Crafting Dead. Also you should implement the waterbar addon from here(MCPEDL). And if its possible but only if its really possible like in Crafting Dead too, zombies reacts to gunshots and sounds(like running or you can sneak next to zombies without they noticing).

  164. Hello did you use my addon?

  165. Bigfatty says:

    What’s the map in the first and second picture

  166. Bigfatty says:

    What’s the map in the first and second picture

  167. Zuriel says:

    You should add a object u can place down to like make zombies not spawn in a like 15 block radius just so u dont need to go on creative every 10 minutes to get an item. Still loving your addon i use it everyday

  168. Santos martinez says:

    Can you plz do something about the teleporting the guns don’t damage us ty.

  169. Jakeystupidson says:

    Well you should add a mutated zombie and a lieutenant and a captain LOVE THE MOD THKS

  170. Carson says:

    Hi can u add a hazmat zombie who is fireproof and replace the potions with energy drinks and add bandages and medkits and add some food thanks

  171. iiSurgey says:

    Hey Spageht.Will you plan on making it support 1.13 and also I would love if you linked the map in the pics.

  172. Unknown says:

    Hello spaghettijet! Can you readded back the M2 Browning Machine gun?

  173. Greg says:

    There is a walking glitch where it only moves one arm and one leg

  174. Lolmama says:

    How the loot box work?

  175. Zuriel says:

    I know i already asked but I’m kinda getting annoyed because every time i walk outside my base there’s a zombie and to make it worst they poison u so i was still wondering if u could add npc’s u can hire to protect u cuz its hard to survive on your own i like living in a zombie world but that’s just too much. Also can u fix the armor it looks weird. Other then that great job making this addon i love it, im always waiting for updates.

  176. tta says:

    i love this mod can you please ad turrets and zombie dogs and what do you think about cars that actuali shoot or can the shoot nevernind please dogs turrets and bullets so you can see where you shooting at

  177. Anonymous says:

    Love the add-on but I often feel like I need Defensive Turrents for my base because theres so much going on outside my door. Any chance we can get traps and/or Sentury Turrents to help keep the zomies and bandits a fair distance away? Outside of that its very fun and has fair bit of challenge. Keep up the good Work!

  178. Will you make 1.13 support?

  179. Anonymous says:

    I just want to take time to say this addon is amazing, I play it on XBox and it still works, the zombies running around, trying not to die is fun!

  180. expurginator says:

    i love this mod but how can i shoot with the jeep and wat can i do with ammo bullets en please ad granades and rocket launchers and more ridable things . love this mod ¡¡¡¡¡¡

  181. Isaac says:

    can you make a addon like this but for Xbox it works but the vile zombie crashes the game and the gun you get from crate dont work it audo fires and it makes no noise

  182. Crafterman says:

    Can you add some tank and a riot swat

  183. I am a guy who wants cool add-ons. says:

    Could you make them that zombies infect animals that the animals turned into zombie animals? (cow, chicken, pig, sheep, wolf)

  184. ToxiFize says:

    Why can’t the police and other mobs can’t shoot

  185. savage says:

    what is the command to play with the guns

  186. Isaac says:

    @spaghettijet i have you addon on my Xbox one bedrock edition it works vary nice i got a zombie update for you try to make zombie that spits poison that cause blindness affect at you and a zombie that cause slows you down when it hits you and zombie that explodes when killed by the player its a small one (note add in future updates if you want) (five stars) keep it up (:

  187. Donovan says:

    Me encanto tu complemento pero en la ultima actualizacion todos los zombies se queman a la luz del dia, ayuda por favr

  188. Alex says:


  189. Aariz Gaming 670 says:

    how do you download this thing?!

  190. Z says:

    Yo spaghetti, how do you get the guns that dont replace items? A bit lost

  191. Anonymous says:

    I keep getting killed by a “ unknown” pls help

    • If there isn’t any zombies or bandits nearby and u keep getting killed, it’s probably a sniper hiding somewhere shooting u when u walk around

      That happened to me when I couldn’t leave my house in game because of a sniper.

  192. Anonymous says:

    can new addon weapons fire?

  193. Σταυρος Ψαρουδακης says:

    what map can i play this on to make the asthetic more apocalipse like?

  194. A guy that likes spaghetti jet's addon says:

    Hi! I like your addons but can u please give me like download link of the world that u use in the pic! Tnx keep up the great work

  195. YoMama says:

    Can you make a map for dis??

  196. Zuriel says:

    Can you make it so we can hire the soldiers and bandits i know it might be difficult to do this but i love this add on and having a group of soldiers or police or bandits even survivors that follow you and protect you makes the game less lonely please add this.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Please add a zombie boss

  198. Luiz says:

    Put another link, because Dropbox is horrible and the link is broken.

  199. Никита says:

    Очень крутой адон

  200. Zay says:

    Do you have any map download recommendations for playing with this mod?

  201. Rex conner says:

    This addon actually good but gun like replace bow or snowball
    It’s not cool at all , those tools won’t work like real gun

    Can y attach with actual gun like

  202. Levi says:

    Hey Mr jet, the zombies keep burning in daylight and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to fix it

  203. Anoumonous says:

    Media fire or your LIFE

  204. Dragonforge says:

    Hey I tried your mod its fun very fun I also installed the Legend of Zelda heart container mod and made it a lot more difficult and a lot more fun you just got to hope you get a good spawn

  205. E says:

    Its really cool and I can tell you put alot of efort into it but there is just one game breaking bug I dont know if its just on pocket edition but anyway. When you look at any entity in the game minecraft mobs or addon mobs it does damage and that also goes for the WWII addon

  206. Cxrsed Toxic says:

    Hey, ive played your mod and i love it. Its very good and reminds me of the pc mod The Crafting Dead.🙏 Im so glad you will be working on this. I have many great ideas for this modpack if you need any and also if you need help, hit me up im willing to expand on the resource pack while you work on the behavior pack. Anyways i hope you keep updating this modpack because it has potential. Also can you please add backpacks, random generated buildings, and gun sounds. Love this modpack so much keep updating🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏

  207. isaac says:

    @spaghettijet can you make a HD guns update for your zombie mod (no pixelated guns) just a question

  208. Dreadnox says:

    Is this compatible with the Xbox version of minecraft

      • XxLLxX says:

        Hi this is my first comment i have 1 ide can you add zombie chicken and more animals are zombies when zombies bite all animals can infected the animals sorry to my bad english and why? zombies burn in day light? itss cool when zombies not burn in daylight is very realistic in real life umm… you know the walking dead all zombies have a group and its very cool in your addon im sorry to my bad english

  209. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    Add generated structures!

  210. I am developing a WW2 addon and a Vietnam War addon. Still will be a while before it’s released.

  211. Rextom567 says:

    Add an MDR, SRSS Bulldog and a M27 IAR in the next update please.

    Also, please change the name of the behaviour and resource packs (add a V1, 2 or 3 at the end) each update because whenever I try to download the updated version, it says duplicate pack detected which is really annoying. Also please make this addon compatible with the actual guns addon considering I cannot shoot guns from this addon with the actual guns addon in a world.

    Other than all of these issues, I absolutely love your addon!

    • Anonymous says:

      Rextom, I understand that we do in fact need a bulpup rifle, I was thinking of adding steyr aug or RFB. While I was testing, Actual Guns works with this.

  212. Anonymous says:

    How do I shoot?

  213. Marshy says:

    Do you have a download for the world in the screenshots?, if not do you know any good maps you use the addon in?

  214. Antonlodbrock says:

    I did a hard work, can you add russian soldiers
    (Not bad)

  215. A random guy says:

    Just one suggestion, every time you update the addon, may you please add a V(insert variable) at the end of the name of each updated file? I’m asking this because whenever I try to download the new versions of this addon, minecraft registers the new version as a duplicate of older versions because the name is still the same, please fix this.

    Btw, may you also please make this addon compatible with the actual guns addon? Whenever I use that addon with this addon, the guns from this addon will not fire and even all the guns in general won’t make sound, it’s not that difficult to get royalty-free gun sounds.

    Thanks, P.S. I love this addon!

  216. Driver8 says:

    sounds for guns coming when?

  217. DuhVirus says:

    i would love it if you would make it a mediafire download because if you try to use dropbox im not able to download it on xbox

  218. Hello says:

    Hey Spajetti! I’m the guy who made the Carfting Dead PE addon on the channel SirGecko. I believe you have commented on one of my videos, and I have to say I am BEYOND impressed. Like custom guns? You beat me to it lol.

  219. Alex says:

    Why are the guns pixel not 3D. Like In pickture

  220. Anonymous says:

    Commentors: Please make the modded items their own items instead of replacing existing ones!!!!

    Spaghettijets: Y’all hear sum’n?

  221. Bruh says:

    Can you link it to media fire so I can get it on Xbox plz

  222. Jasmine Marrero says:

    it says the file is not there for both links

  223. Marcialex273 says:

    says “this file is no longer here”

  224. E says:

    It says the file isn’t here anymore when I try to download it

  225. Isaac says:

    Can you make the downloads section (metiafire) not drop box because its not getting me the files it says that file isn’t here anymore

  226. BeansBoy says:

    When I click the link to download it says “Link not found”

  227. Angry baby says:

    Dropbox link is broken

  228. SpaghettiJet says:

    I’m improving the AI of the NPCs. So Big update coming

  229. Alex says:

    Next you should add in a B2 bomber and fix the jeep

  230. Alex says:

    Pls fix the pillager texture

  231. In mcpe Addons app there has been many little toddlers impersonating me. (Mainly EndXenoc2 for being mad someone came up with original content). It ain’t right

  232. Alex says:

    Please make it a media fire .mcpack because I can not download this it will not work I have waited ten minutes.

    • a says:

      Go into drop box and click download, then click direct download and wait for the mcaddon files to download, after downloading them it will auto-open Minecraft Windows 10 edition. Then proceed to make a new world and add the resource and behaviour packs.

    • This addon has A LOT of content that has been built up by me in the past months. Some of my friends’ devices couldn’t download. It’s a big file to download

  233. Angel says:

    You should put food in the supply drops so it would give it a more of a government trying to help you type feeling

  234. Porridge says:

    eh not a fan of HD guns

  235. Mike says:

    to get in Xbox just copy the files from download


    Please mediafire link

  237. ZWH MM says:

    The SLR is glitched

  238. The Administrator says:

    I’m not on Android. My IPad can’t process .zip files! Please add a .mcpack, .mcaddon, .mcbehavior or .mcresuorce file instead! I really want to try it!

  239. T says:

    Won’t work, all spawn eggs are black

  240. Person says:

    It would be cool if NPCs had trades or special items

  241. Hero brine says:

    How can you get it?

  242. Unknown says:

    Can you make this addon playable in low devices?

  243. mike says:

    Its good but can you fix the zombies,husks,pillager vindicator,skeleton models plz

  244. Greg says:


  245. 😼 says:

    Se, u obviously are a hipocrite to say that the guns are incorrect. I’ll bet u still think u abuse the charging handle of an m4 every time u reload

  246. SpaghettiJet says:

    If only the first comment knew me, he would say that

  247. Se says:

    i love how the way you made your description of this addon makes it seem like you know a lot about the general basis of firearms and their history but you really don’t, and next time don’t even bother with hd textures

  248. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make it so the guns do not replace items like bows and eggs? It’d just add more compatibility with other mods. I know you can do it since you added all those other ones without replacing stuff.

  249. Jamel Pope says:

    Yo yo yo can you remove the replaced guns and make them become added guns like what you did with the rest and add the map you used for the mod in the pictures thanks

  250. John Doe says:

    new guns aren’t working

  251. ROBO_Head says:

    Y’know what’d be a cool idea on an already amazing addon? Imagine, you get filled by a zombie and when you’re killed, the zombie left by you is your skin with blood coming out of it… I know, I know, it sounds like a hard task to accomplish but since the creator has done all of this, I believe they can do much more too.

  252. CCuppy says:

    Would really like an explanation on how to use the cars and other things, otherwise, great mod

  253. fert says:

    why failed to duplicate addon

  254. Crafter man says:

    Plss add tank and riot swat

  255. Jayden Curbelo says:

    hi is there a way i can not use the guns just the zombies?

  256. TheSpediestOfThrspeds says:

    Plz add a modifier link u sped

  257. Luke says:

    How do I start the car?

  258. Anonymous says:

    Can you put the addon on media fire

  259. Random user. says:

    Nope, please change it to media fire.

  260. Javier says:

    Hello creator of the mod hey in the future when you update it please put the explanation of how we do it after installing it is that many do not know including me it takes me an hour to discover how to put it in my MINECRAFT BEDROOCK EDITION is one more recommendation, I liked it a lot the mod is cool

    • NoJoTo says:

      There are guides already existing in this website that teach you how to install addons, along with numerous YouTube videos on the subject.

    • D says:

      Hey so im trying to download it using File Downloader on xbox but its not working. Howd you do it as i get a storage error only for this file saying make sure your storage is connected

  261. Anonymous says:

    zombies don’t drop xp but great add on

  262. ur bad says:

    good addon so far
    you should add some generated structures too

  263. Alex says:

    I can’t download it 😥😥

  264. DSMC says:

    This is really creative! I would like to use this! Thanks for this! Can i make a review of this?

  265. Random_Guy says:

    You could add randomly spawning loot crates that can provide weaponry like swords (wood-iron) and guns Aswell as some food and ammo, you could add a miniboss and custom items for drops like, infected eyeball, heart, leg, jaw, skin which could potentially be crafted into custom armor or weapons, add more mobs like an infected dog, crawler, infected panda and some new survivors,maybe adding new blocks Aswell for decoration and possible a new rare biome like a ruined city where spawners can be found spawning zombies and a few survivors.

  266. JosephE says:

    Wow, very cool mod, and I have a suggestion for you.
    You should add a thirst bar, you can refill it if you have a water potion, or interact with water.

  267. Sven says:

    Why Dropbox 🙁

  268. Idea Machine says:

    I recommend not adding guns, as there is already a gun addon, decides that great addon

  269. Kd gamer says:

    Where is the guns pack located

  270. E says:

    Remove the guns because it replaces stuff

  271. Crafter man says:

    Tank! And riot swat

  272. Anonymous says:

    awesome but mobs drop no xp is that normal ?

  273. Hacker says:

    U should add knives

  274. Billy says:

    Well first of all make it a media fire link, not drop box, this does look like a real cool mod though, and I really do want to try it, but can’t.

  275. Just says:

    Could you add
    Grappling hooks
    Make it so it you make loud noises eg use guns,mine blocks, sprint run or use explosives then zombies will be attracted to it (like the walking dead)

  276. Dumb idiot says:

    Do a modifier link dumbass

  277. Harry says:

    It is really good I died

  278. angels Child says:

    Can you make this a media fire link please!

  279. 2723727w says:

    Creator please tell me how to download addons from mcpedi for free it tells me I have to pay

  280. cody says:

    the weapon textures are just wrong and a little bad

  281. djpuglove says:

    this isn’t really about adding but could you make a map for it if not plz give me a link for one

  282. puglove says:

    this isn’t really about adding but could you make a map for it if not plz give me a link for one

  283. Why the glitches says:

    When I try to download this, it says that there is a “duplicate pack”

  284. Multii says:

    The file can’t be view I have download Dropbox but can download the addon

  285. ToxiFize says:

    Hey dude do the city on you bg spawn naturally pls let me know also i have suggestion where if you hold an gold inggot you could tame the soldiers/police

  286. Anonymous says:

    I think you need more weapons, more armor, more food and more vehicles to add to the randomly generated buildings. I think you can do a very good job. Come on

  287. Multii says:

    I don’t think you should replace anything for gun cause I just saw a guy make gun addon with out replacing anything and it actually a real gun so I think you should try but it still a good addon

  288. Anthony says:

    Amigo puedes poner link en mediafire te lo agradeceria

  289. Rolan30 says:

    Can you put mediafire link? Its hard to download addon on dropbox

  290. VanillaIce says:

    Wow, simply wow. This is one of the best addons I’ve seen in a long time, the amount of dedication put into this amazes me. While I don’t have any suggestions I just wanted to tell you how mich I’ve enjoyed this Addon, keep up the good work

  291. Mcpe pro says:

    Add some charged zombies you know like how charged creepers look like

  292. Caiden Leach says:

    Could you make support for the Beta?

  293. Godzilla says:

    Nice addon mabby add zombie 🧟‍♀️ tanks like boss zombies 🧟‍♂️

  294. BetelzFox says:

    Add more variant type of zombies and skin pls or maybe can you make a map for this?

  295. The air is fishy here 🐠 says:

    Hey spaghetti jet I think you should add food and melee weapons. And if you can make naturally generating structures. Other than that good addon! Oh and by using codan raigen addon it makes it impossible to download without having to delete carnage. Just something you should know

  296. QuantumHype says:

    Love this!!! Maybe add some random structure spawns, like Maybe instead of villages, you could put like a military camp? Plus Hospitals, etc

  297. DarwishLako says:

    U should add Mutant Zombies

  298. Liam TDP says:

    Pls add some structure that s a jail with bandits and jail guards and add some police cars police van and military jeep a structure military base

  299. Jessica says:

    For the amount that gets added in, this mod is really impressive! Playing it in survival is a fun challenge and this mod seems like something that would be really fun to play with on a city map. Aside from a few textures on the vanilla mobs looking a little off, it worked really well and I didn’t have any issues downloading it. I’d love to see some of the weapons given more functions but all in all this is a pretty good mod.

  300. Obama says:

    Man this addon is amazing, I’d suggest adding vehicles of some sort (Military, Police, and maybe survivor vechicles?)

  301. RandoGuy says:

    Does this replace anything? Genuinely curious.

  302. ChickenSquad says:

    Can you make it so they don’t replace regular items? Thanks

  303. Azka says:

    Plese Dont Replacing The Weapon To Item

  304. Jeff says:

    Hiw do u downlod it i tried and it does not work

  305. Anonymous says:

    It won’t download for me it just says duplicate pack but I don’t have one

  306. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Hey creator! I really enjoying your map!! 10/10. There’s an addon named “Actual Guns Addon” By: Enderface, Keyyard and AzozGamer936! Add these addon to your map!!! Jus credit them! 10/10 Great Map!

  307. Mike says:

    Can you add in Canned foods and milk jugs instead of buckets,modern water bottles, armed survivors with guns,custom structures, mutant zombies and tanks.

  308. FiGa says:

    np sirve la instalación :v

  309. No one says:

    I did not read

  310. No one says:

    Why dose it take me to drop box? iPad players can’t use it plz make Media fire Link

  311. Nawtch says:

    Hire/tame sidekicks or friends to help you and I’ll get minecraft again

  312. Comment what more I should
    Add in the future!

    And good luck in survival

  313. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Will you add the left for dead Zombies?

  314. Balrog says:

    Me gusta el complemento pero quisas podrias hacer que no remplazen las armas o podrias agregar a tu complemento el complemento de more guns porfavor

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